Family vacation and study in Malta, St. Julian's

Family vacation and study in Malta, St. Julian's

Malta is much more than just sun and sea. There are many inviting corners to visit on the islands. Formidable forts, prehistoric temples, walled cities, Roman ruins, medieval castles, magnificent churches and roadside chapels ... these are just some of the attractions that tourists can visit on a short journey through time. In some places, colorful historical reconstructions take place, contests with the participation of animators dressed as soldiers, nobles and ladies, knights in shining armor with swords and spears, muskets and cannons. Malta is replete with events all year round, many of which are family-friendly, allowing you to enjoy celebrations and carnivals, concerts and fireworks.

History of Malta From the Neolithic to the EEC

The history of Malta begins at the dawn of civilization, in the Neolithic era, as evidenced by the ruins of temples dedicated to the goddess of fertility. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines left their mark there. The Apostle Peter gave Christianity to Malta, the Arabs who conquered the islands in the 9th century AD. ., left a mark in the language of the Maltese.

  • Until 1530 Malta was ruled by Sicily, it was ruled by Normans, Aragonese and other conquerors. Charles V handed over power to the Order of Malta of St. John of Jerusalem, which ruled Malta from 1530 to 1798. Thanks to chivalry, Malta became one of the main cultural centers of Europe in the 17th-18th centuries. Malta was glorified by Caravaggio, Mattia Preti and Favrey, who painted churches and palaces commissioned by the knights.
  • In 1798 Bonaparte captured Malta on his way to Egypt. French rule on the islands was short-lived, replaced by English rule. British rule in Malta continued until 1964, when Malta achieved its independence. The Altians adopted the British system of government, education and legislation.
  • In 1974, modern Malta became a republic, and in May 2004 it joined the European Union.

Typical Mediterranean climate of Malta

The Mediterranean Sea has made Malta's climate mild and sunny. Summer in the country is hot and dry. The heat in the daytime is softened by a light sea breeze. Spring and autumn are moderately cool, except for those days when the African wind blows, bringing warmth and high humidity.

Winters are mild, with infrequent short-term drops in temperature caused by northerly and northeasterly winds from Central Europe. Even during the winter months, swimming in the sea will be quite pleasant, and the peak of the beach season lasts almost until the end of October.

Tips for tourists visiting Malta

There is left-hand traffic in Malta and Gozo. Speed ​​limits are 80 km/h on the highway and 50 km/h within the city.

For those planning to rent a car, it is useful to take out full insurance. National and international driving licenses are valid in the country.

Mains voltage is 230 volts, frequency 50 Hz. To connect electrical appliances, an English three-blade connector is used, for which it is easy to find adapters, or simply insert a pencil into the third hole.

Looking for a way to improve your English? Yes, still not averse, as they say, to combine business with pleasure, adding to the training a great vacation? Then it's time to head to Malta, an island full of mysteries, where English is spoken as fluently as their native Maltese.

Why Malta

If you try to answer this question from a professional point of view, it should be noted that the English language in Malta, one of the English colonies, unlike others, was recognized as the state language. Therefore, all the inhabitants of the island, from small to large, communicate freely on it. And what can better help in learning a language than natural immersion in the environment for which it is native. After all, English in Malta is not just a way to communicate, it is a way of life! Therefore, English lessons in Malta will not only teach you how to communicate in English correctly, but will also help you get in touch with an ancient culture rooted in the distant past.

In addition, a stay in Malta will allow you to plunge into an extraordinary atmosphere filled with warm rays of the sun and bright reflections of the cleanest sea. Indeed, there seems to be nothing accidental on this island, and even a small pebble can tell its mysterious story. Therefore, a stay in Malta will give a lot of unforgettable impressions, as well as contribute to the acquisition of new friends.

Studying in Malta will give you a lot of impressions!

Who is being taught?

It is noteworthy that not only adults, but also teenagers and children can go to study English in Malta. And each of them will be offered their own, individual, training program, selected taking into account interests and abilities. Let's take a look at what learning English in Malta will bring to each individual age group.

  • Children. Needless to say, how much joy a trip to Malta will bring children, even if for the purpose of education. Indeed, instead of the usual trip to his grandmother in the village, the child will receive a delightful unforgettable journey into the world of secrets and treasures! And it is there, surrounded by new friends, that learning will go like clockwork. After all, a positive attitude is one of the main conditions for the successful comprehension of a new language. A few days will pass, and the child will already learn to calmly understand the speech addressed to him and answer clearly on the topic. In addition, he will be able to visit many of the amazing sights of this island and get acquainted with their history, as well as great health benefits. Having splashed to your heart's content in the healing sea waters under the warm sunshine.
  • Teens. They will get the opportunity to feel like truly adults and independent people. After all, they will have a unique chance to go to a summer camp, where they will learn not only English, but also independence. And all kinds of excursion and entertainment programs will turn dull education into a real holiday, when every new day will promise a lot of new emotions and, of course, knowledge.
  • Adults. As a rule, adults, going on a trip, have a clear idea of ​​what to expect from it. But in this case, you can get much more of your expectations!

Learning English in Malta is:

Such different courses

Malta has a huge number of schools and specialist centers offering their English language teaching services. At the same time, they offer a lot of interesting programs, general and specialized. So, those who wish can choose for themselves any of the options for the language direction:

  • conversational ;
  • medical ;
  • business ;
  • technical ;
  • economic focus;
  • tourist/hotel;
  • general and others.

Back to school: a month in Malta in the format of study + rest

Exactly a month Olesya studied at one of the best Maltese schools, the English Language Academy (ELA) in the small town of Gzira, which is only half an hour's drive from the capital of Valletta.

First of all, the level of English proficiency is determined for each tourist and, in accordance with this, they are divided into groups. Based on the interview results, Olesya was recommended to study for at least 2 weeks in the Intermediate group.

Groups - 10-12 people. The term of studying English can be different: someone has been studying for more than a year, while the other has arrived for two weeks. But this does not interfere, since the level of knowledge is approximately the same. The group makes a special mix of nationalities, making sure that your compatriots are either not there at all, or no more than two. They also try to select participants of different age and gender.

- There are 10 of us in the class: a guy from Colombia (native Spanish), a man from Peru (native Italian), a Japanese woman, two Koreans, a man and two ladies of retirement age from Germany, Oleg from Ukraine, who moved to Malta for permanent residence, and I. And we are very comfortable, despite the difference in ages and countries.

Teacher Elaine is awesome: she knows how to explain any concept in English so simply as I can't even in Russian.

Reasons for going to school

1. English for work. There are many people who need English in business, but they do not speak it perfectly. In this case, they come to school for 1-2-3 weeks several times over several years.

2. For students from Japan, Korea and others, this is studying English after university or during their studies (some of the students come for exchange, since the school is an official representative of the University of Malta)

3. Children under 10 years old come with their parents, and for the older ones there are language camps during the holidays. Children come to study in organized groups from their countries.

Malta is one of the most popular destinations in the world for learning English, English courses in Malta are an incredible opportunity to quickly improve your English.

Where can I learn English in Malta?

Malta is a small country, but more than 40 schools offer their programs to international students. Full immersion in the language environment allows you to practice the language throughout your stay in Malta. Thousands of international students come to Malta every year to study English. Schools in Malta offer a wide variety of English courses for all ages - for children, adolescents and adults.

Which English course to choose?

English courses in Malta are based on international standards and are varied in terms of duration, intensity and levels for all ages. We will help you find the language school and course that best suits your goals.

General English

The most popular among students is the General English Course (or GE20). Teaching is conducted in groups of 10-12 students maximum.

Beginner (A1) - Advanced (C1)

Hours of classes 15 hours a week

Preparing for official exams

The best vacation is a healthy vacation! And what could be more useful than a combination of study, acquaintance with the history and culture of another country and a seaside holiday? Malta is a high-quality study program that significantly increases the level of English proficiency, it is an ancient country with numerous monuments of history and culture, it is a modern country that offers a lot of entertainment, as well as excellent beaches, warm sun and gentle sea. Another reason to go to Malta is very attractive prices, unlike other European countries, favorable species policy and geographical proximity and transport accessibility.

Many parents prefer to spend their holidays with their children, which is especially true for very young children - from 5 to 10 years old, who are still scary to send to camps. For such families, we offer a family vacation program in Malta, such a program can be organized in different ways:

  • in the morning before lunch, children and parents study English, and in the afternoon the whole family goes on excursions or to the beach - a year-round family program
  • in the first half of the day before lunch, children and parents study English, and in the afternoon, children participate in activities with other children, and parents have a rest - family program + day camp for children (only in summer or during Easter holidays)
  • in the morning, children learn English, and parents relax on the beach, and in the afternoon, they all go on excursions together - children's English courses
  • in the morning, children study, and parents relax on the beach, during in the afternoon - adults go on excursions, and children - participate in the activity together with other children - only in the summer and during the Easter holidays, a day camp for children.

Such a program will be interesting and useful for both adults and children. But most importantly, it will become unforgettable! After all, after its completion, the whole family will have something to discuss, exchange views and impressions. It is these trips that are remembered for a long time, because it is these trips that become part of family memories! Well, the benefits of such a trip are obvious - both parents and children will significantly improve their English language skills. And knowledge of English in the modern world is a necessary thing for studying, and for work, and for traveling!

The Malta Family Vacation Program is organized by one of the world's largest associations of private language schools, which currently has 311 centers in 35 countries. The Sliema school in Malta opened in 1980 and has since become the leading and largest in the English language learning industry in Malta. More than 300,000 students from all over the world come here every year for an English course.

The teaching methodology was developed by the Ministry of Education of Switzerland, a multilingual country where the study of foreign languages ​​has long become almost the main task of the state. The unique teaching style, which has proven to be highly effective, has become an effective tool in the successful language training of students from all over the world.

  • 44 air-conditioned classrooms
  • large auditorium
  • small hall
  • DVD hall
  • all classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • library
  • self-study center
  • shared student room
  • free WI-FI internet throughout the school building
  • a 24-hour hotline to address any student questions
  • its own student residence located in St. Julian's
  • accommodation opportunities for students in Maltese families citizens

Family Program


Classes are held at the same time, but separately: groups are formed by age and level of English proficiency. Each group has no more than 10 people.

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