Unbelievable facts about nature

Unbelievable facts about nature

Interesting statistics

2. The total amount of gold mined would fit in 3.5 Olympic pools. 3. In the Netherlands, about 5 trillion spiders live, and the population is 16.7 million. If spiders began to eat people, then the inhabitants of the country would disappear in 3 days. 4. Every second lightning strikes the ground 100 times, that's 8.6 million times a day. One such lightning is capable of toasting 100 thousand toasts. 5. If you take salt from the World Ocean and scatter it on land in an even layer, then its thickness will be 152 m. 6. If a snowflake falls in the center of Greenland, it will take 200,000 years for it to reach the sea. 7. If the water is lowered along an inclined surface of 1 °, then it will overcome 100 m of gravel in 5 days, sand in 13.7 years, and clay in 137,000 years. 8. The depth and vastness of Loch Ness are such that the entire population of the planet can easily fit in the reservoir. 10 times. 9. One teaspoon will hold 2,000 carrot seeds. 10. Once there were 26,000 people on the planet, and this number has been held for a million years.

11. 99% of biological species are already extinct. 12. Having dug a tunnel through the entire planet, after 42 minutes 12 seconds, you can be on the other side. Strange sounds 13. The only sound the caterpillars make is chewing. And only a butterfly caterpillar called Phengaris rebeli can strum like a guitar string. 14. When corn grows, it squeaks. 15. The volcano Krakatoa (Indonesia) in 1883 made the loudest sound known to mankind. This sound was heard in Mauritius, and this is for 4828 km.

It turns out ...

16. 99% of biological species have not left their mark on the fossils, so we will never know anything about them. 17. There are about 1000 seamounts on the world's maps, but in fact there are more than 100 thousand of them. 18. The pressure in the Mariana Trench is equal to the weight of 10 bears that would stand on one postage stamp. 19. The water cycle in nature is constant, therefore the amount of liquid is always the same. This means that you are drinking water that was once in the dinosaur.

20. There are places in Antarctica where rain and snow have not fallen for more than 2 million years. 21. The acid in the stomach of the snake is so concentrated that if you stuff the snake with alka-seltzer, it will explode. 22. In fact, both black and white rhinos are the same color. 23. When dragonflies flap their wings, they draw eights in the air. 24. Plant aphids can give birth to aphids that are already pregnant with aphids. 25. Bacteria can pick up a virus. And a virus can pick up a virus. 26. Herring can communicate with each other by subtle pops, releasing tiny bubbles. 27. There are no rivers at all in Saudi Arabia. 28. There is only one river in Antarctica - Onyx and it flows only 2 months a year. 29. Volcanic lava can travel at the speed of a hound.

30. If you lock 10 thousand spiders in one room, you will end up with only one. 31. Over the past 30 years, wind speed has decreased by 60%. 32. The top layer of dolphin skin is renewed every 2 hours.

Amazing Nearby

33. The chemical composition of lemon and orange is identical, but in a mirror image, which is why their smells are so different. 34. To protect itself from predators, the shrew dies of fear. 35. In the Faroe Islands, it is so bright at night in summer that there is no need to turn on the lighthouses. 36.70% of jungle animals are able to survive on figs. 37. The lightest metal can be placed on a dandelion, and the flower will not rinse. 38. Embryos of a tiger shark can devour each other in the womb, and this always happens as soon as their teeth grow back. 39. Biologically, humans are closer to fungi than to plants. 40. A crocodile can close its mouth with the same force as if a truck fell off a cliff. This is due to the strength of the muscles that are responsible for closing the mouth. But the muscles for opening the mouth of a crocodile, on the contrary, are negligibly weak: you can close its mouth with a thin rubber band and it will not cope with it.

41. There are no moles at all in Ireland. 42. Antarctica is surrounded on all sides by oceans, and the Arctic - by continents. 43. An ant can be heated in the microwave and it will still be alive. This is because ants are so small in size that they can evade microwave radiation. 44. The most poisonous snakes are 10 species. And they all live in Australia.

Short scientific facts from the series "Did you know what?" easy to remember, children like and bring science closer to life.

Most of the knowledge gained in school will never be useful to us. Most of this greater part we will never even remember. And yet, some crumbs of "useless" information will remain in the memory. Paradoxically, it is thanks to them that we feel that we are educated people. The luxury of keeping in mind not only vital information, but also "information surplus" increases self-esteem and gives a sense of intellectual consistency.

And "unnecessary information" surprisingly turns out to be the most interesting. This interest can become a magic key for children from the vast world of science, which often hides behind boring formulas and incomprehensible definitions.

In this article, we have collected nine scientific facts that can be used in the lessons of mathematics, physics, geography, chemistry and biology to clearly show that science is not something abstract from real life, but a situation, that we face every day.

Fact On average, an ordinary person in his life covers a distance equal to three equators of the Earth

The equator is approximately 40,075 km long. Multiplying this figure by three, we get 120 225 km. With an average life expectancy of 70 years, we get about 1717 km per year, which is a little more than five kilometers per day. Not so much, but over the course of life.

On the one hand, this information has no practical application. On the other hand, it is much more interesting to measure the distance traveled not in meters, steps or calories, but in the equators. And calculating the percentage of the length of the equator will draw attention not only to geography, but also to mathematics.

The following two facts may come in handy in math lessons. Using the first one, you can calculate the number of children in parallel or even in the whole school who were born on the same day.

Fact If there are random people in the room, then the probability that two of them will have a birthday on the same day is more than%

And if you bring together 75 people, then this probability reaches 99%. A 100% chance of a match can be in a group of 367 people. The likelihood of a match is determined by the number of pairs that can be made from all the people in the group. Since the order of people in pairs does not matter, the total number of such pairs is equal to the number of combinations of 23 to 2, that is, (23 × 22)/2 = 253 pairs. Thus, the number of pairs exceeds the number of days in a year. The same formula is used to calculate the probability of matches for any number of people. So you can estimate the number of children born on the same day in parallel or even in the entire school.

Fact The number of living organisms in a teaspoon of soil is greater than the entire population of our planet

One square centimeter of soil contains billions of bacteria, fungi, algae and other organisms. About 60 million bacteria live in just one gram of dry soil. Nematodes, or roundworms (the most famous of which are roundworms and pinworms) in the same amount of soil are much less - only 10 thousand. A figure incommensurate with the human population, but no less unpleasant for this.

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