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We will be happy to help you organize your studies in Malta for learning English. We operate at no commission fees from Maltese partners, representing all accredited English language schools in Malta. Working with us, you will pay the same tuition fees as if you order the course yourself, but at the same time you will receive help in choosing a program, filling out an application and an invitation to study. Our advice will come in handy when obtaining a visa to Malta and planning your life during your studies.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to save time and money and get to the school that's right for you!

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Learning English has been one of the main reasons for traveling to Malta in recent decades. In this island state in the Mediterranean Sea, English is the second official language, Maltese children learn it as their first language. Both Maltese and native British teach in schools for foreigners, but in any case - teachers who speak English since childhood. All English language schools in Malta are subject to compulsory licensing by the Ministry of Education, so the quality of English learning is strictly controlled here.

In addition to a decent level of teaching English in Malta, there are two more important reasons to choose to study English in this country. First: Malta is a resort country with a well-established beach holiday, a variety of entertainment and attractions, so an educational trip becomes a great way to spend your vacation. The second is the prices: learning English in Malta is 30-40% cheaper than in the UK.

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Popular English language learning programs in Malta

We organize training in English schools in the USA without additional commissions. You pay the same tuition fee as when you book the course yourself, and at the same time you get guarantees of choosing really high-quality training in accordance with the desired specifics of the courses. We help to correctly draw up documents, transfer money, advise on visa issues. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to save time and money and get to the school that is right for you!

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Learning English in the United States is a way to get to know faraway America, have a good time, and take the first steps towards studying at American universities or working in the United States. In the United States, you can study both American and British English, prepare for the TOEFL, or improve communication skills in specific professional areas. There are also linguistic camps for children and adolescents in the USA, where language training is complemented by sports training, joint projects, knowledge of the surrounding nature and culture of the country, and exciting games.

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Popular English study programs in the USA

Most often people go to English language schools in the United States to continue to enroll in an American college or university. To obtain a student American visa, any English language course in the United States with a duration of at least a month is suitable, and General English is the most affordable financially.

If you really need serious language preparation for study, and there are enough funds for this, then the programs "Academic Year" and "Academic Semester" are the most effective. Belarusians also travel to the USA for English courses for professional needs, for example, to master the professional language of air traffic controllers or IT specialists. And parents send high school students to international linguistic camps.

Examples of US English Schools

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