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Cultural tourism in Portugal

A country like Portugal is included in the list of the most visited places by tourists. And this is not surprising, because the country has a rich historical heritage, wonderful vineyards, amazing cuisine and a warm maritime climate. Tourism in Portugal will be discovered by both the beach lover and the fans of history and excursions. It is a perfect combination of nightlife and a relaxing family vacation. This wonderful country is not yet very rich in tourists, so the prices for some services may surprise. But absolutely everything is freely available.

General information about Portugal for tourists

Portugal is famous for its local traditions and customs, so once you get here, be sure to take part in them - you will not regret it. Small streets made in the Baroque style are pleasant to the eye. There are many stucco moldings and various decorations on the buildings. The culture of this country is famous for a peculiar direction in music called fado. The originality of this music lies in its sad performance, which is associated with the tunes of Portuguese sailors in the 16th century. The climate of this country is quite moderate. In Portugal, summer weather is observed most of the year. And only in mountainous regions can you observe a tangible coolness.

The cult of food has a special place. Tourists will be very pleased with the unusual cooking of various seafood. But, nevertheless, the main dish of this country is soup. The most popular types of it, after trying which you will not regret:

  • Sopa de mariscos is a soup based on clam broth and wine.
  • Сaldo verde - soup with chopped cabbage leaves.
  • Bacalhau - dried cod soup.

Portuguese wines are very popular all over the world. In large cities, you will definitely find something to do in the evening. Everyone can choose the theater or cinema that they like. Portugal boasts an abundance of nightclubs. Such a direction as shopping is developed here.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal

The capital of Portugal is located in the very west of Europe. The city was born for walking with its narrow streets. And one day for this will seem to you very little. The restauradoris square is very lively, on which there is an obelisk in memory of the fighters for the country's independence. On the same square, you can contemplate the railway station with its unique architecture. Further along the electronic lift you can find yourself in the Chiado area, where a large number of shops, coffee houses and temples are concentrated. If you are lucky enough to be here, you simply must get to the Market Square, where the Arc de Triomphe is located.

Great pleasure and a lot of emotions will give you and your children the pride of all Portugal - the Oceanarium. Oceanario de Lisboa is recognized as the largest in Europe, and the world's second largest. Within its walls are gathered representatives of the underwater world of four oceans - the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Indian. There are five swimming pools in the aquarium. The largest, the central one, has a capacity of more than 6 thousand cubic meters of water. Here the tourist can meet sharks, exotic fish, otters, octopuses, birds, turtles and many other exhibits of wildlife.

Portugal also boasts a wealth of variety of Lisbon museums:

  • Museum of Water;
  • Museum of Fado;
  • Museum of Saint Anthony;
  • Museum of the President of Portugal;
  • Museum of Aviation;
  • Museum of Carriages;
  • Museum of Ancient Art of Portugal and many others.

The city is rich in cathedrals and churches that are accessible to any tourist. The famous April 25th Bridge is also located here.

In this article, I would like to answer the very first, probably, question that is visited by a person who wants to go to Portugal. What type of vacation should I choose? At least I would ask such a question.

If we talk about Portugal, you probably first of all think about the beach and/or educational ("cultural") vacation. I hasten to add that in Portugal there are conditions for almost any kind of recreation.

So, in order not to be unfounded, I proceed to the details:

Beach Holidays in Portugal

In the first lines, mention should be made of the very beach holiday that so attracts us, residents of a country with a much colder climate. Beach holidays here are comfortable and inexpensive. Suffice it to say that many British retirees live permanently in the southern province of the Algarve. This speaks volumes. The Algarve has a very comfortable climate. On average, the air and water temperatures are several degrees higher than in the center of the country and the weather here is slightly better than in the center. For the sake of fairness, I note that in general, Portugal has 250 sunny days a year. Quite a lot.

About vacation: a huge number of beaches and hotels for every taste and budget throughout Portugal, especially on the coast (and here it occupies half of the border line).

Educational or "cultural holiday" in Portugal

(sounds a little un-Russian, but for sure).

Monument to the Discoverers. Belem. Lisbon

Portugal is one of the few countries where almost every city and sometimes village has its own history of several centuries. Portugal is the oldest country in Europe, which has remained in approximately the same borders since the end of the 13th century. In general, the Portuguese are very careful about their history.

After visiting the city of Castelo de Vide, it was very interesting and surprising to see inside the ancient castle, which was founded at the end of the 13th century, behind the old walls, perfectly preserved houses, in which both ordinary people live today. For them, this is an ordinary life outside the castle walls, which is more than 7 centuries old.

Lisbon and Porto are the largest cities in Portugal. Very interesting cities with a huge number of historical sites and attractions. Much has been written about them in guidebooks, in reviews of tourists. I will not dwell on them in detail now. This topic deserves special coverage in separate articles.

Escape from civilization? It's possible in Portugal!

You can feel a real feeling of envy towards those people who are traveling for the first time to the country of snow-white buildings, excellent ocean beaches and the best summer climate in Europe - Portugal.


Some 120 years ago, Portugal was a real metropolis of a colossal colonial empire, which was not at all affected by armed conflicts in Europe. And the last two world wars did not affect the westernmost tip of continental Europe in any way. This explains the preserved medieval urban development and a huge number of old historical buildings.

Portugal by the ocean

Portugal has the longest oceanic coastline among European countries, suitable for a beach holiday. The uncrowded beaches of Portugal, covered with golden sand, are the standard for comfortable summer and autumn holidays. The coastal waters contain many underwater facilities for experienced and novice divers. Diving in Portugal annually gathers real underwater adventure seekers in secluded coastal corners.

Any city in Portugal is a testimony to the medieval power of the country, whose sailors were the first to visit India, made a round-the-world trip, and began sailing along the Africa-Brazil route. Thanks to the wealth of Portuguese merchants, the royal treasury and the Catholic Church grew richer from such travels. Because of this, castles, palaces, cathedrals and huge monasteries were massively built in the country.

Portugal now means for tourists:


Portugal has a huge number of historical and natural sites claiming to be included in various TOPs. In this country, from the sights, you can form lists of 500 or even 1000 sights of interest for tourists. Therefore, our list will be very incomplete and cannot pretend to be objective.

Fort Belém is located at the mouth of the river, on the banks of which is Lisbon. Built in the 16th century, it bore the function of not only a defensive structure, but also a customs and quarantine post. It was his guns that threatened the sailors returning from distant wanderings, forbidding the ship's crew to leave the city, until the ship was examined by a doctor. Now the fort is a symbol of Lisbon and its image is being actively replicated.

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