Under what conditions Sri Lanka will resume inbound tourism

What a tourist needs to know about Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka intends to restart foreign tourism in the summer. Russian tour operators told under what conditions this restart is supposed, and what is happening on the island now.


The Sri Lankan authorities have released the preconditions for the resumption of inbound tourism. In the first stage, which starts on August 1, a limited number of visitors will be allowed to enter. Tourists will be allowed into the country only if they have a certificate of the absence of coronavirus and a return ticket. In addition, upon arrival, they will have to undergo thermometry and take rapid tests for covid.

Tourists will only be allowed to stay in hotels that have passed health checks and are registered with the Agency for Tourism Development of Sri Lanka.

The authorities plan to open separate beach areas and popular places for tourists, such as Yala National Park, Udawalawe, Arugam Bay, Trincomalee.

According to the Sri Lankan media, the country's authorities hope to test the entry conditions for foreign tourists within 2-3 months in order to fully enter the season that starts in November.


Information that Sri Lanka has begun to prepare to receive foreign tourists is confirmed by tour operators. So, Olga Zatonskikh, head of the PAX company, said that the opening of the international airport in Colombo is planned for August 1, a set of measures is being developed to ensure the safety of tourists during their holidays, hotels are preparing to receive tourists.

According to Anna Filatovskaya, director of the advertising and PR department of the Russian Express tour operator, only some accommodation facilities have resumed their work on the island: mostly guest houses. “Most of the hotels are now functioning as quarantine centers, for example, Citrus Waskaduwa. As for other hotels, on the South Coast Marriott plans to open in early June, Shangrilla Hambantota on July 1. Coral Sands will be tentatively closed until October 1st. Jetwing hotels are open and welcoming. On the east coast, hotels are open, but their occupancy is close to "zero": sometimes only a few rooms are occupied. Mostly foreigners who stayed on the island, ”she says.

According to Philip Obruchev-Mironov, head of the group of sub-mass directions of the tour operator Intourist, a number of Sri Lankan hoteliers are seriously preparing for the new season and are even trying to introduce early booking. Intourist has already started active contracting for the winter season 2020-2021 and has requested prices for the spring-summer 2021.


Market participants say that there is no understanding of visa procedures yet. According to preliminary information, Sri Lanka will not issue visas upon arrival. Foreigners will have to apply for electronic visas (ETA). This makes it easier for the authorities to control the flow of traffic.

As added by representatives of the tour operator ICS Travel Group, perhaps Sri Lanka will "open" gradually, allowing entry of tourists from countries with a favorable epidemiological situation.

Sri Lanka is a non-beach destination. There are so many interesting things here that there is simply no time left for the beach! During the Natalie Tours advertising tour, we explored the different facets of Sri Lanka and are now ready to share: what it is, Sri Lanka, what to see here and what to tell tourists.

Sri Lanka is a non-beach destination. There are so many interesting things here that there is simply no time left for the beach! During the Natalie Tours advertising tour, we explored the different facets of Sri Lanka and are now ready to share: what it is, Sri Lanka, what to see here and what to tell tourists.

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And so, it would be wrong to consider Sri Lanka as a place exclusively for relaxation in a sun lounger. It's like going to the Costa Brava and never getting to Barcelona. Strange, isn't it ?!

Sri Lanka needs to be watched. You need to get into the very heart of the island, to rice fields, tea plantations, mountains, jungles, ancient cave temples.

To be considered


There are currently no direct flights from Russia to Sri Lanka. But Sri Lankan Natalie Tours programs are laid out on the basis of Emirates and FlyDubai flights with a convenient connection in Dubai and on Air Arabia with a connection in Sharjah - Colombo.


Sri Lanka has two rainy seasons: in the southwestern part of the island it rains from May to September, in the northeastern part from December to March. In the high season, the island transforms: the water is blue and transparent, more sun, no jellyfish.


Electronic visa allowing legal entry to Sri Lanka has become paid due to the pandemic. The standard free e-Visa (ETA) has evolved into an extended version, the so-called "Visa +". This was stated in an interview with Izvestia by the Ambassador of the Republic to the Russian Federation, Professor Migahalanda Durage Lamavansa.

What is ETA?

ETA stands for Electronic travel authorization. This document represents the preliminary electronic approval of entry into the country. Its presence simplifies visa processing: travelers provide an ETA when entering Sri Lanka, on the basis of which customs officers put a visa in their passport.

Travelers are e-approved for short-term visits to Sri Lanka for tourism, business or transit purposes. An e-visa is issued for 30 days, later it can be extended up to 6 months.

An application for an ETA is submitted to the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and Emigration via the Internet. After confirming the request, the e-visa is sent to the applicant by e-mail.

How much does an e-Visa to Sri Lanka cost?

According to the ambassador, the standard electronic visa (ETA) has always been free for Russian tourists. Extended visa - "Visa +" - now will cost the traveler $ 100.

What is the difference between Visa + and why did it become paid?

Visa + provides that tourists arriving in Sri Lanka will be tested for COVID-19 every fourth to fifth day of vacation. For this purpose, a fee of $ 100 is charged. At the same time, according to the ambassador, the cost of one study is almost $ 40.

Lamawansa notes that the government is working to increase the flow of tourists to the country. If the visa becomes free, then first of all - for Russian tourists.

When will Sri Lanka open the border to Russians?

Sri Lanka planned to open borders to other countries on August 15, but this had to be postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus in a drug rehabilitation center. According to the diplomat, Sri Lanka will open its borders to Russian tourists no earlier than September. Air traffic between the countries may also resume in September.

Lamawansa believes that the restoration of direct flights Moscow - Colombo (the largest city and the unofficial de facto capital of Sri Lanka) will prevent the spread of infection due to transit flights.

Good afternoon, dear friends!

Every year this island state is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Magnificent beaches, warm Indian Ocean and rich cultural heritage make for an unforgettable vacation at any time of the year. However, as in every place, there are many subtleties that must be taken into account when going on vacation to this country. We will talk about this in this article.

Sri Lanka for tourists: how to get there, when is the season, how much money to take with you, which resort to choose, what to fear, what to see, useful phones. As you can see, I have collected the most necessary tourist information that will help you better understand what awaits you there.

How to get there?

There is only one international airport "Bandaranaike" in Sri Lanka . irport. k, located 35 km. south of Colombo.

Direct flights from Russia are operated by Aeroflot and Sri Lanka Airlines, but they fly only in high season and such a flight is very expensive.

Sometimes, tourist operators launch direct charter flights, but this is rare and it is very difficult to buy a ticket for such a flight, this is the most profitable and cheapest option.

Many connecting flights are offered by foreign airlines Qatar, Turkish, Etihad, Emirates, Air Arabia. However, you must prepare for a long flight with a connection in a third country, and possibly many hours of waiting for a connecting flight.

Please note that if you wait for connecting flights for a long time, you will not be able to leave the transit zone if the connection takes place at the airport of a country where an entry visa is required, unless, of course, you have issued it in advance.

When is the season?

Sri Lanka is a state located in South Asia. The climate here is warm, and the weather depends on monsoons - steady winds. Tourists come here for a relaxing holiday on the beaches and acquaintance with the original culture of the country. Knowing the location of popular resorts, attractions and islands will allow you to enjoy the exotic atmosphere of Sri Lanka and learn a lot on one trip.

A little about Sri Lanka

Near the southeastern coast of the Indian subcontinent is the state of Sri Lanka, which occupies a large island of the same name and a complex of small parts of the land. The total area of ​​the country is 65 610 km², and more than 21 million people live in this territory. Sri Lanka has a subequatorial monsoon climate, diverse flora, many historical sites. Therefore, the state is a popular tourist destination.

Beach vacation is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka

The flora and fauna are diverse here. Exotic plants in dense forests, many elephants and beautiful birds attract tourists to the island. At the same time, there is a developed infrastructure in the cities, there are hotels of different levels, modern shops and entertainment complexes.

Official country name

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka - this name is full and official, it is used in politics, science, international documents. Sri Lanka is the name of the country in everyday speech, as well as the island on which the state is located.

Geographical features and capital

The shores of the country are washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The island is separated from Hindustan by the Polk Strait and the Mannar Gulf. A sandbank in the Polk Strait - Adam's Bridge - connected the island with the continent many centuries ago, but in 1481 it was destroyed by an earthquake.

The main part of Sri Lanka is coastal lowlands. The highest mountain located in the center of the island is the Pidurutalagala peak, reaching a height of 2524 m. Mountain rivers are quite powerful, and on the plains the streams are short and calm. The largest are rivers such as Mahaveli-Ganga, Aruvi-Aru and Kalu.

The State of Sri Lanka occupies a large island and several small ones

The capital of the state is the city of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, which is often called for short - Kotte. This place is a suburb of the largest city in the country - Colombo. The capital covers an area of ​​17 km 2 and is home to over 115 thousand people. The infrastructure of the capital is quite developed; tourists can stay in one of the many hotels.

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