Where to go for the weekend: Ryazan region

Where to go for the weekend: Ryazan region


The first association with Ryazan is, of course, the Kremlin. Its ensemble, consisting of 18 elements, has been the architectural dominant of the city for centuries, and the museum located on its territory is one of the oldest in the country. Along Trubezh, one of the two rivers, surrounded by the Kremlin, there is a picturesque walking area and the Kremlin square. In summer, it is warm and cozy here, and closer to the New Year, the square flares up with hundreds of festive lights.

No less fun and festively noisy on Ryazansky Arbat - Pochtovaya, the main pedestrian street of the city. In the evening, it is decorated with a starry sky, and the cafes and restaurants located on it with a view of the old merchant buildings invite you to try various dishes. However, fine examples of wooden architecture of the late 19th - early 20th centuries are found not only at Pochtovaya Street - the atmosphere of past centuries comes to life on the many streets winding through the historic part of the city.

Next to Pochtovaya there are two more iconic streets - Lenin (formerly Astrakhanskaya) and Sobornaya, leading to the square of the same name, which in 2015, along with the rest of the territory adjacent to the Kremlin, was included in the list of cultural heritage sites of Russia.

It is better to walk around the historical center with a guide - otherwise there is a risk of passing by, say, the building on Sobornaya and not knowing that it was the first hairdressing salon of Maximilian Faktorovich - the very Max Factor, the founder of the global cosmetic empire. The "Hollywood wizard" made his first business steps in Ryazan. The historical salon "Aroma of Time" dedicated to Faktorovich is located five minutes from the Cathedral - you can drop in there to hear the aromas of the past centuries and get acquainted with the beauty industry of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. The museum-estate of academician Pavlov on the street of the same name is also interesting: run here to warm up and feel the spirit of a real Russian estate, where you can find out the life story of the first Nobel laureate of Russia and his scientific achievements.

However, you can (and should) warm up over a good lunch-dinner - and here Ryazan definitely has something to brag about. On Lenin Square there is Khlebnaya Ploshchad, the first historical-themed restaurant in the city, where, in particular, hot kissel Zagoryansky is served, named after the last Ryazan governor, Kisel-Zagoryansky (yes, that is what his name sounded like); parallel to Lenin, on Radishchev Street, there is a Buffet with a memorable interior and simply outstanding homemade cheeses. And if you have already managed to move away from the center and find yourself in the area of ​​Tatarskaya Street, be sure to get to the "Countess" and order Kalinnik, an original and hearty dessert that is considered a gastronomic highlight of Ryazan.

If the Kremlin is the oldest museum in the city, then the museum of the history of Ryazan candy is definitely the most delicious. Here you will learn the history of sugar production and find out why Ryazan is the birthplace of sugar candy. And in the tea house at the museum you can taste the famous Ryazan loafs - pancakes with various fillings.

The Toy Factory Museum creates a festive mood. There is always a New Year's atmosphere and interesting master classes. And the Ryazan "gingerbread gallery" boasts a collection of gingerbreads collected from all over the world. It is here that you can try Ryazan gingerbread, the recipe for which is kept in the strictest confidence.

Having explored the center, it's time to move a little further. In the northern part of the city there is the resort village of Solotcha, the fame of which has already spilled out far beyond the Ryazan region. Here is the main spiritual abode of Grand Duke Oleg of Ryazan - the Nativity of the Theotokos monastery. People come here for holiness and tranquility. The observation deck of the monastery offers wonderful views of the Zaoksky distance. Solotcha is the gateway to the Meschera. It was here that the greatest engraver and academician Ivan Pozhalostin lived and worked, these places were described in his works by Konstantin Paustovsky. The Paustovsky Trail, a series of eco-routes ranging from 7 to 50 kilometers, runs right through Solotcha.


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