Top best excursions in Kazan

Excursions in Kazan

The best excursions in the city

Sightseeing around the city will introduce you to the architectural eclecticism, streets and ancient squares

A tour of the Kremlin will show how the Kul-Sharif Mosque is adjacent to the Cathedral of the Annunciation

The pure atmosphere of the Russian Middle Ages, the main treasure of Sviyazhsk - the Raifa Monastery

Sights of the center - Kul Sharif Mosque, Peter and Paul Cathedral and Kazan Kremlin

Bicycle tour of the sights of Kazan with a story and legends about the city

Excursion to Bolgar is an acquaintance with centuries-old history, contact with ancient ruins

The Tower of the Devil's Settlement, the house-museums of Shishkina and Tsvetaeva, and a walk along the merchant street

Visit the famous city, its medieval-style waterfront with neat houses

Tourists will visit the youngest city of Russia Innopolis, an open-air museum and a temple

Visiting reserved places, where you can get acquainted with the main shrine - the Raifa Monastery

Going to Kazan for the weekend is quite a popular option for spending a weekend. Since the road for many takes an average of 10 hours, I would like to spend more than one day here in order not only to visit the historical sights of Kazan in 2 days, but also to have fun.

Many iconic places have been restored - this is how the city pays tribute to traditions and historical memory. Another part of the popular tourist sites are modern buildings that arose in the 2000s. You should especially pay attention to those of them that were made in honor of the millennium - that is, the 1000th anniversary of Kazan.

First day

To enjoy walking around the city, it's best to take a leisurely pace. So, you can visit the top tourist places on the first day in Kazan, and on the second day you will choose a program depending on your personal preferences.

Bauman Street

What to see in Kazan in 2 days on your own? It is convenient to start your acquaintance with the city from the main tourist street. The length of the Bauman pedestrian street is about 2 km. There is everything for travelers: hotels, cafes, shops, original sculptures, historical buildings. The monuments are associated with various historical events: a copy of the carriage in which Catherine II rode through Kazan; a huge imposing cat, symbolizing the four-legged that saved St. Petersburg from mice. Several objects are associated with a tribute to the memory of the outstanding native of the city - Fyodor Chaliapin.

Fans of viewing platforms should walk to the Epiphany Cathedral: the observation deck is equipped on its bell tower, which is very different from the main building and reaches a height of more than 70 m. You can get acquainted with the names of Tatar celebrities on the Walk of Fame located on the street. Bauman. From entertainment - CDC "Rodina" with a cinema.

Kazan Kremlin

Kazan cannot be bypassed in 2 days without visiting the Kremlin walls. This ancient complex includes not only defensive walls with towers, but also buildings of different years. It reflects the combination of different cultures, religions, peoples. The Islamic mosque Kul Sharif and the Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation are located on the same territory. Here you can see ancient buildings, and if you look beyond the walls, you will see a view of modern Kazan.

Walking around the complex is free, there is no entrance fee. Tickets will need to be bought only if you wish to visit one of the museums. For example, tourists are interested in the Museum of Islamic Culture, located in the basement of the Kul Sharif mosque. Art lovers can visit exhibitions at the Hermitage Center, the first representative office of the State Russian Hermitage, which displays not only paintings, but also various finds telling about the culture of local peoples and the history of the city. If you plan to see Kazan on your own in 2 days, then you can take the time to inspect one of the Kremlin's museum expositions. In addition to the above, there are other museums and interesting buildings on the territory: Syuyumbike Tower, Presidential Palace,

Kremlevskaya Street

After visiting the main sight of the city, you can walk along the street. Kremlin, on which passages and mansions with luxurious facades are concentrated. You can get here on May 1 Square near the Kremlin. The history of the street began in the 16th century, later it was considered aristocratic because of the class living on it. The most significant buildings are:

To select an excursion that suits you, select the options you need and click "Choose an excursion".

Excursion with virtual reality glasses "Window to the Past Center of Kazan"

Together with a guide, we will walk along the iconic buildings of the historical center of Kazan. Let's get acquainted with their history, and then, through virtual reality glasses, we will see how these places looked 50 and 100 years ago.

Mysteries of Kazan (branded survey)

Do you want to touch the secrets and mysteries of Kazan? Hear urban legends and traditions? This excursion is for you!

Ghosts? What a city without them! And we have similar places.

Underground passages and galleries? Well, of course! Even on the other side of the Kazanka! Moreover, we even have an underground city!

Lost Treasures? Even the times of khan's Kazan. And also - the gold reserve of Russia.

Twilight Kazan

Fairy tales of old Kazan (children's transport)

Tales of old Kazan (children's pedestrian)

Sports Kazan with HC Ak Bars

Exclusive project in cooperation with the hockey club "Ak Bars". Sports Kazan will not be introduced to you by a guide, but by a professional sports commentator Alexander Norden, the official commentator of Ak Bars, who has traveled half the world with Kazan athletes.

Excursions in Kazan, as it is not difficult to guess, will hardly want to be inferior in scale, variety and atmosphere to Moscow or St. Petersburg. No wonder the main city of Tatarstan is quite officially called the Third Capital of Russia - there really is something to see, where to walk and just have a nice time on the long-awaited vacation. The Kazan cultural phenomenon is referred to as the "border between East and West", and this is also absolutely true.

For those who have not come to Kazan for the first time, a city tour will definitely not be enough. For them, every year, large-scale tours around Tatarstan are created, supplemented and expanded, including ancient cities with settlements or unique natural objects. An important role is played by the Volga River, which takes its deepest tributaries to them in the republic, tourists literally conquer the elements on the legendary routes with rafting.

Tourist. u prepared the best excursions in Kazan, which are suitable for those who have just begun to get acquainted with the thousand-year history of the great city, and for everyone who has already managed to explore its programmatic attractions. Thanks to such walks, the capital of Tatarstan ceases to be something unknown or exotic, but turns into an indivisible part of the multinational Russian culture - hospitable and luxurious in its own way.

Sightseeing tours of Kazan

A sightseeing tour of Kazan is the best way to get to know the city and get a first impression of the program attractions. From the Kremlin walls to modern museums or unusual architecture - there are a lot of options, and guests are offered both detours by transport and pedestrian marches. Separate programs have been developed, adapted for a young audience - schoolchildren with students of history.

Another direction is the life of the national province before the revolution, and along some routes - even before the capture of the city by Ivan the Terrible. A special place in such routes is occupied by the Old Tatar Sloboda - a historical area that has preserved many merchant and noble houses. Yes, some of them have been reconstructed, but this does not affect the value in any way - the buildings were restored with incredible precision and respect for the past.

The cultural life of Kazan is another topic in demand among tourists. One day is not enough to go around all the theaters and concert halls, so many people plan their visits on the dates of major international festivals. Certain venues, for example, the Ekiyat puppet theater, have become famous far beyond the borders of Russia - eminent artists come here, breaking sold out, both at children's and adult performances with puppets or live actors.

Excursions to the Kazan Kremlin

It will not be possible to ignore the Kazan Kremlin with all the will - the main attraction of the city is visible from all quarters adjacent to the Volga embankment. There are no less rich programs of sightseeing with guides here than in Moscow, and the historical value of the majestic walls, bell towers and museums defies even a rough description. It's better to guess the weather - you will have to spend a lot of time in the open air.

A different format - the holidays of Kurban Bayram or Navruz - popular holidays. The second celebration is jokingly called "Tatar Shrovetide", but instead of pancakes with red caviar, delicious pilaf with lamb is served. Holidays are an important unifying factor, here it is customary to say that the Russian is bad who does not eat pilaf on bairam, and the Tatar is bad, who has never plunged into the hole for Orthodox baptism.

Kazan in 3 days - such a trip will bring vivid emotions and various impressions. This time will be enough to see not only the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions, but also to get acquainted with other unusual and interesting places in the city. Moreover, you can set aside one day for trips in the surrounding area with picturesque landscapes.

First day

What to see in Kazan in three days? It is worth starting with the most iconic historical and modern buildings. Walk along Bauman's pedestrian street, see the monuments and sculptures on it, you can go to one of the many establishments for breakfast. It is also worth going up to the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral and looking at the whole street from above.

Bauman Street will lead you to the Kazan Kremlin - an ancient cultural and historical complex of buildings from different eras behind defensive walls. Kazan in 3 days can be independently recognized from different angles, but this object is the most important of all dedicated to the history of the city. Walk slowly through the territory, determine the slope of the falling Syuyumbike tower, admire the beauty of the restored Kul Sharif mosque, appreciate the scale of the stone Annunciation Cathedral and do not forget to go to the observation deck behind it, visit other Kremlin buildings. The entrance to the territory of the complex is free on a daily basis. If you wish, for an additional fee, see the exposition in one of the Kremlin museums.

Not far from the Kremlin - the Mother of God Monastery, according to legend, it was in its place that the first icon of the Kazan Mother of God was found. Then go down to Kremlevskaya Street to view the luxurious houses of the past centuries. Pay attention to the Alexandrovsky and Chernoyarovsky passages, the building of the National Library of Tatarstan and the Republican National Museum. Go inside the Peter and Paul Cathedral, famous for its graceful decoration.

Then go up to the Black Lake Park and relax by the reservoir. Further, the path will lead to the Kremlin embankment, where you can dine. The well-maintained walking area along the river is very popular; there are entertainments for every taste. When it starts to get dark, it is worth going up from the embankment to the Palace of Farmers and looking at the illuminated tree trunk on the facade of the building. You will again find yourself at the walls of the Kremlin, but you will see it in a beautiful backlight. A three-day tour to Kazan should be planned so that in the evenings you can walk along the central streets and admire the lights that harmoniously illuminate the historical buildings.

Second day

Where to go in 3 days? The sights of Kazan are not limited to one part of the city. On the second day, you can discover a lot of new things about the Tatar people and the modern life of the city. The following route options are offered:

With national flavor

Go to the historical district - the Old Tatar settlement, which is a preserved mini-city in the national style. These buildings arose when the Tatars were evicted outside the city after the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. To get a better understanding of the culture of the people, visit several mosques. Then you can walk along the Lower Kaban Lake with a fountain, go to the Millennium Park and walk to another ethnographic complex - the Tatar village "Tugan Avylym".

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