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No words, only emotions - transformation of tourism in Georgia

"There should be youth adventure tourism - hiking and so on, of which we have a lot. But cultural tourism is still in the first place - people come with educational purposes to get acquainted with the culture of Georgia. MICE tourism, which provides for the organization of exhibitions, meetings, symposia, conferences, is also not developing properly, despite the fact that we have an advantageous geographical position in the Caucasus, "Kvaratskhelia said in an interview with Sputnik Georgia.

The tourism sector in Georgia is developing dynamically - from year to year the number of foreign tourists in the country is growing.

According to official data, more than 6.3 million foreigners arrived in Georgia in 2016 alone, which is 7.6% more than in 2015. Income from foreign tourism last year amounted to more than $ 2 billion.

"Naturally, there will be a confrontation, judging by the fact that the" National Movement "is intensively preparing for this. Old odious persons have already appeared - representatives of the" National Movement ", be it Vano Merabishvili and many others who were tarnished by their deeds even under the old regime ... This will have a negative impact on the relations between the opposition and the ruling party, and on the internal political situation in the country. This is another reason for a radical confrontation between the opposition and the "Georgian Dream", Metreveli said in an interview with Sputnik Georgia.

The Tbilisi City Court is currently considering Melia's case.

The leader of the "National Movement" himself has been in the party's office for 24 hours and is watching the process on TV, which is broadcast live on all TV channels in the country. In addition to Melia, the leaders of the majority of the opposition parties, together with supporters, gathered in the party's office. They declare that the imprisonment for Melia will be illegal, and they are ready to prevent his arrest.

The prosecutor's office filed a petition with the court after parliament supported the suspension of Nika Melia's parliamentary immunity - formally he is still a member of parliament, although he resigned from his mandate, like most other opposition representatives who consider the elections rigged ...

The Investigation Department appealed to the parliament after the deadline for the payment of 70 thousand lari bail, set for Melia as a preventive measure in the case of the June 20, 2019 riots, also known as "Gavrilov's night", expired. The politician is accused of organizing, leading and participating in group violence

Melia himself considers the case against him fabricated, noting that the "Georgian Dream" uses state institutions to remove him from political processes.

"Under the conditions of the subsidy program for flour and electricity for companies, bread in Georgia will not rise in price until April. There will also be a downward trend in prices when flour becomes cheaper, because by summer there will be a new harvest in the producing countries. exporters get rid of the old harvest ... Georgia imported 30 thousand tons of wheat from America, 30 thousand tons from Russia. Georgia has carryover stocks for 4 months, "Dolidze said on the air of Sputnik Georgia radio.

The poor wheat harvest in the producing countries, the economic crisis and fluctuations in the lari exchange rate in Georgia affected the cost of flour, which caused well-deserved fears that the price of bread in the country will rise. To avoid this, the Georgian authorities decided to subsidize first grade wheat flour.

Georgia consumes 700-800 thousand tons of wheat throughout the year. Hence, only 10% of the grain is locally produced. The rest of the country is imported from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the United States. Russia accounts for 90% of the import of this grain.

Sputnik Georgia tells who these saints were and why they are mentioned in the church calendar.

When planning a trip to anywhere in the world, we always ask ourselves the question: What to see in this place? What sights and places of interest are nearby? How long to spend there to see everything? There are countries that are famous for their world-class attractions. In this case, it is immediately clear where to go and what to watch. In Egypt, these are the Egyptian pyramids, in Greece - the Acropolis and the Parthenon, in India - the Taj Mahal. And there are some countries about whose sights not much is known, but this does not negate their importance and scale. Before traveling to Georgia, I knew little about this country except that there is delicious food with spices and a lot of wine, but in August 2015 we drove it up and down in our car and managed to see a lot. In this article I will tell you about the main sights of Georgia, about 15 must-see places and give recommendations on how long it takes to explore each place.

Trinity Church in Gergeti and Mount Kazbek

The village of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) is located 10 kilometers from the border between Russia and Georgia and 150 kilometers from Tbilisi, in a mountain gorge. From here they climb to the top of Mount Kazbek, as well as visit the famous Trinity Church in Gergeti and just walk in the mountains, enjoying stunning views. You can get to the church by Mitsubishi Delica car for 50 GEL (1500 rubles) per car, or you can go up on foot. The trail starts on the outskirts of the Gergeti village, just after the cemetery you need to turn right, while the road goes left. When you get here you want time to stop, you just want to sit and watch the passing clouds.

Recommended length of stay in Kazbegi: 2-3 days Where to stay in Kazbegi: Rooms Hotel Kazbegi or choose other options

I wrote more about this place on the site

Arch of friendship between the peoples of Russia and Georgia

The Arch of Friendship is located 125 kilometers from Tbilisi on the Georgian Military Highway on the way to Stepantsminda at the Cross Pass. It is a small architectural structure in the form of an arched structure with an observation deck and bright mosaics on the walls. From here, stunning views from the pass to the mountain landscapes open up.

Recommended time of stay: 1 hour Where to stay: in the village of Gudauri Tours in Gudauri: here

I wrote more about this place on the site

Ananuri Fortress

The past 2020 can be safely called one of the darkest in the history of Georgian tourism. After such a dynamic development of the sphere, everything began to decline, COVID-19 forced the whole world to face a new reality and literally locked everyone home

Tourism is an important component of the Georgian economy, therefore, the damage to this industry caused by the coronavirus affected the income of the population and a decrease in the volume of the economy.

After a successful tourism 2019, with over 9.3 million international travelers and $ 3.3 billion in industry revenues, travel entrepreneurs are getting ready for 2020. In 2020, tourists in Georgia were expected as "manna from heaven". Indeed, for many residents, having vacationers is the main source of income.

But expectations were never met. Even the positive attitude of the Georgian government and the steps taken did not give the desired effect, but on the contrary worsened the epidemiological situation. Therefore, it did not take long for Georgia to be proud of the status of the country of "green zone" And it was not possible to open regular flights, the risk was too high.

According to the National Tourism Administration for 11 months of 2020, the number of international travelers decreased by 79.6% compared to the same period in 2019. Accordingly, there is no need to talk about any income.

The Darkest Year for Tourism

An expert on economic issues, Professor Soso Archvadze notes that tourism has been hit not only in Georgia, but all over the world.

Due to its convenient geographic location, good compared to other climate regions, historical and other attractions, Georgia has always been interesting for foreign visitors. Therefore, special stakes were placed on the development of this industry.

"In all developed countries, the influx of tourists is provided not only by historical and architectural sights, but primarily by the degree of infrastructure development for servicing these tourist flows, and this requires a real base. That is, the development of infrastructure, production, first of all, products and other necessary means for a full-fledged pastime of tourists. Our economy seemed to develop one-sided, double-digit figures in tourism and sluggish development in the real sector of the economy, "said Archvadze.

According to the expert, Georgia needs to develop those industries that fully cover the needs of tourists, develop agriculture, processing industry.

The Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia intends to develop ecotourism in the protected areas of the country in 2018

Protected territories of Georgia attract more and more tourists every year. In 2017, the number of visitors amounted to 950 thousand people, which is 30% more compared to 2016. The number of foreign visitors increased by 33% and Georgian visitors by 28%. The department notes that the protected territories of Georgia are visited by visitors from 97 countries of the world.

As for new ecotourism destinations, the government intends to develop them in the following locations:

Navenakhevi Cave

The Navenakhevi Cave, with its unique forms of stalagmites and stalactites, attracted visitors in the 1980s, but later, due to the fact that the infrastructure was out of order, one of the favorite places for tourists was closed for visits.

The renovated Navenakhevi cave will receive its first visitors in the near future. A visitor center, a cafeteria and a souvenir shop have already been built here. The cave has a modern lighting system and a hiking trail.

Satsurblia Cave

Satsurblia Cave will become the first speleo-health cave in the Caucasus. It will also open its doors to visitors soon.

The cave, which is located two kilometers from the Prometheus Cave, was discovered in 1976.

The natural healing properties of the cave were studied by Georgian and Czech scientists in 2017. They concluded that Satsurblia Cave has a unique microclimate. The amount of radioactive carbon found in the cave is not dangerous to human health, but rather useful. A special microclimate is created by various types of mushrooms and high humidity, which together are a strong antibiotic.

One can talk endlessly about Georgia, and still there will be a lot of unsaid. Perhaps it is difficult to find another place in the world where so many interesting things are concentrated in a relatively small area. Until recently, this territory was part of the USSR and, thus, was not “abroad” for all of us, but at the same time it always remained original. If you have never visited this beautiful country, did not get acquainted with its traditions and did not appreciate the beauty and greatness of the local nature, history, culture and people - it's time to correct this mistake!

Attractive at any time of the year

In general, this is true. There is always a lot of sun in Georgia, and the local flavor and Caucasian hospitality do not exactly depend on the season. The peculiarity of this amazing country is that there is something attractive for any tourist.

Gourmets will be attracted by spicy Georgian cuisine, wine connoisseurs - famous local drinks, for those wishing to improve their health, the doors of the Tskaltubo sanatorium with healing radon springs will open, and this is not to mention the warm sea in summer and ski holidays in winter. And also Georgia is a unique history and culture, heartfelt songs and fiery dances, the authenticity of a proud unconquered people and much, much more.

Aborigines call their country "Sakartvelo". This name goes back to the first millennium BC and consists of three words: "sa" meaning "I", "kart" - "land, territory", "led" - "to enter, penetrate."

Georgia, Sakartvelo, Georgy (in the English manner - Georgia). All these are different names for the same land, and each has its own origin and its own secrets. In order to understand them and understand why the same country is called differently, you need to study its history.

Where is

Everyone who is at least a little familiar with geography or who was simply born in the Soviet Union probably knows where Georgia is. Of course, in the Caucasus! To be more precise, in the South Caucasus (also called Transcaucasia). The peculiarity of this territory is that it is located on the border of Europe and Asia, thus absorbing the traditions and mentality of two civilizations, two cultures.

From the west, Georgia is washed by the waters of the Black Sea, among the border states - Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia.

Georgia is a predominantly mountainous country: high plateaus, mountain ranges and ridges occupy more than 80% of the state's territory both in the northern and southern parts. The flat part is represented by the Black Sea coast, as well as the lowlands - Alazan, Kura, Nizhne-Kartli, Colchis.

The famous "golden fleece", followed by the Argonauts led by Jason, was located just on the territory of modern Georgia (the ancient Greek name of this territory - Colchis - is still preserved in the geographical names of the relief). There is a version that the Caucasians mined gold from the rivers with the help of rams: the animal was lowered into the seething water and waited for the particles of golden sand to settle on the thick wool. Such fur was subsequently sold as precious.

The area of ​​modern Georgia is 69,700 sq. km, in terms of territory it occupies 118th place out of 193 countries of the world.

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