Tourism reboot: Khakassia is waiting for charters

Tourism reboot: Khakassia is waiting for charters

What's new for tourists in the region this summer?

Before the launch of the charter program, the team of top managers of the tour operator ANEX Tour went to Khakassia to form their own opinion about the region. The company "pioneers" was made up of some partners from among travel agents. What conclusions were made based on the results of the expedition, how they will affect the tourism product - they asked the members of the delegation themselves.

Khakassia is in the top of my best business trips

Yana Muromova, Deputy General Director of ANEX Tour Russia: “The trip entered the top 3 best business trips, and during my work in tourism I visited a lot, including other regions of Russia. The hospitality and focus on customer satisfaction was the first thing that the participants of the trip noted. We were met at the gangway and accompanied during all excursions. I cannot but mention the amazing guide Mikhail Issaev, who combines extraordinary ease of communication and great depth of information. I don’t know who he is: a blogger, journalist, shaman, cameraman, historian, adventurer, or simply not indifferent to what he does? Throughout the trip, we were enveloped in care and sincere interest in us.

In my opinion, half of the success of Khakassia lies precisely in this benevolence, and also in the pride of local residents in their land. They talk with such love about nature reserves, museums, hotels, and indeed about all places that you involuntarily begin to share their feelings. And the second half of the success is the coherence in the work of the host company and regional authorities on the new tourist product. "

It's all about ignorance

Rashad Bunyadov, Director of the Distribution Department of ANEX Tour Russia: “Initially there were doubts and some skepticism about this idea, but after personally visiting Khakassia, I realized that all this was due to ignorance. Not everyone even knows where she is. There was no organized tourism there, so the direction was not heard. We were very surprised by what we saw, and the charge of energy and impressions persists for a long time - a complete reboot of the mind takes place. I was very impressed by the views and the road along the wooden stairs of 965 steps to the top of the Oglakhty ridge. During the trip I even managed to swim in the Yenisei.

Many are concerned about the service, as it is very important for tourists. The service is there, and it is at a good level. The region has not been spoiled by attention, so it especially values ​​the impressions that guests will take with them. Khakassia is a #mustsee place, you should definitely visit at least once. But you will definitely want to come back! "

In some places it looks like the Alps

Alexey Vagner, Deputy Commercial Director of ANEX Tour Russia: “Khakassia should be considered as a new unique product and not be compared with other destinations. There is a wide range of recreation here: from calm meditative to extremely active. The points.

- The first thing that attracts attention is a very beautiful diverse nature, in some places it resembles the Alps and is not even inferior to them. - Gourmets will like everything here - the food is very fresh and natural, the dishes are prepared from what is grown or caught in Khakassia. - Cognitive recreation - there are more than 30 thousand monuments of cultural heritage, many of which have federal status. There are many caves in the republic, of which more than 300 have already been explored, so mountaineering and speleotourism are quite popular here. We will place great emphasis in our product on group excursion tours, because Khakassia needs to be viewed, and preferably from all sides. But the distances between locations can be large, so we make excursion routes with this in mind to make the trip as comfortable as possible. "

Interview with the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Khakassia Nikolai Evdokimov

The 2020 season will be remembered, among other things, by breaking stereotypes - it will begin with domestic tourism, which finally seriously interested tour operators. To prepare the industry for a new reality, Profi. ravel together with Rosturizm launches a new section "Know Ours!" It will help you see something new on the map of Russia, in addition to Sochi and Crimea. And also - he will acquaint with the heads of the tourist authorities "without a tie": these will not be interviews with officials about statistical data, but with real people about the most interesting and brilliant that is in their region. In the first issue, we spoke with the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Khakassia, Nikolai Evdokimov.

Nikolay, tourism came under your control only last winter. What was the first decision you made then?

Yes, last December the head of the republic Valentin Konovalov transferred tourism to our department from the Ministry of Culture. He made this choice based on the opinion of the tourist community. And it has become a good tradition to listen to the voice of business. Actually, my first decision was about the same: in order to deeply understand the topic, I needed to get acquainted directly with entrepreneurs. I started with meetings with them. Agree, not a single sphere can be developed only by the efforts of the authorities - without understanding the realities of the market, there is a high probability of error. I was convinced for a long time: in order to work for people, and not for a “tick”, one must have a good understanding of the interests of business.

Market players helped me understand what is outdated and does not work, and what the industry is desperately lacking. Together with them, we drew up a plan of the main activities in the field of tourism. Some have already been implemented, some had to be postponed due to the situation with the coronavirus. And now we are developing a Strategy for the development of tourism in the region until 2035 - again, together with the main players in the industry. Therefore, we clearly know where and how we will move.

What does Khakassia have in common with Switzerland

What myths exist about your region? And why do tourists go to Khakassia at all?

One of the most common is that Khakassia is a steppe region. In fact, almost two-thirds of the republic is occupied by forests and mountains. It is not for nothing that Khakassia is called Siberian Switzerland. Just think how many people dream of seeing beautiful mountains, and are convinced that this is possible only abroad. And here it is, everything is near, everything is dear - come and enjoy!

In general, everyone comes to us, probably, for their own. For example, residents of Siberian regions are attracted by our lakes. We have more than 500 of them, the most popular - Tus, Shira, Bele, Itkul - are located in the Shirinsky region, these are the favorite places for tourists to rest. goes to see the ancient burial mounds, stone statues, rock paintings, settlements, which have no analogues in the world. We are looking for "places of power", many are attracted by the unique structure of antiquity, the largest barrow in the south of Siberia - Salbyksky; they are going to ask for blessings from the "mother of mothers" - a stone statue of Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas. And for the main point on the map of Khakassia is the hydroelectric power station, the largest hydroelectric power station in Russia.

In winter, many freeriders come to ride in the Ivanovo Lakes region - and for a reason: the slopes of the mountains there are among the top best places for freeriding in Russia.

Are there any popular places you would advise tourists to visit? And where do you like to visit yourself?

You should definitely come to Abaza! This small town surrounded by mountains, in my opinion, is the perfect place to be alone with yourself, away from the hustle and bustle. Here you go into this cozy guest house - like at your dacha, only you don't need to cook and clean up - it's beautiful! Immediately pulls the mobile phone off, take a fishing rod and go fishing. And in the evening, try taiga delicacies - fern, jam from wild berries and pine cones. Or go to the taiga. In general, it does not even matter what exactly you are doing here, when there is the purest mountain air and such nature that it takes your breath away.

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