TOP-5 beach routes of Primorye

TOP-5 beach routes of Primorye

Beach tourism in the Primorsky Territory is one of the most popular types of recreation for the domestic tourist flow. Fans of this destination are attracted to the region by several factors at once: the vast 900-kilometer length of the sea coast, the comfortable water temperature and the swimming season, exciting September. Despite the fact that this year the weather does not please guests and residents of Primorye with its warmth, vacationers are already gathering to the beaches of the region.

The Golden Horn newspaper offers the five most popular beach magnets in Primorsky Krai.

The largest lake in the Far East

Khanka is the largest lake in the Far East, located on the border of Primorsky Territory and Heilongjiang Province of China. During the Jurchen empire, it was called "Khankai-omo", which means "Sea of ​​bird feathers", which is quite justified. The floodplains (islets overgrown with reeds) formed along the entire water surface, reaching enormous sizes, give the lake a unique shape and become home to many birds. Every year from three to ten thousand pairs of herons and gulls fly here to nest - more than 300 species in total.

The wetlands of the Khanka Lake basin are unique natural complexes. The coastal flora numbers about 620 plant species, including a large population of the Komarov lotus, and the fauna - 29 animal species. Here you can find foxes, raccoon dogs, muskrats, chipmunks, roe deer and even turtles. At present, the lake itself and part of its coast belong to the State Biosphere Reserve "Khankaisky", which since 2005 has been included in the network of biosphere reserves of the world within the framework of the UNESCO program.

Despite the fact that in Primorye the velvet sea season begins later, Khanka starts tourist activity at the beginning of summer - the lake is shallow and the water warms up faster than in the Sea of ​​Japan. Therefore, small beaches, which change their shape from year to year, already in June become a resting place not only for residents, but also for guests of the Primorsky Territory. The regional state program "Development of tourism in the Primorsky Territory" for 2013-2021, which provides for the creation of infrastructure as part of the development of a tourist and recreational complex, allows Khanka to become a place of attraction for travelers from all over the Far East.

Popular Livadia

Livadia annually becomes a place of pilgrimage for numerous tourists not only from Primorye, but also from other regions of Russia. The fame and attractiveness of this place in the area of ​​the city of Nakhodka is attributed to the magnificent beaches of white fine sand, stretching for many kilometers. In August, the water in shallow waters warms up to + 24 ° C, and its average temperature at this time reaches 19-20 ° C.

Livadia has earned the love of tourists not only thanks to its gorgeous beaches, but also thanks to its transport accessibility and rich infrastructure. Guests of the beach can relax with tents, or use the services of tourist centers, and during the rest they have access to active types of sea sports. Also, rest in Livadia is distinguished by exceptional safety, and the beaches are striking in their cleanliness and well-groomed. All this allows Livadia to occupy the first lines in the tourist popularity rating.

Picturesque Triozero

Another beach, deservedly considered a tourist magnet of Primorye, is Triozerye, located in the northeast of the Partizansky District. It got its name from three freshwater lakes located at the entrance to the bay. Triozerie is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Primorye: a long strip of beach with fine white sand and incredibly blue water can compete in beauty with the best beach resorts in the world. Along the edges, the beach is framed with placers of large rounded granite boulders; in hot weather, the water near the stones warms up well. Okunevaya and Spokoinaya bays are also found in the Triozero area. Here tourists will also find snow-white sand and clear sea water. From Spokoynaya Bay, you can climb the Monument Mountain, crowned with sharp feathery rocks.

The only limiting point is transport accessibility. The road to the Triozerya bays is unpaved, with steep descents. After the rain, it is very washed out. It is better to get to this area on a passable vehicle with high ground clearance. In the Triozerye area, tourists have access to accommodation options for every taste: summer houses, tents, hotel buildings, comfortable cottages. Fans of outdoor activities will find something to their liking - there is a large number of water sports and rentals on the beach. In addition, the clear waters of Triozero make it a real mecca for divers.

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