How a tutor can help you choose a profession

How a tutor can help you choose a profession

Why does a child need a tutor support program for family education and how it will help to decide on a future specialty.

Who is a tutor

A tutor is a specialist who, based on the interests and dispositions of a child, creates an environment for his successful development.

Despite the fact that the profession appeared in Russia back in 2008, parents began to take an active interest in tutoring only in the last five years.

Previously, such specialists were mainly in inclusive education. The program of tutor support for children with disabilities (disabilities) is aimed at creating an environment for successful study and social adaptation. This work is carried out together with teachers, parents and a defectologist - a specialist who studies the psychophysical characteristics of children with disabilities and advises on what to focus development on in order to restore or compensate for the missing or weak body function.

Now more and more tutors appear in schools that strive for an individual approach to each student, and work with all adolescents. The main difference from related professions is the focus on the goals and interests of each child. This is not a tutor who deals with lessons with a student, and not a psychologist who resolves conflict situations at school.

A tutor helps a child find out what his strengths and weaknesses are, teaches him to formulate a goal and achieve it. Together with the student, the specialist draws up an educational plan and tells what needs to be done in the next few years to get closer to the goal.

Who needs a tutor

This specialist can be contacted if the motivation to get an education is lost. The tutor will find hidden desires and interests, forgotten hobbies, will tell you how to apply this in your studies. He will help:

  • someone who wants to learn how to set goals and build a path to achieving them,
  • someone who does not know their strengths and how to develop them
  • students who want to learn how to learn and work with information,
  • teenagers who want to define a range of interests and possibly a future profession.

We are talking about a new figure for Russian education. In this article, you will learn what a tutor does and how his role differs from other professionals who work with students. We will also tell you how to go through the tutor support program without leaving your home.

Who is a tutor

A tutor at a school is a specialist who researches interests and creates an environment for the development of a child. It focuses not on the needs of the curriculum or educational standard, but on the needs of the student. At the same time, the tutor tries to bring his cognitive needs into harmony with the interests and capabilities of the family.

In order to better understand the role and responsibilities of a tutor in education, let us separate him from other specialists involved in personal development and working with schoolchildren.

How does a tutor differ from a defectologist

Tutors can be mistaken for teacher-defectologists. However, their spheres of activity and tasks differ.

The task of the teacher-defectologist is to study the psychophysical characteristics, the system of perception and temperament to restore or correct the missing function. For example, a defectologist can discern musical inclinations in a visually impaired child and focus development in this direction.

The task of the tutor is to create events that change the way of thinking and vision of the future. This is one of the forms of anthropopractic - work in the space of a person's subjective reality.

Epigenetic research shows that regardless of inherited inclinations, there is always room for the potential of the unknown and development. Interacting in a new environment, with new people and new ways can change the future. It is the responsibility of a tutor at school to open up opportunities for such interaction for the child.

How does a tutor differ from a coach

Aims and tasks of the tutor

The goal of a tutor is to successfully include a child with disabilities in the environment of a general education school, to design an educational route for a student and participate in its implementation.

1. Provide your child with a comfortable stay at school.

Help parents in choosing a school and enrolling in it, including with paperwork (private tutoring).

To organize in the classroom and school a workplace and a place for the child's rest: a student's desk in the classroom and a tutor's place, paper and electronic teaching materials, lighting, special sensory accessories, a room for individual lessons.

Organize the school space in accordance with the real capabilities of the "special" student: navigation through the school with signs, markings, text plates, pictogram cards, ramps.

Provide the child with a special school regime.

Cooperate with the school's pedagogical team, parents, classmates to create a comfortable psychological atmosphere.

2. Provide socialization of the child.

Help a child with disabilities enter the classroom, establish and maintain friendly relations with peers.

Help healthy children accept a “special” classmate, help him and be friends with him.

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