What sights of Tambov to see in one day

What sights of Tambov to see in one day

Tambov is not a generally recognized tourist center, which is extremely unfair. The city with a population of 300 thousand, founded in 1799 as a fortress, designed to protect the southern borders of Russia from the raids of the Crimean Tatars, is beautiful and original. He is quite modern, but at the same time romantically provincial. The sights of Tambov, the photos on the background of which will decorate the album of any traveler, are diverse. All the necessary infrastructure has been created here for a comfortable stay.

TOP- sights of Tambov

Each city has sights that most excursions begin with. These iconic historical and architectural monuments are considered the hallmarks of the policy.

Eternal Flame Memorial

  • Address: Cathedral Square. Transport stop "Park Kultury".

To the 25th anniversary of the Great Victory in the city, the opening of a memorial dedicated to the residents of Tambov, who gave their lives for the liberation of their homeland from the fascist invaders, was timed in the city. Then, on Cathedral Square, 4 pillars were installed, faced with black granite and girded with a reinforced concrete ring with a frieze in the form of intertwined bronze laurel leaves. The inner surface of the ring is decorated with bas-reliefs "Parents", "Fellow soldiers", "Family". In the center of the composition there is a bronze five-pointed star with a torch of the Eternal Flame. An alley leads to the monument, along which stelae with the names of the Hero Cities are installed.

Transfiguration Cathedral

The delightful cathedral, erected in 1783 thanks to the generous donations of the merchant M. Borodin, is still the most beautiful temple in the Tambov land and an architectural monument of federal significance. The church is especially revered by believers also because it was repeatedly visited by Emperor Nicholas II, as well as St. John of Kronstadt. During the years of persecution of religion, the museum's expositions were housed in the buildings of the temple, but at the end of the last century it was returned to the parishioners. Pilgrims strive here to kneel before the relics of Saint Pitirim.

Tambov Wolf Monument

  • Address: st. October, 95B and October highway. Transport stops "Ulitsa Proletarskaya" and "Lastochka".

Thanks to the well-known phraseological unit that made Tambov famous throughout the country, the gray inhabitant of the local forests has a bad reputation. The Tambov wolf has become a symbol of treachery and ferocity. However, the townspeople completely disagree with this statement. Therefore, there are two monuments to the wolf in the city at once. One of them is cast from bronze, the second, installed at the entrance to the city from the Penza side, is made of century-old oak wood. The statues, for all their difference, are united by the idea that the Tambov wolf is dangerous only to those who do evil. For bright, honest, kind people, he is a reliable comrade.

Aseevs Estate Museum

Gostiny Dvor

Gostiny dvor in Tambov began to be built in 1834. Outwardly, it looked like a Petersburg one: with a classic pediment and a colonnade on three sides. An open gallery was located on the second floor. Local merchants allocated money for the construction of the premises. Gostiny Dvor was built quickly, and in 1837 the first shopping arcade opened here.

The shops worked until 1917. After the revolution, Gostiny Dvor was empty. The restoration of the building began in 1956: additional rooms were added to the building, the open gallery was dismantled, the walls were reinforced with concrete belts. In 1980, a two-story building appeared in the courtyard, and five years later the coat of arms of Tambov was installed on the pediment of the building. Today Gostiny Dvor is the largest shopping center in the city.

The Aseevs Estate Museum Complex

The Aseevs' merchant family was the richest in the province in the 19th century. They owned wool washing and distilleries, cloth factories, and lands throughout Russia. The Aseevs were involved in charity work: they built schools, maintained hospitals and orphanages.

The mansion was commissioned by Mikhail Aseev at the beginning of the 20th century. The Art Nouveau estate project was developed by the Moscow architect Lev Kekushev. The interiors of the house were decorated with stucco, high reliefs and frescoes. And the Column Hall of the second floor was crowned with a glass dome.

The estate housed a living room, a fireplace, Aseev's study, and tea rooms. In the White Hall on the ground floor, guests were received: balls and musical evenings were organized.

After the revolution, the Aseev family emigrated to Serbia, and then to South America. The mansion was nationalized. In Soviet times, it housed an orphanage, a tuberculosis dispensary and a neurological hospital.

The building began to be restored in 2009. In the estate, it was possible to recreate the furnishings of several rooms, including Aseev's office. And in the White Hall there was an exposition dedicated to the history of this merchant family.

Tambov Regional Museum of Local Lore

The Tambov Museum of Local Lore is one of the oldest regional museums in Russia. It was opened in 1879. The collection of the Tambov Scientific Archive Commission was transferred to the fund: finds of archaeologists, materials on ethnography, a collection of ancient manuscripts. After the revolution, the collection was replenished with old maps, city plans, zoological samples.

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