Where to go in Sochi

Unusual Sochi: top 19 amazing places and routes

The indisputable capital of the resort coast of the Krasnodar Territory in 2014 acquired a new Olympic status, as a result of which it was enriched with many opportunities for interesting and high-quality recreation. Renovated sanatoriums and boarding houses, amusement parks and nightclubs, sports grounds and routes await tourists. The level of service is gradually approaching European standards, multiplied by the famous Caucasian hospitality. And only the gentle sea, lush subtropical nature, divine cuisine and various interesting sights have not changed at all.

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Where to go if you are in town for the first time

The first step is to go to the nearest beach, swim to the point of exhaustion, and then refresh yourself in any of the countless kebabs on the embankment. An excellent continuation of the first visit to Sochi - ascent by cable car to the arboretum and a leisurely walk along the paths lined with beeches and pines, in the waves of warm air filled with aromas.

A short staircase leads from the terminal station up to the observation deck, from where a magnificent panorama of the coast opens up, the city is visible at a glance.

My Sochi Walk in Sochi

Walking sightseeing tour of the historical center of Sochi for lovers of walking.

Order number: 013001

Price: for a group of 1-4 people - 3000 rubles, each additional participant - 750 rubles

Welcome to a sightseeing tour of Sochi on foot. We want to introduce you to our city.

Sochi is a cocktail of architectural ensembles of different eras, a center that combines imperial eclectic modernity of cozy seaside villas and dachas, and futuristic multi-storey crystals of chain hotels. The pomp and solemnity of the Ordzhonikidze and Voroshilov sanatoriums, built in the Stalinist Empire style, wide open in the southern part of the city, tropical parks and gardens spreading everywhere between the buildings.

Sochi is a city of delicious streets - Grape and Apricot, Bananovaya and Fig, Strawberry and Vishnevaya. Our city is a garden of endless blooming, at any time of the year it is decorated with flowers, and sweet dates and tart citrus fruits ripen in the heart of the city bustle, resinous eucalyptus fill the parks with aroma.

Sochi is full of noisy cafes and cozy restaurants, Georgian khinkali and Japanese sushi, Black Sea mussels and Brazilian coffee.

Sochi on foot is an open-air museum, tin figures of a Horse in a coat and fabulous heroes of the sea kingdom in Potseluevsky Square, Mukhinsky sculptures of the Winter Theater, Vizatnian painting of churches, Zodiacal circle of railway and stucco moldings of sea terminals.

During a walk, you will see that our city is a romantic port, filled not with transport and cargo vanity, but with a leisurely swaying of luxury yachts at the berths, a mooring place for graceful sailing ships and pompous cruise liners.

Walking tour - a sightseeing tour of Sochi will acquaint you with the history of the development of our city from a medium-sized fortification and a place of exile for the Decembrists to a modern multi-purpose resort. You will learn how General Raevsky and the poet Mayakovsky, "the father of all peoples" Stalin and the mouthpiece of the Vysotsky era, spent their time in our area.

We want to introduce you to the amazing Sochi on foot, because this is our favorite home.

Most tourists, coming to Sochi, will definitely visit the most popular tourist locations, such as the Sea Station, the Olympic Park, the Arboretum and the Rosa Khutor resort (a complete list of such objects can be found in this article: How to see 20 attractions in Sochi for 1 week)

Particularly active people will go to Skypark, beautiful canyons or waterfalls, arrange a photo session in an abandoned sanatorium or on an old mountain road (Where to take good photos in Sochi: locations, passwords, attendance)

But there are those who have already photographed all of the above sights and are now wondering - what else is so unusual to see in Sochi?

Are you in this category? Then today's review might give you a couple of ideas for an outing this coming weekend. Or inspire you to get to know our seemingly so familiar resort, where everyone has already been and everyone has seen everything ...

What is unusual to see in Sochi: an overview with a photo

Searching for interesting and uninhabited locations is an exciting experience. For this purpose, I browse a bunch of different sites, print publications, subscribe to interesting accounts on Instagram. By the way, >> you can also subscribe to us on Instagram, where we share the resort's news and publish the calendar of our outings so that you can join us.

In general, if you set yourself a goal to see non-trivial Sochi locations, then you will not be left without a prize.

Of course, different people have different interests. Some people like nature trails more, others prefer architectural highlights. And someone prefers delights to gastronomy. Therefore, I combined all the objects into several groups.

Interesting hotels

You can just rent a room in a regular guest house. Or you can check into one of the following hotels and get something more than just a roof over your head.

The Bogatyr Hotel will appeal to those who loved to read fairy tales about knights and beautiful princesses living in a huge castle as a child. Well, and for those who like the idea of ​​getting within walking distance such attractions as the Sochi Park amusement park, museums and stadiums of the Olympic Park and the Formula 1 track.

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