Rest on Baikal - unforgettable landscapes and virgin nature of Siberia

Rest on Baikal - unforgettable landscapes and virgin nature of Siberia

Every time I say that I was born on Lake Baikal, all the interlocutors open their mouths and talk about their unfulfilled dreams of seeing this pearl of Russia. When asked why a dream remains unfulfilled, one and the same answer always follows: far and expensive.

This is partly true. But most fly to Bali or Thailand: the journey takes 10-13 (!) Hours - and no one complains. So far is not an excuse. Now about the expensive. If you are flying to Europe, then, having prepared and read life hacks, you can significantly save money. The situation with Lake Baikal is similar.

Everything that you see and feel on Lake Baikal will be absolutely different from what you have seen before. I am writing this article with warmth in my heart and a certain degree of responsibility, because it is always reverent to talk about my native places. I would also like to thank my Siberian friends who helped with their recommendations on secret places. So read on, book your tickets and get ready to embark on one of the best travel experiences of your life. This I promise.

How to get there

The starting point for a trip to Lake Baikal is the city of Irkutsk.

Direct flights from Moscow to Irkutsk start at 25,000 rubles. round trip, but it is better to buy tickets several months in advance. Aeroflot, S7 and Ural Airlines fly there. You will spend about six hours on the way. Get ready for a jet lag: the time difference is plus five hours relative to Moscow time.

From St. Petersburg to Irkutsk you can take a direct flight with S7 Airlines (from 35,000 rubles).

What to Remember

It is important to understand that Baikal is a large lake and strongly stretched from south to north. The places are very diverse in their landscapes, so you need to plan for a trip at least 7-10 days. And get ready for the big crowds of Chinese, no kidding.

If you are used to five stars and all inclusive, it will be difficult. Or very expensive, but still difficult. Infrastructure, despite the increase in the global tourist flow every year, is developing poorly. This is especially true of Buryatia and small settlements that you will often meet on your way. Get ready for outdoor toilets and showers - just like your grandmother in the country. But it’s not that bad. There are suitable housing options that are recommended by locals from all over Lake Baikal - and I will tell you about them.

Take care of cash - hiking, wilderness, and local villages await you. Not everywhere you can pay with a credit card.

Rest on Lake Baikal is not just a tourist trip. Many Russians like to come here to rest as savages. This beautiful place was also noticed by tourists from Europe.

Lake Baikal, included in the Guinness Book of Records for the cleanest waters in the world, and the maximum depth is just under 1700 meters. What does Lake Baikal offer for tourists from different European countries?

What to choose: a hotel or a hostel?

Most of the holidaymakers prefer to settle in camp sites. They offer everything for a good rest, and they are closer to nature than hotels. Hotels can be considered as an emergency option, because there you can get a number around the clock. But still, in order to relax and get closer to nature, you can settle in a tourist base.

Rest on Lake Baikal - what to do?

In addition to contemplating landscapes, every tourist expects something more from the rest. Lake Baikal will give travelers an unforgettable vacation. The only inconvenience is that all beautiful places and sights are far from each other.

Therefore, the travel route should be well planned. Local guides will tell you interesting places and help you not to waste time and relax on a budget.

Attractions of Lake Baikal

If you want to combine rest on Lake Baikal with health improvement, you should visit the healing springs of Lukovaya Polyana. They are located near the village of Onguren on the Small Lake. Their waters contain a large proportion of radon and iron, which help in the restoration of the digestive tract.

Hydrogen sulfide lakes with curative mud near Krestovaya Bay will help you to improve your health.

Lake Baikal is very popular among vacationers, tourists and travelers. There is everything for a wonderful holiday, regardless of interests and hobbies. In addition to the amazingly beautiful nature, incredible landscapes, here vacationers will find a comfortable rest and a varied entertainment program, a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Choosing the time for the trip

Baikal is beautiful at any time of the year. It is worth saying that some vacationers cannot wait for winter to visit this amazing place. And all for the reason that there is an opportunity to enjoy ski slopes, winter fishing, ice skating, snowmobiles, and you can also go dog sledding. The most popular winter holidays are from January to March.

Of course, summer time opens up a huge amount of entertainment for vacationers. Starting in May, when Baikal wakes up after a winter sleep, it is worth coming here for unforgettable views of nature. Nature pleases with delightful and varied colors, clean air, birdsong, you just don't want to leave here. During this period, you can watch the bears that come ashore in the Barguzinsky Nature Reserve.

Baikal in summer

The hot season starts here quite late. At the beginning of summer, there is not a large crowd of tourists here, so if you want a quiet and relaxing holiday, then it is better to go in June. But it is worth knowing that the weather will not please with stable and hot weather. At this time, daytime temperatures can vary between 15-23 °. A fairly cold wind blows from the lake. At night, the temperature drops to 5-9 °, and the water temperature does not warm up above 12 °, there are practically no people who want to swim.

But the peak of the tourist season begins in July. The weather pleases with hot and sunny days, the water is already warming up to 20 ° and you can swim to your heart's content. The high season ends around mid-August. At the end of summer, the weather is also sunny and completely calm, the velvet season begins, which is very popular among photography enthusiasts. In the second half of September, the off-season begins, there are long rains, and storms on the lake.

Where to stay

Coming to the lake you will be conquered by a variety of picturesque landscapes. There are a large number of beaches, both sandy and pebble, majestic rocky ridges, hot springs, taiga massifs and much more. Among this splendor, tourists will be delighted by a large selection of tourist areas and resorts.

On the very shore there is a fairly large settlement Listvyanka, an hour's drive from Irkutsk. The village has a large selection of hotels where you can relax as comfortably as possible. The village is known for its well-developed infrastructure and is very popular among tourists. There are a large number of attractions, for example, the astrophysical observatory, the nerpinarium, the limnological museum. It is this village that serves as a starting point for travelers who go to explore Baikal.

Also in the west of the reservoir is the town of Slyudyanka. There is a very popular mineralogical museum in this place. There are hotels and inns with a large selection of rooms of different classes. This place is most often chosen by lovers of tourist hiking. The most popular routes are Chersky Peak and Tunkinskaya Valley.

Another village of Arshan is located in the east of the lake. This place is popular as a mountain climatic and mud cure resort. The ideal climate, the purest air, mineral water with medicinal properties, there are excellent conditions to not only gain strength and vigor, but also to improve your health, restore health. It is possible to stay at a hotel, hotel, sanatorium.

You can also stay on Olkhon Island, which is considered the most beautiful place in the vicinity. It is located between the main water area and the Small Sea. Vacationers can enjoy the beautiful unspoiled nature. The island itself belongs to the territory of the Pribaikalsky Park.

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