How to apply for language courses in the USA

Features of the education system in the United States

The United States of America ranks among the international leaders in the quality of education. According to the United Nations, the education system in the United States in 2021 had an Education Index of 0.903 with the maximum possible value of 1. A large number of foreigners tend to enroll in American higher education institutions.

The specifics of the American educational system

In the United States, the educational system is not controlled centrally (by the Department of Education), but at the local level. Each state has an elected office that draws up curricula and oversees their implementation. The function of the federal government is limited only to funding educational institutions that are public.

The American model of education is based on the Liberal Arts principle. It involves students' independent choice of life values ​​and bearing responsibility for this choice. Even at school, students have the right to study those subjects that will be useful to them in obtaining a future specialty.

In American educational institutions, the number of hours of theoretical courses is kept to a minimum. Most of the lessons are practical: students are given specific life tasks that they have to solve using the existing knowledge.

The stages of study in America are: early childhood education, primary school, high school and higher education. More about them will be discussed later.


Preschool education is the first stage, which is known as Preschool. Within its framework, there are nursery groups for children from 2 years old, day schools and care centers for children who have reached 3-4 years old.

Some of these establishments are open 24 hours a day. Their visit, as in most countries, is optional.

Kindergartens in the United States operate on a commercial basis. The average monthly fee ranges from $ 850-1,200.

Preschool education in America is aimed at the full development of every child. Educators help children learn to speak correctly, play with them, teach them to dance, draw, stage scenes, and so on. There is no clear educational program for such centers.

Going to language courses in the United States is not only an opportunity to thoroughly master the English language and culture, but also a chance to stay in this huge and developed country for a long time or forever. At the choice of the future student, the course program can be more or less intensive, have a different duration and focus. Intensive or summer courses are more aimed at improving the level of English proficiency, annual ones will help to perfectly learn the language in order to subsequently get a decent education and find a job in any country in the world.

Language courses in America - great opportunities

Attending language courses in America is a unique chance to broaden your horizons, gain new knowledge and reach a different standard of living. It's nice that there are separate English courses for adults and programs for children or students in the country.

The importance of passing the American language program can hardly be overestimated:

  • courses provide full immersion in the language environment and excellent language practice;
  • the student perfectly masters English, which opens up new horizons for study and work;
  • you can enter the chosen American university or college based on the results of passing the language exam.

The US education system allows you to study the language and earn money at the same time to cover the cost of living and eating. You can live with a family, a hostel or rent an apartment.

Types of language courses

In the USA, you can choose an English course of your choice. Various organizations offer a wide variety of educational programs to suit all ages. At the end of the course, the student is issued a diploma or certificate.

Programs are designed in such a way that learning English in America is possible for students of all categories:

  • General English course.
  • Intensive course - includes about 28 lessons per week for fast language acquisition.
  • A specialized program for highly specialized specialists.
  • Preparation for international exams IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, FCE.
  • Business English for US businesses.

Language courses for high school graduates aimed at further education in the States are often conducted by American universities.

Studying a language program at a US university is a great opportunity to gain quality knowledge, practice speaking, find friends, and learn the principles of learning in the country.

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