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Aquariums in Turkey

In the past year, the service sector of the tourism sector in Turkey brought in about $ 88.5 million in daily income. Over the past 10 years, tourism has brought in almost $ 242 billion in profits. The presence of foreign capital on the Turkish domestic market also has an impact on this.

The share of income from the tourism sector is growing every year due to the fact that Turkey is attracted by the high quality of the relevant infrastructure, as well as its history, climate, sunny weather and warm seas.

Revenues exceeded billions of dollars for the first time

According to information provided by the Turkish Statistics Society, last year tourism revenues in Turkey for the first time exceeded the $ 30 billion mark, and amounted to 32 billion 310 million 424 thousand dollars. This figure for the revenue of Turkey's tourism sector last year suggests that the industry generated an average of $ 88.5 million daily on average. Thus, the inflow of foreign exchange was about $ 3.7 million per hour. According to the data provided, over the past 10 years, from 2004 to 2013, more than 300 million tourists have visited Turkey, which exceeds the country's population by more than 4 times. In total, tourism revenues in Turkey for the same period amounted to almost $ 242 billion.

Percentage growth is expected in -th year

Chairman of the Turkish Federation of Hospitality Industry Osman Ayik gives a moderate estimate for the current year, and says that tourism revenue is expected to grow by 5-8%. They also gave forecasts regarding the exchange rate. Due to the rise in prices, the exchange rate may also rise, however, this may cause certain difficulties in the domestic market. "Due to the onset of the holiday season, prices may rise, which may negatively affect the domestic market," said Osman Ayik.

President of the professional association of hotel managers Ali Kyzildag expressed the idea that he does not expect a significant growth in the sector's performance this year: in his opinion, the indicators may increase by no more than 5%.

Competing countries dumping and leveling prices

Such competing countries of Turkey as Italy, Portugal and Spain in recent years and due to the economic deficit have been conducting a serious promotional campaign to attract tourists to their market, which has a negative impact on Turkey.

This opinion on the situation was expressed by the same Ali Kyzildag: “According to European countries, in terms of price, Turkey has an advantage, but because of this, in recent years, countries competing with us on the tourism market are reducing prices and are approaching our rates, providing very serious competition. In 2012-2013, in Greece, the percentage of tourists from Russia increased by 68%, in Spain this figure is close to 40%. The signals that our tourism receives from countries such as Spain, Greece, Portugal are very serious. "

In the last decade, the global tourism industry has been covered by the boom of "gigantomania". Leading tourist powers, fiercely competing for the beneficial redirection of tourist flows, tirelessly rent out grandiose objects, the likes of which this planet has never seen before. The most luxurious hotel, the highest lobby, the rooms decorated with the most gold and precious stones, the largest pool, the softest sand on the beach, specially brought from the distant lands ...

Naturally, Turkey could not stand aside when competitors take tourists away, as they say, from under their noses. And she adequately responded by erecting three grandiose oceanariums in the shortest possible time, each of which is one of the ten largest on the planet. Of course, formally, every aquarium in Turkey was built primarily, ostensibly for the recreation of the country's citizens. But we know why and why colossal sums of tens of millions of euros were spent. Let's take a quick tour of the three largest Turkish aquariums and enjoy some great photos along the way.

Antalya Aquarium

The "youngest" of the Turkish aquariums, which opened to the public on August 15, 2012. Located in the Konyaalti area, not far from the famous Aqualand. The total area of ​​this colossal three-level structure exceeds 15 thousand square meters. The aquarium in Antalya is a whole complex that includes 36 specialized zones, "sharpened" for a certain part of the world's oceans and inhabited by the corresponding species of marine life. The latter, by the way, are more than ten thousand individuals ...

But these are all "flowers". The underwater premises of the Antalya Oceanarium are pierced by a grandiose panoramic tunnel that is 131 meters long. According to some reports, it is the longest in the world. Also on the territory of the complex there are several cafes and restaurants, a chic 4D cinema, exhibition halls, a diving school and playrooms for children. But perhaps the most amazing pavilion is the Snow World, where a temperature of about -5 ° C is artificially maintained on an area of ​​one and a half thousand square meters. It recreates a winter landscape with snowdrifts, snow houses and ice slides.

Aquarium in Istanbul "TurkuaZoo"

The oldest aquarium in Turkey, although what age can we talk about when it opened only in 2009. By the way, specialists from a New Zealand company were involved in the construction of Turkuazu, who managed to complete such a grandiose construction in just six months. Maybe the speed was given to them by the rather large amount of the contract - 17 million euros.

The area of ​​the TurkuaZoo Oceanarium in Istanbul is about 8 thousand square meters. The complex includes 29 tanks with a total volume of 5 million liters! The local “livestock” numbers over 10,000 individuals of both marine and freshwater fish. There are five species of sharks alone, including a beautiful tiger shark nearly three meters long. Seven scuba divers tirelessly clean the aquarium from the inside and feed its inhabitants. This can be clearly seen through the 80-meter-long panoramic aquatunnel.

Istanbul Akvaryum

This grand complex opened in 2011 and immediately attracted an unrelenting flow of tourists. 23,000 square meters! 64 gigantic containers, divided into 16 thematic zones! 15 thousand marine, freshwater and land animals belonging to 1500 different species! Yes, there is something to go around my head ...

This aquarium in Turkey differs from its counterparts in an interesting zonal division. So, walking along the tourist route, 1200 meters long, you alternately cross the most different zones of the world ocean - from the Black Sea to the Antarctic waters. Also in the Istanbul Aquarium there is a pavilion with a natural rainforest. So if you get bored of the pop-eyed rays, you can always admire the birds of paradise.

Turkey is a holiday country

Turkey is one of the best tourist countries in the world. Most tourists who come to rest in Turkey spend their holidays at the sea, but this country can be endlessly traveled, while it will surprise you again and again. For example, Istanbul is in the top ten tourist cities in the world, and in the central part of Turkey there is a surprisingly beautiful and unusual region called Cappadocia. The site tells exactly about the sights of these and many other places in Turkey. This site is dedicated to all travel lovers, everyone who wants to learn more about Cappadocia and Turkey.

Turkey is a country of rest and travel

Turkey on the map

Turkey is one of the few countries in the world whose territory is located on two continents: Europe and Asia. 97% of the total area of ​​the country (total area 779,452 km²) is located in Asia. The Asian part of Turkey is a large peninsula called Asia Minor or Anatolia. The European part of Turkey occupies about 3% of the total area of ​​the country and is called Thrace or Rumelia. Although most of the country's territory is located in Asia, Turkey is officially considered a European state. In terms of area, Turkey ranks 36th in the world, and in terms of population, 18th. The official capital of Turkey since 1923 is Ankara, and Istanbul is the largest city, and the center of the historical heritage of the three great empires. The official currency of Turkey, which is valid throughout the country and in the territory of Northern Cyprus, is the Turkish lira.

Turkey at the crossroads of Europe and Asia

The geographical position of Turkey at the junction of Europe and Asia, contributed to the interpenetration and mutual enrichment of cultures and the formation of a huge cultural layer from ancient times to the present day. The abundance of cultural, historical, architectural and natural monuments, including the remains of two of the Seven Wonders of the World (the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus), allows us to speak of Turkey as one of the most amazing and interesting cultural and educational tourist destinations in the world. While in Turkey, tourists have the opportunity to visit not only cultural and historical, but also natural attractions. The most popular natural attractions in the country are Pamukkale and Cappadocia.

Holidays in Turkey

Turkey's unique geographical location between two continents, a variety of landscapes, a wonderful mild climate, has been determining the popularity of Turkey as a holiday destination for many years. Many people prefer a beach vacation to any other, and even those who usually have an active vacation dream at least once a year just to soak up the warmth of the sun, swim in the clear sea and get a bronze tan. Turkey is one of the best countries for a beach holiday for many reasons. Firstly, for a trip to Turkey, no other documents are required besides a passport. Secondly, getting there is relatively easy. Thirdly, Turkey has everything that tourists need - convenient airports, long sandy beaches, many hotels of various classes, natural and architectural attractions and unique national characteristics.

Resort country Turkey

Turkey is a popular resort country, and with its affordable prices it attracts not only Russians with limited means, but also prudent Germans, French, British and other Europeans. Truly, nowhere in the world is there the same ratio of price and quality of services as in the resorts of Turkey. Below you will find a short description of the main resorts and tourist spots in Turkey.

The best resorts in Turkey - Marmaris

Turkey has not lost its leadership position in the list of the world's most popular resorts for decades. This is facilitated by the location on the coasts of four warm seas at once - the Black, Mediterranean, Marmara and Aegean - and a developed infrastructure, and a loyal pricing policy, and a high level of service.

Turkish vacation is adapted to the needs of any category of tourists - families with children, young people and people of venerable age have a great time here. The main thing is to choose the right direction so that the atmosphere of the vacation, its fullness coincide with the expectations in full. A brief overview of the most popular tourist locations in Turkey will help you make your choice.

MoyStambul. u will not only tell you about each resort, but also describe the specific differences and specifics of each city.



Antalya, Kaleiçi Old Town

This is the main resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, ideal for those who prefer a classic beach holiday. The mild climate and the average annual temperature, fluctuating within 30⁰C, make your stay in Antalya comfortable in any season.

For those who like to relax in the sun, the cleanest beaches are equipped. For those who prefer active pastime, there are various entertainment centers, water parks, amusement parks, sports grounds. For connoisseurs of ancient sights and educational excursions, the Archaeological Museum, the historical part of the city - Kaleici is perfect. Antalya has a wonderful zoo and a dolphinarium with a great program.

The hotel service is decent, regardless of the "star rating" of the hotels. Comfortable accommodation can be found for every budget - from boutique hotels in the old town of Kaleici, to all-inclusive, close to the sea. In addition, Antalya has a developed catering network: restaurants, cafes, bars provide menus for every taste and budget.

How is it different from other places?

In Antalya, there is an opportunity to sunbathe and swim on a public beach (the long Konyaaltı beach), which was recently landscaped and now, in addition to amenities - showers and toilets, there is also free internet from the municipality, as well as a picturesque embankment with bike rental, shops and coffee shops across the road.

In Antalya, you can combine a beach vacation with an excursion, as well as dilute with shopping.

  • When To Go
  • Best Resorts
  • - Alanya
  • - Antalya
  • - Marmaris
  • - Kemer
  • - Side
  • - Bodrum
  • - Belek
  • - Cirali
  • - Fethiye and Oludeniz
  • - Kas
  • - Tekirova
  • - Kusadasi
  • - Istanbul
  • Beach selection
  • - Oludeniz (Fethiye)
  • - Lara (Antalya)
  • - Cleopatra Beach
  • - Patara (Fethiye)
  • - Olympos (Kemer)

Turkey is a favorite tourist destination of Russians. Tourists are offered a fast flight, high-quality service and a visa-free regime. The country is washed by four seas at once. Luxurious beach areas are located on the Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines. There are resorts on the Black and Marmara Seas. Before planning a trip, it is worth deciding where it is best to relax in Turkey and which places are worth visiting.

When To Go

The beach season pleases vacationers from May to October. But at other times the country is filled with crowds of tourists. In winter, ski resorts are popular, and autumn and spring are a good time for sightseeing and educational tourism.

The beach season in Turkey starts in May. At the beginning of the month, the air temperature is 22-24 ° C, and by the end of the month it reaches 28 ° C. Sea water warms up to 20 ° C. In June, the sea becomes even warmer. Tourists who do not tolerate heat can enjoy their vacation from May to early June. And in July and August, at the peak of the season, it is already up to + 35 ° C.

The weather forecast in Turkey at the beginning of autumn is good. This is a comfortable period when the heat subsides and the sea pleases with warm water. It gets cooler in November, temperatures drop to 18 degrees. Which resorts in Turkey are worth staying depends on the weather conditions in a particular month.

Top Resorts

When deciding where to go to rest in Turkey, it is worth considering different resorts. Let's find out where the popular places are.


Choosing the best resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, it is recommended to stay in Alanya. Due to the climatic properties, people come to the resort in April and before the first days of November. The hottest months are July and August, the air can warm up to 40 degrees.

You can relax with children in the Salanya Dolphinarium and the water park. There is a beautiful city park not far from the coast. Lovers of natural attractions are invited to visit the Sapadre canyon, the Damlatas and Dim cave complexes, as well as the city of Syedra, preserved from ancient times. A lot of entertainment is also provided for fans of nightlife - these are all kinds of clubs, discos and bars.


Settlements in the Mediterranean may be the best solution for those deciding where to go to Turkey. Antalya is a large resort with a variety of entertainments for any tourist. Vacationers can choose a hotel in accordance with their financial capabilities. Antalya is located in a beautiful bay surrounded by natural beauty. Vacationers enjoy exploring cultural and historical sites.

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