Travel agency: how to write a business plan

How to open a travel agency? Business plan

Making money on people's desire to relax is a great opportunity to secure a financially independent future for yourself. To do this, an entrepreneur needs to work hard, and in order not to burn out in the first year, he needs a high-quality business plan for the tourism business, which can be used by himself and carried for demonstration to investors - they will definitely invest if the plan is really effective.

Features of tourism business

The first feature is seasonality. There are much more clients in the summer, so you need to figure out what the company will do and how to act the rest of the time. The second feature is the delimitation of the sphere. There are 2 types of participants on the market: tour operators and travel agencies. The former create a product for the consumer - they come up with excursions, organize trips for people, conclude agreements with airlines and hotels. The travel agency uses a ready-made product, selling it to customers. In fact, all the work of a travel agency comes down to providing the client with information about the country where he is going to rest, about the place of stay and a specific tour operator.

Where does a business start?

The very first step is drawing up a high-quality business plan for the tourism business, which will provide answers to all organizational and financial questions, and will also determine the procedure for the entrepreneur. In particular, this is the search and rental of suitable premises, which would be in full view of the clients, registration of the company with the regulatory authorities. To do this business, you will definitely have to obtain a license. The business plan of the tourism business involves the purchase of equipment, office equipment, stationery, etc. It should also include information about the personnel working in the company, their training, etc. We must not forget about running a business advertising campaign. One of the important stages is the analysis of competition, and we will consider it as follows.

Competition in the tourism business plan

Being engaged in the tourism business, you need to clearly understand that the competition is high here. The market is covered by tour operators and travel agencies that offer their services to their clients. Moreover, there is competition in all regions of Russia and Ukraine, including small towns. Therefore, in order to survive in this business and gain market share, you need to have a competitive edge. This is achieved through large investments in the development of the company itself - renting the most convenient place in the city center, creating an extensive and effective advertising campaign, reducing the cost of services for the end consumer, holding promotions and providing bonuses. The essence of these actions is to declare yourself, to attract regular customers who would turn to you every year, and not to competitors.

To accurately determine the level of competition in the region, it is necessary to compile a list of all operating firms, as well as determine their price level. At the initial stage, your prices should be lower, because this is the only way to enter and hold out in this market. Of course, you won't be able to make big profits right away. The main source of income is the commission from the operator for the brought client. Usually it is 10% of the cost of the tour (by reducing it to 5-7%, you can achieve lower prices for clients). Big profits can be expected in a year or two of the firm's work, when there is a constant and wide customer base. Accordingly, finding customers is only half a task, it is much more important to keep them.

Financial part

It is impossible to calculate the exact amount of investments for organizing a tourism business. It will be individual for each plan, because depending on the regions, the cost of renting premises and licenses will be different, as well as the size of employees' salaries. At the initial stage, money will be needed to rent premises, staff salaries, purchase a license, an advertising campaign, and office equipment. Experts say that the minimum start-up threshold is $ 20,000.

Monthly case management costs will be as follows:

  • Obligatory payments and wages - $ 1,500;
  • Advertising, communication and payment of utilities - $ 1,000;
  • Office rent - $ 1,500;
  • Other costs $ 500.

The total monthly cost of running a travel business is approximately $ 4,500.

In modern conditions, the idea of ​​opening a travel agency attracts many investors. Having decided to do this business, you take on the function of an intermediary between the tourist and the operator. A competent travel agency business plan will become an instruction manual for the future businessman.

Main activity

The activities of a travel agency are based on the marketing of a product offered by a travel operator. It is in the role of a travel agency that an entrepreneur is recommended to start his activity. This is a good example of a business project. The agency's earnings will mainly consist of a fixed commission (varies in the range from 5 to 15%) of the amount of the completed tour.

From the variety of directions in the tourist business, you can choose:

  • classic beach holidays;
  • children's tours;
  • wellness tours;
  • sightseeing tours;
  • recreational tourism;
  • shopping tours;
  • agritourism, etc.

Instructions on how to open and what is needed for this

To open a travel agency, you should develop a good business plan and think over the nuances described below.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

Primarily at this stage, the entrepreneur must decide on the organizational form of the future enterprise. Usually the way out comes down to a choice between individual entrepreneurs and LLCs.

The next step after registering a company will be to obtain a seal and open a bank account.

Stage - room search

To carry out the activities of the travel agency, it is necessary to rent a small office. It is desirable that it is located in the city center and has good access roads. An ideal place for an office can be one of the premises of a shopping complex or a business center.

Stage - purchase and installation of the necessary equipment

Decided to go about your own business, but do not know how to open a travel agency (company)? Then the information below is just for you. Here you can download a ready-made example of a business plan for a travel agency (firm) and learn how to start a business from scratch.

If you cannot compete with the big players, then you just need to work hard to ensure that your services are worth the money requested. It must be remembered that the important services are those that significantly distinguish you from everyone else. This is the most important key to success.

Business plan - ready-made example

Before you open any travel agency, you need to know that tourism is a fairly competitive industry. That is why, at the very beginning, you doom yourself to hard and painstaking work. All this must be foreseen in advance.

You should always be prepared for the fact that it will take days to conduct tedious negotiations with people and try to indulge all their whims. If you are not sure that you can handle it, then it is better to think again whether it is worth opening such a business.

In such a business, you need the ability to find a personal approach to everyone, to interest the client so that he buys the tour from you and returns to you more than once. It is important here not to sell vouchers, sell your consultations. The most important thing in this business is the ability to mobilize oneself and get used to the situation as quickly as possible.

Where to start?

The possibility of opening a travel agency at home is not excluded. The most important thing is a phone and a computer. However, if you want the business to not only survive, but also bring good income in the future, then you need to think more broadly.

Check out those areas that are not yet covered by tourism and try to start your business there. You can also try to provide services that do not require an office.

How much does it cost to open a travel agency?

Before you open your travel agency, you need to allocate a budget.

  • Office. In order to save a little on this, you can rent an office in an area where it is cheaper. But you should definitely take into account its transport accessibility for future customers.
  • Personnel. However, this can be a disadvantage when hiring staff. You need to try to find such people who have at least some experience in this area and thereby avoid the learning process.
  • Advertising. Before opening an agency, think about how to make the maximum number of people know about you as soon as possible. Advertising in newspapers is not very cheap and effective, radio and television are also not an option, since the return on them is very short-lived. The most effective way to advertise in tourism is to promote the company's website, which must be approached with full responsibility. In addition, it is not enough just to successfully promote the monetary pages of the site, you also need to very effectively place information about your services and services on them. Since website promotion takes a lot of time, at the initial stage it is recommended to use contextual advertising, the return on which you will feel in the very near future.

Opening process

Travel Agency Business Plan Summary

Organization of travel is one of the promising areas of commercial activity. Therefore, many entrepreneurs who start their own business turn to this very area.

The task of developing a detailed business plan for a travel agency with calculations has been entrusted to professionals specializing in a specific area of ​​the economy. On the site you can download a ready-made example for free to assess the capabilities of an entrepreneur. A thorough study of the document will determine the prospects for a new undertaking.

Travel agency format for business plan

The main advantage of travel business is the minimum list of equipment and personnel requirements. The travel business is quite capable of being carried out by one person who possesses the necessary means of communication, represented by the Internet and telephone. Domestic legislation does not prohibit such activities at home.

When planning to create a large enterprise, with a full-fledged office and staff, the business plan for opening a successful travel agency provides for maintenance costs.

Instructions on how to open and what is needed for this

To open a travel agency, you should develop a good business plan and think over the nuances described below.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

Primarily at this stage, the entrepreneur must decide on the organizational form of the future enterprise. Usually the way out comes down to a choice between individual entrepreneurs and LLCs.

If you decide to open a travel agency from scratch, then first of all you need to plan everything well and write a business plan.

How to start drawing up a business plan for a travel agency in order to avoid mistakes, calculate the necessary financial investments and develop a work strategy?

First: it is necessary to determine for whom and for what purpose the business plan is being drawn up - for obtaining a loan, for a third-party investor, for the initiator of the project, for yourself? Second: for what period: six months, a year, three years? Third: calculate the amount of capital investment: for a month, six months, a year ...

Business plans are different and differ in form, content, structure and scope. Below is a diagram that reflects the main parameters and cost items that can be used when drawing up a business plan for a travel company (agency).


For information on what a resume should contain, read the article Structure of a business plan summary.

Purpose: opening a travel agency in the city of Orenburg.

Objectives: Opening a travel agency targeting middle-income and upper-middle income people.

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is a person who previously worked as a manager in a travel agency and knows how to work in it, operators with whom it will be possible to work. The decision to open your own travel agency is associated with the desire to work for yourself and receive more income than when working as a manager in this area. To attract customers, in addition to marketing activities, travel operators will be selected, verified in the course of their work by an employee, with high quality of services provided and low prices.

Investment costs

The amount of investment costs is 965,500 rubles: 557,500 thousand rubles of credit funds and 433 thousand of our own, which are invested during the period of unprofitable activities (to maintain activities until the enterprise reaches the break-even point). The loan will be taken from the bank at 17% per annum for five years and the attraction of guarantors.

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