Tourism in Pskov: how to step further

Tourism in Pskov: how to step further

There is something to strive for

Already on the first day of the conference, not only interesting speeches were made with detailed detailing of the results and prospects for the development of the tourism industry, but also frank, sometimes even sharp reports with an analysis of the current situation in problem areas. Olga Kachnova, head of the tourism development department of the State Committee for Culture of the Pskov region, told the audience about the main trends in tourism development.

It turns out that Pskov looks very good in the ranks of Russian cities that claim tourist flows. Over the past years, at the expense of investors, 14 objects have been created - these are restaurant and hotel complexes, shopping, business, entertainment centers, chain food outlets, a cinema. And the construction of objects of this type continues. The tourist market has also corrected the appearance of new objects: the segment of expensive accommodation is already sufficient, due to the crisis situation with money, the main demand today is for inexpensive accommodation - and campings, hostels, and guest houses began to appear in the region. There is also a global regional reconstruction of the urban space in Pskov, Pechory, and Opochka. Considerable funds are being sought for these purposes. So for the reconstruction of Sverdlova Street and adjacent park areas in Pskov in 2018, 210 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget, 55.8 million rubles from the consolidated budget of the region, 620.2 million rubles from extra-budgetary sources.

There are 33 travel agencies, 22 tour operators in the Pskov region, there are 350 catering places, the number of hotel rooms is 3687. And there is a tourist flow of 380 thousand people. Is it a lot or a little? It seems a lot until you find out the numbers, for example, the city of Vladimir, which in 2016 was visited by about 4 million tourists. The experience of the Vladimir region needs to be studied more closely - there, the tendency for an increase in tourist traffic is clearly visible. According to media reports, 1.7 million tourists came to the Vladimir region in 2014, 3.3 million in 2015, and 4 million in 2016.

Yes, the Pskov region also has resources to attract additional tourist flows, and they were mentioned at the conference. So, Olga Kachnova's report contained figures received from the Pskov Border Administration: 1 million foreigners arrived across the state border towards Pskov in 2017. At first it even seemed that we had not misheard, but everything fell into place ... Of course, most of them are transit countries traveling to St. Petersburg and other regions, and only about 30 thousand are accommodated in hotels and other places of accommodation in Pskov.

But, even considering that the main stream is still passing by Pskov, these people may know a little more where the Russian city of Pskov is, and perhaps in the future their roads will lead directly here. True, it is not worth hoping for this, with folded hands, counting only on the fame of Pskov from a historical perspective. And not so much because there are many competitors in this field in the struggle for a tourist, but because traveling people have long been spoiled by the number of offers.

Come to stay

The more chances to attract the attention of transit travelers to Pskov is to learn to talk about the city and the region in such a way and in such diverse ways that they will definitely catch the indifferent transit transit country. Olga Vasilyeva, Chairman of the Committee for Tourism and Foreign Relations of the Administration of Veliky Novgorod, spoke about such methods of work, some of which are already being used in neighboring Veliky Novgorod. And these methods were easily noticed even at the conference in Pskov: at the entrance to the hall where the plenary session was held, there were numerous information booklets, maps, leaflets published in Veliky Novgorod. Where are the Pskov handouts?

And almost all historical cities have a common task: how to keep a tourist in the region for more than 1-2 days? How to make travelers want not only to stay in the Pskov region longer, but also to return to the region again and again. How to step further from traditional trips to Pechory, Izborsk, Pushkinskie Gory, Pskov and enter new routes, plunge into new interesting events - stay in these places for a week, or even for the whole vacation. And at the conference in Pskov, these questions were among the main ones, not only in the reports, but also in the conversations of the participants.

“We are waiting for tourists at our unique holidays, and they do not come for one simple reason - they just do not know about it, just as they do not know about event holidays and our travel agencies, which invite guests to visit Pskov, offering only traditional routes, - says Marina Kozhevnikova, head of the advertising and marketing projects department of the Pskov North-West Center for Sociology and Marketing. - The conclusion that is on the surface is the lack of information, insufficient attention to the promotion of event holidays, PR events are practically absent or blurred, i.e. are presented on the information resources of one or another organizer, which is not enough to achieve the tasks of promoting Pskov to increase the tourist flow within the framework of event and gastronomic tourism ”.

Practically this idea ran through every report of the conference. And there were a lot of speakers - 110. And this is from the number of participants who registered for the conference - 150. That is, the listeners of these reports were the speakers themselves plus 40 people interested. After the forum, thoughts were heard that it would be good if there were more listeners in the hall. However, here it is necessary to make a reservation: the conference brought together professionals who want to hear their colleagues, and be heard by them, and to attract a poorly understanding public from outside, just to create some kind of crowd scene, is an unnecessary and meaningless step. Professional dialogue is the most valuable thing in such forums. And 150 participants of the conference in Pskov, in our opinion, is a very good result.

What does Pskov have besides the Kremlin?

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