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ⓘ Tourism in the Tyumen region

Tourism in the Tyumen region is a part of tourism in Russia on the territory of the Tyumen region.

State management of tourism in the region is carried out by the Department of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Tyumen Region. The main directions of tourism in the Tyumen region are health resort, health, historical and cultural, hunting and fishing. Such types of tourism as ecological, pilgrimage, sports, and extreme tourism are also actively developing. The dominant direction is business tourism, which contributes to the development of the region's infrastructure, the quality of roads, and the construction of comfortable hotels.

History of tourism development in the Tyumen region

In 2012, a long-term target program of the Tyumen region "Main directions of development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Tyumen region for 2013 - 2015" was adopted. In 2012, the Tyumen region was visited by over 1. million people. Three quarters of them came for business purposes, the remaining quarter for leisure purposes. At the same time, the average total expenses of tourists on the territory of the region in comparison with 2011 increased by almost 20%.

In 2016, a tourism and recreation festival was organized in Tyumen to get acquainted in an interactive format with the tourist features of the region. The festival featured about 30 venues offering entertainment of various formats. An interactive sport tourism, orienteering, rock climbing was organized for children. Also, participants of the festival could ride an off-road vehicle or a boat for free, try field cuisine, go down a climbing cable from the bridge of lovers, purchase goods for outdoor activities, learn about ecological tourism and much more.

Also in 2016, a regional competition was held for the best tourist symbols of the Tyumen region, which received more than fifty applications from both professional design and advertising companies, and from amateurs. Many authors used the image of the Tobolsk Kremlin as a basis for creating the logo of the region; they also used images of the "Lovers' Bridge", the Yalutorovsky prison, the coat of arms of the Tyumen region, various spelling variations of the letters "T", "O", "Yu". The winners of the competition are Artem Yuryevich Tataurov, "Villa studio" design studio and Maria Viktorovna Walter, "Souvenir-Media T" LLC.

In addition, in 2016, as part of the celebration of the International Day of Older Persons, the Tourism Development Department of the Department of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Tyumen Region, together with the Red Elephant Travel Workshop, organized a platform dedicated to tourist resources on the basis of the Tyumen Technopark region. More than 150 participants of the action received guides to the Tyumen region as a gift. All visitors of the event could get acquainted with information about the main tourist sites of the region, as well as sign up for a free author's bus tour "From Chingi-Tours to Tyumen" from the Travel Workshop "Red Elephant". As part of the regional action, the Committee for Culture and Tourism of the city administration of Tobolsk organized free excursions to the Tobolsk Kremlin, Yermak Garden and the A.A.

In 2018, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the execution of the royal family, the Imperial Route project was organized, which passed through the places of memory of the Romanov dynasty and united several regions of Russia, including the Tyumen region. This year, six new cars designed in the Imperial Route brand and two cars in the style of the VisitTyumen project were added to the suburban train on the Tyumen-Tobolsk route. In the first class, passengers were offered free printed and tea products, travel guides to Tobolsk and the Tyumen region, a travel kit - slippers, a blindfold, a wet wipe and earplugs - and headphones for watching travel films. Second class passengers were also offered free travel guides and the ability to watch travel movies with their headphones.

Types of tourism in the Tyumen region Industrial tourism

In 2018, the Black Gold of Siberia tourist route dedicated to oil production in the Tyumen region became available, which includes visits to the core storage, the oil and gas college, the corporate museum of the oil company and the international training center of TyumIU, where excursionists are provided with the ability to drill a well using a training simulator.

Types of tourism in the Tyumen region Pilgrimage tourism

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