Educational tourism trainings

Educational tourism trainings

How to turn a rookie into a super travel manager?

The number of travel agencies with which we have been able to work as trainers-consultants is inexorably approaching three hundred. And here's an interesting discovery we managed to make: in most of the TA there is no clear, understandable to all participants in the process and prescribed schedule of internships for novice managers.

So when the head of a travel agency hires a new tourism manager, instead of guiding the newbie through a pre-worked and guaranteed workflow to turn the "sucker" into a "tour sales superhero," the boss tells him that something like: “come on, pour in on the sly”, gives the manager a small set of sites (portals of tour operators, pages with reviews and hotel ratings) and advises to observe how “older colleagues, wise for years,” work.

And usually this is where the “active internship” ends:

  • they try not to let the beginner approach real tourists and applications for the selection of tours (after all, this is “money here and now”, but a beginner who does not yet know the hotel base, the specifics of countries and technology sales will probably “merge” the client);
  • there is simply no one to actively teach a newcomer how to sell tours (as a rule, both the head of the TA and other managers simply do not have time for this - there are always some more important matters: “tourists have come”, “it's time to hand over the financial statements”, “an urgent issue needs to be resolved with the tour operator”, etc. .);
  • almost no one knows how to quickly “pump” knowledge about the product * into the heads of sales managers without experience in tourism in our travel agencies (most travel agents working in the post-Soviet space have been collecting that experience on their own for years and the knowledge, thanks to which they now manage to sell tours, and “sit down quietly” and generalize this experience, creating a system from it, with the help of which it would be possible to “learn all the same” in a short time, they simply did not have time - tours I had to sell).

* - knowledge of the hotel base and the specifics of sales of tours in specific destinations and countries.

Typical travel agency internship

Here's what happens next: a beginner periodically makes unsystematic attempts to understand/study something (this is if a person is over-initiative ... which, as you probably already know, is a monstrous rarity), of which, as a rule, there is nothing worthwhile comes out ... and work turns for him into a stupid sitting of pants (or a skirt :)) in the office.

And it also happens that a newcomer is driven on all sorts of small errands (take these papers there, prepare coffee for the client, get to the advertising agency for POS) ... in general, we congratulate those who have in TA This is usually how it goes: They've managed to master the best way to get the perfect, uninspired zombie couriers (instead of sales managers) ... and then those executives complain, “what kind of workers are they? they don’t want to do anything, they don’t like to study, they don’t know how to sell ”...

Time goes by ... a month, two, three, six ... and then, at some point, emerging from the endless whirlpool of fluidity, in which the head of a typical travel agency is more time, he recalls that once hired a novice manager and sent to evaluate the results of the internship.

How much does this approach cost a travel agency?

Mathematics and financial accounting are ruthless things. And this is what they tell us: hiring mistakes can cost a hell of a lot for any company (and can be fatal for small agencies with a couple of managers).

Look: the head of the TA hired a novice manager and let the process of his internship take its course. For the first two or three months, such an employee is practically useless for the company, but all this time the travel agency incurs costs: you have to pay him a salary (well, and some taxes on this salary), you need to equip a workplace for him (and this, for a minute, how minimum, square meters, a table, a couple of chairs, a computer, stationery, consumables, all kinds of cookies, etc.).

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