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The pearl of the southern Moscow region is the name of the city, which at the beginning of the 15th century was the capital of a specific principality. The history of Serpukhov goes back seven centuries, so the ancient Kremlin, ancient monasteries and many other interesting sights have been preserved in it. Even the local train station, which tourists usually do not notice in the hustle and bustle, is of historical value. But it's better to go in search of worthwhile locations in the company of an experienced guide in Serpukhov. He will competently work out the travel route, and will delight you with fascinating stories, and will help you navigate the city infrastructure.

In order not to lose a minute during your arrival in Serpukhov, we recommend finding a good guide in advance. And today we will tell you how to do it quickly and reliably. We will also introduce you to the top three private guides in Serpukhov and provide direct links to both their profiles-presentations and the most popular excursions. And we will definitely read the reviews of tourists, whose opinion will help to hire the most worthy guide-guide and not regret either the time spent or the money.

Where to find a private guide in Serpukhov

If you plan to find an individual guide in Serpukhov after your arrival, be prepared for various complications. Those who visit the city on weekends will find it a shame to waste time looking for local travel agencies, besides, they may not work (after all!). If you can quickly find a tour desk, it is not a fact that they will offer an unusual program with a personal guide in Serpukhov. Most likely, it will be a group excursion along a traditional route without the ability to adjust the content, ask an extra question to the guide and slowly explore all the interesting locations. The downside is that you pay more at the bureau than when buying an excursion directly. So we suggest that you set aside half an hour and hire the perfect private guide in Serpukhov on the popular online portal Tripster before your trip.

In addition to planning your cultural leisure in advance, which means that you reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises during your vacation, you will also spend a minimum of time searching, and also get the opportunity to pay less to the direct performer without interest to intermediaries. Tripster is a reliable and proven portal. Since 2013, half a million tourists (including us) use it every year. According to RBC experts, Tripster is one of the most useful services that have appeared on the Internet in recent decades. The company in this top for Tripster, by the way, is Yandex. axi, Telegram and Cloud. eil. An extremely well thought-out payment system, quick booking, the ability to communicate with the organizing guide directly before buying an excursion, numerous filters for finding a guide in Serpukhov and other cities of Russia and the world - it is really convenient to use Tripster. Try it and see!

TOP-private guides in Serpukhov

It is not only the convenience of the Tripster that attracts more and more users to it. Tourists can, with peace of mind, hire those who announce services on the portal, because each guide is thoroughly checked. This is a good insurance against scammers and random people who take excursions from time to time. All the guides in Serpukhov who cooperate with Tripster are professionals. And everyone has their own programs in their piggy bank, so tourists do not have to pay for triviality and boring things. You can get acquainted with all personal guides in Serpukhov on this page or via direct links from the names of the guides from our top.

Since childhood, Alexander could not sit in his own yard, going in search of adventure. With age, not only did the craving for travel grow, but also the interest in the history of their native places. Every weekend Alexander tries to use it with benefit, to escape from the routine and change the scenery. Therefore, he devotes time to new acquaintances, exciting communication, vivid impressions and health promotion. And this is greatly facilitated by walking and car trips, to which Alexander invites all adventure seekers. In his piggy bank - more than two hundred author's routes, so he can easily adjust the program to suit your preferences. During the excursion, Alexander will draw your attention to what tourists usually do not notice, and arouse interest in further exploring their native places.

The top-of-the-line excursion of this guide is the individual 7-hour walk "Serpukhov - the pearl of the Southern Moscow region". Guests willingly go with Alexander to travel around the Serpukhov environs, booking the "Author's walk along the banks of Protva". 2nd place - guide Alexander

If you need a good guide in Serpukhov with a car, take a look at another Alexander. He was born in the Moscow region and from a young age enthusiastically studied the history and architecture of ancient cities. Although he is a techie by education, he loves to read about Moscow and its Golden Ring. Alexander's other passion is travel. Finally, Alexander is also a talented guide, with whom he will not be bored either on the road or on the excursion itself. Alexander approaches the presentation of the material creatively, comes up with thematic entertainment programs for guests, tells only memorable facts, shares legends about the history of cities near Moscow.

When coming to another city, parents often look for places to go with their children. In Serpukhov, such a problem will not arise, since there are many unique attractions here, from visiting which children will be delighted. Depending on the age of the child, parents will only have to choose which places are worth going with him, and where he will not be interested. The most interesting sights are located outside the city.

History and Art Museum

With school-age children, it will be useful to go to the Museum of History and Art. His expositions are dedicated to the history of his native land. Samples of Eastern, Western European and Russian art are kept here, the oldest dating back to the 15th century. The museum contains portraits of the 18th century, landscapes, paintings by Vasnetsov, exhibitions of glass and porcelain, icons.

Some of the rooms offer guided tours in the form of mini-performances that will appeal to both children and adults. If you go into the fireplace room, you get the impression that you are in a Russian house. In the museum, children will learn a lot about nesting dolls, tea drinking, and Gzhel dishes.

The hall dedicated to the stone will also be interesting. It features various minerals, as well as stone dishes, things and vases. Among the exhibits, an amazing bouquet made of jade stands out. It is hard to believe that it was created by human hands.

Prioksko-Terrasny State Natural Biosphere Reserve

Children of any age must be taken to the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. This is the only reserved place in the Moscow region. It is located 12 km from Serpukhov on the left bank of the Oka River. On the territory of the reserve, you can find wetlands with sundew and cranberries, as well as places with steppe vegetation. But the main attraction is the bison - contemporaries of the mammoth. The animals have been raised here since 1951. The reserve was founded after the war, and in 1978 it was added to the UNESCO network.

Prioksko-Terrasny State Natural Biosphere Reserve

The trail along which the visitors go consists of bridges and observation platforms, it is located at a height of 8 m above the ground.

On the territory of the reserve there is an ecological park, where children are told about different trees, insects, animals and their life. There are rope routes in the park, designed for different ages of participants. You can also find and visit the goblin's house. It is a hut with old village utensils.

What to see in Serpukhov in just one day - the main attractions of Serpukhov

Hello friends! We had been planning to visit Serpukhov for a long time, but it still did not work out. And here, in the summer at a dacha in the Chekhovsky district, already halfway from Moscow to Serpukhov, how not to take advantage of this opportunity ?!

In addition, a trip to Serpukhov has been in our plans for a long time, already because my husband studied there. For him, this trip was as important as for me a trip to Pyatigorsk - the city of my youth. That is, places of memories of young years.

It turned out that after studying in Serpukhov for 5 years, he saw and knew this city very little. And the city has changed significantly over the years. So, our trip brought not only pleasant memories, but also new knowledge to all of us.

What to see in Serpukhov in just one day?

As it turned out, you can do a lot, given the small size of the town, especially if you travel by car.

As usual, we first studied the main attractions of Serpukhov on the Internet, and since my husband knows approximately where, what is located, we made a rough plan.

We decided to start from the Cathedral Mountain, then move to the center, from there drive to the Vysotsky Monastery, and lastly visit the husband's school, especially since it is located very close to the Vladychny Women's Monastery.

Well, and in between times to have a bite to eat, for this we also read reviews about the catering establishments available in the city on the way. That was the plan, and we practically carried it out.

As in all my stories, I will not give any historical information. I do not do this, since quite a lot has already been written about all the places, all references can be found on the Internet, it is stupid to rewrite them.

The first memories of Serpukhov date back to the XIV century. In the annals he was referred to as Serpohov. Historians still cannot come to an unequivocal opinion where this name came from. The city acquired its present name in the 16th century. He has a long and glorious history. He saw hordes of Tatar-Mongol conquerors, Polish and Lithuanian invaders, his soldiers took part in the battle on the Kulikovo field. Times of Troubles, the Bolotnikov uprising, the militia led by Minin and Pozharsky, the Peter's times, the Patriotic War of 1812 - all these events left their mark on the history of Serpukhov. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main attractions of this city of the Moscow region and its environs through photos and descriptions.

What to see in Serpukhov in a day - TOP-

You can independently see all the sights in the city, but the most interesting places in Serpukhov, if you wish, are easy to visit even in one day. About them - below.

Serpukhov Kremlin

  • Address: Krasnaya Gora street.

Serpukhov Kremlin is a fortress built on a hill, near the junction of two rivers - Nara and Serpeika. The first memories of this building date back to 1374. The fortifications were built by the architects of that time from oak logs. The once powerful fortress walls protected the townspeople from frequent raids during the Tatar yoke, and today excursions are conducted here.

Now on the site of the fortress there are only its ruins. From the stronghold remained a strong ancient foundation and two fragments of walls, which instilled fear in the enemy with their inaccessibility. Excavations are underway on Cathedral Hill, where the Kremlin used to be. The Vysotskaya Tower, erected under Ivan the Terrible, and a whole street on which life was in full swing in the Middle Ages were discovered.

Peacock Museum

  • Address: st. Gorky, 5b.

Many people ask the question - where did the peacock come from on the coat of arms of the ancient city? The answer must be sought among the heraldic symbols. The peacock depicted on the coats of arms symbolizes victory over enemies, glory and pride. A beautiful bird - a resident of southern countries is most suitable for the coat of arms of a small Serpukhov, founded during the struggle with the Horde.

The first exhibition dedicated to the peacock appeared in the local Museum of Local Lore. The soon expanded exposition turned into a small, separate cultural center.

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