TOP 10 unusual and very strange types of tourism

10 most extreme travel experiences when the beach and museums are boring

Travel is not always about carefree beach vacations and all-inclusive hotels. This vegetable rest is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes people choose rather dangerous or extreme entertainment for themselves, where they challenge themselves to confront their fears, break their own or even someone else's records, challenge their fitness, pull themselves out of comfort and get thrills.

Not satisfied with beach holidays, shopping and sightseeing, people travel differently. These atypical sensations, adrenaline "inoculation", deadly adventures - that's the topic of our article.

Cage Diving with Deadly Sharks in South Africa or Australia

Most people, especially if they've watched Jaws before, hope they never see a great white shark in their life. When they hear someone shout, "Shark!", Swimmers usually start rowing as fast as they can. But those who seek to "walk the edge" a little and see live one of the deadliest creatures on earth, can do it!

Shark cage diving is practiced off the coast of South Africa (in the city of Gansbae) or in Australia, where a boat will take you from Port Lincoln to the Neptune Islands. The bait is thrown into the water, and you wait in the cage for these deadly predators to approach.

The cage is submerged in the water with you, and there is nothing that can separate you from the sharks, except for a galvanized steel mesh grill, in which a special gap is made so that you can see these shiny teeth as best as possible ...

Surfing on Jaws of Hawaii

If you are planning to surf one of the biggest waves in the world, you need a special board. Jaws is a large wave reef in the northern part of the Hawaiian island of Maui, where waves reach heights of over 36 meters and fall at a speed of about 50 kilometers per hour!

Jaws, or as these waves are called in local Hawaiian - Peahi is a world famous place for towing surfing (unlike manual surfing, it allows you to overcome waves over 35 meters high) and has achieved worldwide fame thanks to photo reports and frequent filming the legends of towing surfing.

Ice climbing in the Rocky Mountains, USA or Banff National Park, Canada

Ice climbing is fast becoming the new adrenaline-pumping sport for climbers who are bored with medium cliffs and want something more fragile and dangerous. Ice offers a lot more thrills: the risk of breaking, the risk of avalanches, and the risk of hypothermia at extreme temperatures.

As we travel, we discover new attractions and cuisines, new arts and even new civilizations. The cultural impact of tourism is undeniable, but the economic sphere of travel is becoming increasingly important: new jobs, new professions and whole areas of activity are being created. Every year, one billion tourists invest about a trillion dollars in the tourism sector of the world economy. Having risen to such a high level, the industry continues to develop. What sophisticated ideas are not visited by tour operators in order to attract new customers and take their own niche in a profitable business? In our ranking, we offer a list of alternative travel destinations that you may have never heard of. There is no place for Turkey and Egypt with their 5-star "all inclusive".

So, here are ten of the most unusual and very strange types of tourism. Let's go!

Nuclear tourism

The young type of tourism owes its appearance to the split atom. The enormous amount of energy released during this process led to the widespread dissemination of ideas for the possible use of nuclear fission energy. On August 6, 1945, a black day for the inhabitants of Hiroshima, the atomic era began. Those interested go to places that are significant for the nuclear age. More often these are places of tragedies: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and quite fresh - Fukushima. Japanese cities affected by American bombs of World War II are the most visited in this type of tourism.

The exclusion zone of the Chernobyl accident is still 30 kilometers, the Japanese Fukushima has already reduced the radius to 10 kilometers. But not only museums (such as the National Museum "Chernobyl" in Kiev) attract travelers. Many risk their health and sneak into a 30-kilometer restricted area to capture the ghost town of Pripyat.

Tolkien Tourism

Of course, D. ... Tolkien is a cult favorite for fans of fantasy books. But before the release of the first film in the saga of "The Lord of the Rings", no one could even think about the allocation of a whole tourist destination for fans of elves, hobbits and gnomes. But the fantastic views of New Zealand and the legendary village of hobbits on wide screens impressed fans so much that crowds immediately rushed to look for the landscapes familiar from the film. In addition to the homeland of Peter Jackson, British Birmingham and Oxford have become popular destinations in Tolkien tourism, in which specialized fan communities have formed. Here you can buy a book, an artifact or have a mug of ale in a pub - and all this, of course, is connected with the fantasy saga.

And about the most interesting modern books on our site topcafe. u have a very informative article.

Dark Tours

Tragedies, disasters, accidents and everything else that is associated with death and wanderings after it - is included in the sphere of interests of gloomy (dark) tourism. Adrenaline lovers are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars to make their hair stand on end and the frost ran over the skin. The places visited in this direction of tourism are full of places associated with mass loss of life. Particularly appreciated are gloomy medieval castles (more popular than others are the Romanian Poenari castle, which belonged to the prototype of Count Dracula - Vlad Tepes the Impaler), slave villas and houses in which group suicides occurred.

Drag Tourism

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