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Where did the land of Yaroslavl come from: 11 most interesting sightseeing tours in Yaroslavl in 2021

Yaroslavl has always attracted tourists, and in recent years it has become even more popular. It is not surprising: there is a huge number of genuine masterpieces of Old Russian architecture and many more interesting things.

In addition to unique old objects, every now and then there are new, ultramodern ones - for all ages. But today our goal is precisely the historical center and we will consider the 12 most popular sightseeing tours in Yaroslavl in 2021.

Group Tours

We recommend that you start exploring the city with one of the group sightseeing tours of Yaroslavl. So the information will be enough for the first time, and you will not have time to get tired.

Yaroslavl along and across

The group excursion "Yaroslavl up and down" costs 700 rubles per person, lasts 2.5 hours. It will start from the confluence of two rivers, where the city was born.

Rub the bear's nose and make a wish.

You will walk along the embankment, see all the symbols of Yaroslavl, including the Volkov Theater and the Yaroslavl bear by Tsereteli, whose paw everyone is trying to rub for good luck.

Yaroslavl classics

One of the best excursions for exploring the city is "Yaroslavl Classics". Price - 600 rubles each, duration - 2.5 hours.

The beginning of the year brought good news for the tourism industry in our region.

In the top ten popular tourist routes in Russia, Yaroslavl took first place in terms of the amount of tourists' search queries on Yandex and Google. Uglich became the first applicant to be included in the Golden Ring route, as stated by the head of state at the forum of leaders of urban and rural settlements.

But the problems of regional tourism are quite obvious, and a balanced expert approach is needed to choose the right vector of development. The head of the Department of Regional Studies and Tourism of YarSU named after V.I. P. . Demidova, candidate of historical sciences Andrey Danilov.

Call number one

Igor Veletminsky, "AiF-Yaroslavl": Andrey Yuryevich, are new trends in tourism development outlined, or is such a question premature?

According to my preliminary estimates, last year the share of "spontaneous" tourists among those who visited our region was 87%, while two years ago it was about 50%. So the share of travel companies now accounts for only some 13%.

So, the trend towards independent travel is rapidly gaining momentum. And it is superimposed on insufficiently developed forms of support for the industry, tour operators from the authorities of various levels. Among the components of such support, in my opinion, there should be a consolidated representation of the region's tourism resources at exhibitions, effective strategies for their promotion to the market.

- At first glance, the latest changes in the development program of the Golden Ring, such as the creation of the Union of Cities, are going exactly in this direction.

- Yes, of course, as well as the expected increase in the number of cities participating in this route. But this was preceded, alas, by a long-term erroneous tactic of narrowing the routes of the "Golden Ring" to eight cities, including three located in the Yaroslavl region - Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky and Pereslavl-Zalessky.

And only 50 years after the formation of this legendary route, there is a slow return to the original productive idea. Back in the days of the USSR, the "Golden Ring" was considered as a system of routes, where branches stretch from each city into the territories of the regions that the "ZK" covered. For example, from Yaroslavl - to Tutaev, from Rostov - to Borisoglebsk. But only small streams of the tourist flow now fall on Tutaev, Rybinsk and Poshekhonye. Rural areas generally develop little in our country, and rural tourism is a very interesting and promising direction. This is a trip to primordial Russia!

- But the "Golden Ring" covers several regions, and sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the Yaroslavl region.

- Are administrative boundaries already so important for tourists? I would like to note that at the university we train specialists taking into account the cross-border nature of the “Golden Ring” and, in general, tourist routes.

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