Educational institutions in the field of tourism

Educational institutions in the field of tourism

A tourism specialist or manager is a profession that brings not only income, but also pleasure. People working in such a position work in travel agencies and are engaged in advising clients, offering excursion programs and tours. Thanks to the specialty received at the Faculty of Tourism, people learn a lot about the world, about interesting places on our planet, about cultural and natural attractions.

However, such a position is not available to all people, but only to those who have a diploma indicating the direction of study "Tourism". This specialty can be obtained in many educational organizations in our country. Consider some tourism universities, because many young people want to try themselves in the role of specialists in this field.

MGIIT named after Senkevich: general information

Let's start reviewing universities with Senkevich MGIIT. This state was founded at the end of September 1966. It was created in accordance with a government decree. The document spoke about the opening of retraining and training courses for further work with foreigners who come to the country for tourism purposes.

In subsequent years, the university was renamed several times:

  • in 1975 it became an institute for advanced training;
  • in 1993 was awarded the status of a higher school in tourism and hotel management;
  • with In 2000, the educational organization worked under the name of the Moscow Academy of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business;
  • in 2009 the university was already the Moscow State Institute of the Tourism Industry. Yu. A. Senkevich.

Specialties of MGIIT

The name of the institution shows that the university specializes in training personnel for the tourism sector. Some of the programs allow you to get secondary vocational education:

  • "Organization of services in public catering." Managers are trained in this specialty.
  • Tourism. Applicants who choose this specialty at the university will become specialists in tourism in the future.
  • "Hotel service". Upon completion of this program, the qualification of a manager is awarded.

Those wishing to get higher education Moscow State Institute of Tourism Industry. Yu. A. Senkevich offers undergraduate programs. The choice is limited. Applicants can apply either to the direction "Tourism" or "Hotel business". It is not necessary to be an absolutely healthy person to study on the programs of VET or HE. The university accepts for training and persons with disabilities, disabled people. For them, the educational institution is equipped with elevators, ramps, toilet rooms.

A Tourism Manager is a specialist in the tourism industry who is involved in organizing travel for clients. It is currently one of the most sought-after professions in the leisure and entertainment industry. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in foreign languages, geography and social studies (see the choice of a profession by interest in school subjects).


Salary for

Short description

The Tourism Manager makes our dreams of a holiday that each of us looks forward to. From the outside, it seems that this is the most romantic and interesting profession - a holiday every day, an opportunity to travel to distant countries on duty.

But these are different things - to have a rest on your own or competently organize a problem-free vacation, which depends on many people and circumstances.

Tourism manager is a generalized name for a profession that is multifunctional. There are generalists who know how to single-handedly organize a tourist's journey from start to finish, but most often in travel companies (tour operators), a division of labor is practiced by specialization: customer service manager, ticket booking manager, direction manager, visa manager and insurance, business tourism manager, etc. Each of these specialties can be handled separately by a tourism manager without work experience under the guidance of a more experienced specialist. In large companies, organizing a tourist's trip resembles the work of a conveyor belt: at each stage of organizing a tour, different specialists are involved in the case.

Profession specifics

The functional responsibilities of a tourism manager depend on where he works: in a tour operator or in a travel agency. In a tour operator, managers are engaged in the development and formation of tourist routes, and in travel agencies, as a rule, they sell tours to customers.

Duties of a tourism manager working for a tour operator:

  • development of itineraries;
  • preparation of excursion programs and entertainment;
  • reservation of places in hotels;
  • redemption of tickets for regular flights;
  • organization of charter flights;
  • negotiations with the host;
  • insurance and visas;
  • formation of tour packages;
  • conclusion of contracts with travel agencies;
  • advertising campaigns;
  • conflict resolution with representatives of the host party.

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