What to see in Yekaterinburg in winter

Where to go in Yekaterinburg in 3 days

Three days in Yekaterinburg is quite enough to not only see the most interesting things in the city on your own, but also to get acquainted with some of the famous sights of the Middle Urals.

We will offer you route options for those who come to the city for the first time, as well as for those who are already a little familiar with it and want to see something new. We will also tell you about the most interesting in the area from what is available in the available three days.

Day One Sightseeing

Is this your first time in the city? The easiest way to get to know the city sights on your own is to walk along the "Red Line", marked on the asphalt, and connecting the most famous objects of Yekaterinburg. If you are interested in places connected with the fate of the family of the last Russian emperor, go along the "Blue Line". Both routes are approximately the same length - about 6.5 kilometers, on a significant section of the line run parallel.

Stories from locals and our travelers will help you determine the route, as well as the following tips for different day trips:

  • visit the Historical Square or Plotinka, as the locals call it;
  • see the monument to the founders of the city and the Stone Flower fountain on Truda Square, and The Sevastyanov House is the most beautiful building in the city;
  • go to the Church on the Blood, built on the site of the Ipatiev house, where the Romanov family was shot;
  • walk along the embankment of the City Pond and see Yekaterinburg -City against the backdrop of the famous Yekaterinburg sunsets;
  • to see how the pictures change in the evening on the unique media facade of the Yeltsin Center, or how light and music fountains dance over the Iset;
  • walk along Weiner Street and look at the city from the height of the Vysotsky skyscraper.

Day Two Options

If you are not going to travel outside Yekaterinburg, you can use the following tips to plan your second day routes:

But there is still a lot of interesting things in the city!

Main Avenue

The best time to get to know Yekaterinburg is from May to September, but let's not discount winter as well, each season has its own advantages and admirers.

The Ural winter has become a particularly valuable time of the year: in recent years, there is no snow on a large part of the European part of the country, which means that your favorite winter entertainment is impossible.

Skating rinks work in Yekaterinburg in winter, within the city it will be possible to ski from the mountains, and an elegant Christmas tree will be erected on the main city square and a wonderful town of ice will be built. You can see the city sights, attend various events, and even go to nature. The main thing is to dress for the season. For the Urals, the favorite saying of Siberians is quite applicable: "A Siberian is not the one who does not freeze, but the one who dresses warmly!"

Ice Town

For many years, the main winter event in Yekaterinburg has been the ice town, which is being built on the 1905 square in front of the city administration building and is solemnly opened on New Year's Eve. Every year, the theme of the town is new, timed to coincide with some significant date. In 2015, it was the 70th anniversary of Victory, in 2018 - the 295th anniversary of Yekaterinburg, in 2020 - the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by the Bellingshausen and Lazarev expedition.

The townspeople are looking forward to what it will be like, this year's town? And expectations are never disappointed! This January event attracts guests to Yekaterinburg not only from nearby cities, but also from neighboring regions. The town is interesting for both adults and children: seniors can appreciate the work of the ice sculpture competition, drink hot mulled wine at the festive fair, and children can ride down the ice slides.

What to see in Yekaterinburg in winter on your own

There is a walking tourist route in Yekaterinburg that connects 35 city attractions, which were selected by the city's residents by voting. This route is painted on the asphalt and named the "Red Line". But in winter this is unlikely to help, since the line is usually partially covered with snow.

Winter is a special time of the year for sightseeing enthusiasts. At this time, routes between attractions are laid in such a way that you can warm up somewhere along the way. Let's try to give some tips to make your trip to winter Yekaterinburg comfortable.

Area of ​​the year

If you started your acquaintance with the Ural capital from the main square of the city, Square of 1905, or came to visit the most popular winter attraction in Yekaterinburg - Ice Town, go to the Passage shopping center to warm up. Here you can not only drink hot tea or coffee with cakes, but also have a good lunch, and if you wish, watch a new film in one of the halls of the "Passage Cinema" cinema. Children will be happy to take pictures with familiar characters from The Three Musketeers, whose figures are on different floors.

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