Automotive tourism in Russia

Automotive tourism in Russia

Cultural tourism is one of the main types of tourism in Russia. The participants of the International Cultural Forum talked about its versatility and the possibility of influencing the economy and sustainable development of countries, regions and cities at the section "Cultural tourism".


The plenary session "The Role of Culture in Tourism Development" brought together representatives of travel companies, Russian regions, cultural and film institutions, foreign tourist offices.

As the moderator of the discussion, Executive Director of ATOR Maya Lomidze emphasized, cultural tourism is not only sights and cultural objects, but also other points of attraction for tourists, be it music and theater festivals or films.

“Cultural tourism has been and remains one of the most significant types of tourism in our country. According to statistics, 60-70% of all routes in Russia involve visiting cultural sites. But cultural tourism is more multifaceted, so our task is to discuss more substantively the possibilities of realizing its potential, ”said Ms. Lomidze.

Cultural tourism has been and remains one of the most significant types of tourism in our country. According to statistics, 60-70% of all routes in Russia involve visiting cultural sites

Deputy Head of Rostourism Sergey Korneev, who conveyed greetings on behalf of the head of the department Zarina Doguzova to the audience, believes that it is cultural tourism that provides "an opportunity to unite regions, unite business, and develop new tourism products, attracting repeat tourists" ...

In his opinion, more and more “tourist bridges, corridors and routes or points of attraction” appear in Russia, which, especially taking into account the introduction of an electronic visa, are capable of accumulating tourist flows. “St. Petersburg clearly stands on this path, which understands the mission of a travel hub as an entry point, a point of attraction for the entire North-West. The same can be said about the tourist center about Kazan and Sochi, about Moscow, ”said Mr. Korneev.

He also emphasized the great role that ATOR plays in the formation of new tourist routes. Mr. Korneev recalled that Maya Lomidze, Executive Director of ATOR, is the co-chairman of the Expert Council for the implementation of the program for promoting tourist routes in the field of domestic and inbound tourism under the Federal Agency for Tourism.


Automobile tourism has long become one of the most popular types of recreation in Russia and abroad. One of our problems - roads - is gradually being solved, and there has always been something to see in our gigantic country.

Our country occupies 9 time zones and has 5 climatic zones, has wonderful cultural and historical sights, magnificent nature and many places where no human has ever set foot.

The choice for a tourist in Russia is very wide, and you can choose the type of vacation by car that you prefer, go in any direction and get real pleasure from your own country.

In order not to get confused, it is important to first draw up a plan of your trip, voyage or tour, calculate the possible expenses and collect all the things you need for the trip.

We offer you some practical advice on car tours in Russia.

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Pros and cons of traveling by car

It is very important to choose the right transport, ideally suited to the area in which you are planning to travel. This can be a train, plane, bus or private car, incl. leased.

Each mode of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the car we recommend today comes out on top in demand among domestic and foreign tourists, i. has a number of advantages.

1) This is the most comfortable way to travel.

2) You can choose how fast to move around the terrain.

3) On a car under your control, you can define the travel schedule.

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