Traveling in Germany

Traveling in Germany

Traveling in Germany provides an opportunity to appreciate the whole breadth of natural and cultural wealth of this country. From the borders of the North and Baltic Seas in the north to the alpine peaks of Bavaria and the forests of the Black Forest in the south, its territory is a place of amazing natural contrasts. Over the centuries, culture has played an important role in German society. All major cities in the country have opera and symphony orchestras, and even small villages bring amateurs into musical and artistic societies.

Germany has had a significant impact on the formation of European culture. The country regularly hosts art and music festivals. Here you can see unique architectural landmarks. Starting with a small number of monuments from the Roman Empire and the Carolingian period, the most widely represented are Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque buildings. The limited influence of the Renaissance is fully compensated in Germany by the cultural heritage of the Baroque and Rococo, as well as monuments of modern architecture, starting with the legendary Art Nouveau and Bauhaus. By now, much of what was destroyed during World War II, fortunately, has been restored.

Opera House in Leipzig in 1900

One of the most characteristic features of German cities are the so-called fachwerk houses, the construction of which falls on the period from the 16th to the 18th century. In Germany, the long-standing tradition of inheritance division also spread, which led to the formation of hundreds of small principalities with their own palaces and residences. Currently, there are more than 20,000 castles and fortresses on the territory of the country. For the same reason, stately palaces and churches are often found in small (by today's standards) cities.

Traveling in Germany will be no less interesting for outdoor enthusiasts. Cycling tourism is one of the widespread types of recreation here, for the popularization of which there are many dedicated routes. Canoeing and kayaking is traditional on many rivers and lakes. Skiing and other winter sports are common in the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest and the Harz Mountains (notable for their rare natural beauty).

East Germany

Berlin. Unter den Linden in 1900

Berlin, the capital of Germany and the largest city, is also one of the most interesting destinations when traveling in Germany. The city houses more than 170 museums and three opera houses. There are many sights in Berlin related to modern history. The city is the center of the state of Brandenburg. A direct consequence of the recent socialist past is that, as the largest city in Germany, it is also one of the poorest. The most popular nearby destination is Potsdam, which is well suited for day trips from the capital.

Saxony (one of the most densely populated lands in Germany) is remarkable for its rare natural beauty. The most attractive place here is the so-called "Saxon Switzerland", located south of Dresden. Two large cities, Dresden and Leipzig, are centers of historical and cultural attractions. Dresden, practically rebuilt after 1945, is notable for its baroque architecture and the art collection of the Dresden Gallery. Leipzig is also an object of constant interest for tourists from all over the world.

Monument to Goethe and Schiller in Weimar

Thuringia is a land closely associated with German literature. The representatives of classical German literature, led by Goethe and Schiller, are worthy of mention. Weimar, Erfurt, Eisenach and Wartburg have preserved their medieval town centers and castles. The Thuringian Forest is a unique green area in the mountains, including one of the most popular hiking trails. Weimar and Eisenach are remembered for the stay and work of I. aha (1685 - 1750).

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