Traveling in Russia: the best vacation spots and tourism options

Where to go to rest or the wonderful world of tourism

The world of tourism is so huge and diverse that the question of where to go to rest puzzles many people on the eve of a vacation. In recent years, fewer and fewer people have been left lying on the couch in front of the TV during their next vacation, preferring to spend their vacation in a versatile and interesting way.

Where to go on vacation in your home country

For summer residents, the question of where to go to rest is never worth it. Neither the attractive Cote d'Azur, nor exotic Thailand can replace them with a holiday on their piece of land. The whole world of tourism is concentrated on their way from garden to garden ... They enjoy only caring for the plants, and the harvested crop in the form of numerous seams and supplies for the winter, bring ecstasy to friends and relatives who have returned from trips to European resorts in other parts Sveta.

If the dacha does not attract future vacationers too much, then before buying a ticket, you need to find out exactly what a person wants to get from his vacation. The most common today is a beach holiday. In our country, there is a lot of revenge, where this type of recreation is organized no worse than at the famous resorts. Fans of exotic holidays will definitely be attracted by the beaches in the Seychelles, Croatia, Thailand, Egypt or Turkey.

Buy a green tourism package

Green tourism attracts many people, especially during their student years. And although you can go hiking in the bosom of nature at any time of the year, summer is the most suitable for this. At the same time, trips can be very short, in the form of outings and picnics, or last for several weeks. For green tourism, not only the endless expanses of our Motherland are suitable, but also any other countries rich in various vegetation.

Educational travel

Cognitive recreation consists of excursions to architectural and educational sights, acquaintance with the traditions and cuisine of other nations, their way of life and history. Few people know the history of their country well, so it is worth buying a ticket to places famous for their history. To find out where it is better to go, you first need to familiarize yourself with the history of the area, then when conducting excursions, you can use the services of a guide or conduct it yourself.

An exotic vacation is always unusual, but for this you most often have to travel abroad. An extraordinary sensation can be obtained at the sight of a delightful nature, inhaling a rare aroma, tasting exotic food or feeling an unconventional massage.

Russia is the largest country in the world and has a varied climate and relief. This provides opportunities for tourism of any type: extreme, educational, beach, etc. The vast area of ​​the state requires before traveling to familiarize yourself with the sights and their location, the optimal regions for tourism.

A little about Russia

Rich cultural heritage, vast territory, modern infrastructure, many climatic zones within one country - all this makes Russia attractive for tourism. Travelers from different countries come here for extreme or beach tourism, trekking or recreation with a cultural program.

The country's territory is 17 125 191 km 2, and about 146 880 432 people of different nationalities and traditions live here. Ethnocultural diversity is observed. Therefore, while traveling in Russia, tourists have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting customs, people and their culture.

Tourists are attracted not only by nature, but also by the rich history of Russian cities

The country has several climatic zones that affect flora and fauna, weather conditions and tourism opportunities. Subtropical, temperate, subarctic and arctic climates - each characterized by specific conditions. Therefore, tourists should know the peculiarities of the weather and develop a route.

Official country name

Russia is a short name of the state, and officially the country is referred to as the Russian Federation. This combination is used in politics, international documents, science, and official reference books. The abbreviation RF is also appropriate, which simplifies many actions when designating a state.

Geography and Capital

In terms of territory, Russia ranks first in the world and therefore there are various geographic zones. The country is located in North Asia and Eastern Europe. The shores are washed by the waters of the Arctic and Pacific oceans, as well as the Baltic, Azov and Black seas of the Atlantic Ocean. The territory is divided into European and Asian parts, there are borders with more than 20 states. Among the largest are Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus.

Russia's border lines are complex and the territory is vast

The entire territory of the country is divided into 85 subjects, of which 46 are regions, there are 22 republics, 9 are called regions. And there are also 3 federal cities, 4 autonomous regions and 1 autonomous region.

The city of federal significance and the capital of the country is Moscow. This settlement covers an area of ​​2561.5 km 2, and the population is 12 506 468 people. The city has a rich centuries-old history, is interesting for tourists for its sights and has the most developed infrastructure.

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