Permitted use of the land plot according to the document

Permitted use of the land plot according to the document

The specialists of our land legal center will change the type of permitted use of the land plot in Moscow or the Moscow region in accordance with the current classifier. Our company will offer the most suitable types of permitted use for each specific case. All of them are spelled out in the corresponding document adopted by the Resolution of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Moscow authorities. Prior to the introduction of this document, VRIs were not clearly regulated. They were established by municipalities, based on the rules for the use and development of land. And this affected the cadastral value of the territory.

Uses are now defined only in accordance with the published Classifier. New types were introduced into it, as well as a detailed description for public utilities, individual housing construction, etc. In addition, for all VRIs, the possibility of erecting linear objects was introduced.

List of VRI land plots in Moscow and Moscow region

Appendix to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated September 1, 2014 No. 540

Classifier of the types of permitted use of land plots

Features of the VRI Classifier for Moscow and the Moscow Region

If the type of permitted use was established prior to the appearance of this document, it will remain valid even if it does not comply with the Classifier. It will have to be changed only when the need arises.

Under the new rules, there is no link between VRI and land category. There is also no division into separate types: auxiliary, main or conditionally permitted. Thanks to this, it will be somewhat easier to choose the desired option, and it will be more convenient to use the land. It will be possible to build a dwelling on the territory with the view of individual housing construction, and the cultivation of fruit plants is allowed. The second activity will automatically become subsidiary.

One of the most important features of the document is the permit for the construction of gas pipelines, power lines and other linear facilities on the territory. Although here there are some reservations. The experts of our company will give a detailed description of each group and subgroup of the Classifier. We will help you figure out the application of one type or another, as well as carry out the change procedure quickly and at no extra cost.

Let's change the VRI of your land

Additionally, see the materials on changing the type of permitted use of plots, as well as changing the categories of land plots, which our specialists are ready to carry out according to the needs of the customer.

Permitted Uses

One of the most important characteristics of a land plot is the type of permitted use, which determines the purpose of capital construction objects that can be erected on the land plot. As a rule, the types of permitted use are approved as part of town planning regulations contained in the LZZ and applied within the boundaries of the corresponding territorial zone in relation to a certain category of land.

It should be noted that town planning regulations can be approved only for land of certain categories.

Table 3. Applicability of town planning regulations to lands of various categories

The city regulations do not apply to the following land plots:

  • areas within the boundaries of the territories of monuments and ensembles included in the register, as well as within the boundaries of the territories of monuments or ensembles that are identified by the OKN;
  • areas within the boundaries of the territories general use;
  • plots intended for the placement of linear objects and (or) occupied by linear objects;
  • plots provided for the extraction of minerals (clause 4 of article 36 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

А Definition and change of the types of permitted use in relation to the land plot, which is subject to the approved urban regulation

In case of approval of the town regulation, it includes information on three categories of types of permitted use (hereinafter - VRI):

  • main
  • minor
  • unconditionally allowed

The main types of permitted use reflect the purpose of capital construction objects, which, in the opinion of the developers of the PPZ, is preferable within a specific territorial zone. The rightholder of a land plot, with the exception of state authorities, local governments, state and municipal institutions and unitary enterprises, has the right to choose any of the main types of permitted use provided for by the town planning regulations without additional permits and approvals (clause 4 of article 37 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

It should be remembered that the legislation does not prohibit the copyright holder of the site from choosing several main VRI, which is carried out by entering the corresponding information about several VRI in the USRN on the basis of the copyright holder's statement.

The established jurisprudence proceeds from the fact that the choice of the VRI should not only be carried out by the owner through the formation of will, but should be expressed in the form of a specific appeal from the copyright holder of the site to Rosreestr with an application to change the VRI and make appropriate changes.

So, the courts proceed from the fact that if a change in the main type of permitted use in comparison with the cadastre data occurred, but the corresponding changes were not made to the USRN, then the owner may be held administratively liable under Part 1 of Art. ... 8. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation [99].

Description of the page: how to use the land plot, the classifier will tell you lies from professionals for people.

Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of September “On approval of the classifier of types of permitted use of land plots”

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 7 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation (Collected Legislation of the Russian Federation, 2001, No. 44, Art. 4147; 2003, No. 27, Art. 2700; 2004, No. 27, Art. 2711 ; No. 41, Art. 3993; No. 52, Art. 5276; 2005, No. 1, Art. 15, 17; No. 10, Art. 763; No. 30, Art. 3122, 3128; 2006, No. 1, Art. 17 ; No. 17, Art. 1782; No. 23, Art. 2380; No. 27, Art. 2880, 2881; No. 31, Art. 3453; No. 43, Art. 4412; No. 50, Art. 5279, 5282, 5498; 2007 , No. 1, Art. 23, 24; No. 10, Art. 1148; No. 21, Art. 2455; No. 26, Art. 3075; No. 31, Art. 4009; No. 45, Art. 5417; No. 46, Art. 5553; 2008, No. 20, Art. 2251, 2253; No. 29, Art. 3418; No. 30, Art. 3597, 3616; No. 52, Art. 6236; 2009, No. 1, Art. 19; No. 11, Art. 1261; No. 29, Art. 3582, 3601; No. 30, Art. 3735; No. 52, Art. 6416, 6419, 6441; 2010, No. 30, Art. 3998; 2011, No. 1, Art. 47, 54; No. 13, art. 1688; no. 15, art. 2029; no. 25, art. 3531; no. 27, art. 3880; no. 29, art. 4284; no. 30, art. 4562, 4563, 4567, 4590, 4594, 4605 ; No. 48, Art. 6732; No. 49, Art. 7027, 7043; No. 50, Art. 7343, 7365, 7359, 7366; No. 51, Art. 7446, 7448; 2012, No. 2 6, Art. 3446; No. 31, art. 4322; No. 53, art. 7643; 2013, no. 9, art. 873; No. 14, art. 1663; No. 30, art. 4080; 2014, no. 26, art. 3377) I order:

1. To approve the classifier of the types of permitted use of land plots.

2. Establish that in accordance with the classifier approved by paragraph 1 of this order, the types of permitted use of land plots are determined, established after the entry into force of this order.

3. This order comes into force 90 days after the day of its official publication.

Registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on September 8, 2014

Appendix to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated September 1, 2014 No. 540

How to use the land plot, the VRI classifier will tell you

Land fund - the totality of all plots located on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is a national treasure and is considered a strategic resource. Accounting and systematization of lands is carried out, focusing on their type and quality. The adopted reforms make the process of management and regulation more perfect.

All lands on the territory of the Russian Federation have their own purpose. Each site has a so-called VRI (type of permitted use).

This concept can be found in various laws and regulations designed to determine the nature of permitted activities in a particular territory.

Today we bring to your attention an article on the topic: "Permitted use of a land plot according to a document" with comments from knowledgeable people. If you have any questions, we suggest contacting our duty consultant.

Characteristics of settlements lands: composition, types of permitted use

Any city or other settlement provides for several zones in which land for different purposes is located.

The territory is being developed on them, which provides for various characteristics of buildings and structures.

They are distributed on the territory according to the types of permitted use.

In this article, we will consider the composition of the RFP, the VRI classifier, and also find out what activities are not allowed on this land.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique.

If you want to know how to solve your particular problem - contact the online consultant form on the right or call +7 (499) 938-46-18. It's fast and free!

RFP composition

The main territories that make up the ZNP belong to the lands of settlements. This is a narrower concept in comparison with the category of land and is included in this category. It also acts as a type of permitted use (VRI) and extends:

  • to plots intended for the location of residential buildings;
  • plots where the construction of residential buildings is underway or only planned.

The purpose and types of permitted use of land plots is a rather confusing and complex topic, but every landowner needs to master it. Otherwise, it may be like this: you bought a plot, filed a notification and you are already preparing to build a foundation, when suddenly you get a refusal - the plot is located on land of an inappropriate category, and even the type of permitted use of land prohibits any construction. How not to find yourself in such a situation, and how to get out of it with minimal losses, if already found, we tell in a special material.

"Categories of land, land of settlements, types of permitted use, intended purpose, individual housing construction, private household plots, PZZ" - a person who is going to buy a land plot will have to understand all these terms. It is not possible to build a residential building on every plot: on the lands of one category, any construction can be generally prohibited, on the lands of another it will be possible to put only a temporary hut without a foundation, on the third even fires cannot be made, let alone build. The owners almost always have the legal right to change the purpose of the site, but sometimes they are "unreasonably kicked" by local officials: the construction project, which they dreamed of all their life, is postponed, their hands give up - but in vain!

This material will help you understand a complex topic and in all its aspects.


What a private developer should know

Russian land legislation began to develop powerfully before the revolution: the most successful was the famous Stolypin reform, which gradually transferred land from community property to private property and introduced profitable loans for those who wanted to buy land. The state bought landlords' land and resold land plots on favorable terms to people wishing to engage in agriculture; a number of other regulations were adopted in favor of life on earth.

The subsequent history of land relations in Russia is closely related to its political history; the current stage of land legislation is criticized by experts because of many conflicts that directly affect aspects of land law and land relations and lead to numerous legal proceedings. But there is a fairly understandable coordinate system in which a private developer needs to navigate: on one of its axes - the category of land, on the other - their type of permitted use: this is how, according to the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the entire land fund of our country is divided.

Land Categories or Purpose

All lands in our country are divided into seven categories (along with the concept of "category", the concept of "designated purpose" is used).

  • Agricultural lands;
  • Lands of settlements;
  • Lands of industry and other special. purpose;
  • Lands of specially protected territories and objects;
  • Lands of the forest fund;
  • Lands of the water fund;
  • Lands of reserve.

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