Novorossiysk in one day: main attractions and entertainment

Novorossiysk in one day: main attractions and entertainment

The Novorossiysk local branch of the Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society was created on February 25, 2015. Today it consists of more than a hundred people, including two doctors of sciences and nine candidates of sciences, museum staff, teachers, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Roshydromet, travelers and people of creative professions. Members of the Novorossiysk branch are members of the Public Chamber of the Hero City, two public environmental councils under the governor of the Krasnodar Territory and under the head of the Novorossiysk administration. Since its inception, the department has been headed by Yevgeniya Alekseevna Kambarova, Candidate of Geographical Sciences.


There is a Marine Research Center under the Novorossiysk local branch, headed by Roman Aivazov. Its main task is to search, describe and preserve the underwater cultural heritage of Russia. The staff of the Center regularly organize scientific expeditions. In 2019, specialists from the Marine Research Center of the Novorossiysk Local Branch under the leadership of R. Aivazov took part in the work to raise the sunken equipment of the Great Patriotic War from the bottom of the Black Sea. The divers worked at the invitation of the Expeditionary Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


In addition, specialized commissions have been created at the branch:

- Commission for Geochemistry of Landscapes and Technosphere Safety (headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences Vladimir Viktorovich Dyachenko, also a significant contribution to the work of this commission is made by Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, member of the Public Chamber of Novorossiysk Irina Yurievna Matasova);

- commission on sports and educational tourism (head Anatoly Nikolaevich Nechaev);

- Commission for Environmental and Geographical Education (headed by Artem Evgenievich Litvinov, Candidate of Geographical Sciences);

- Commission for the Protection and Study of Ecosystems of the Western Caucasus (head Anton Vladimirovich Popovich);

- Commission of Historical and Cultural Heritage (head Anatoly Anatolyevich Pozdnyakov);

- Commission for patriotic education of youth (head Sergey Ivanovich Danilenko).


The waves of the Black Sea wash one of the largest ports in the country - Novorossiysk.

The history of these places stretches back to the 5th century BC. In 1941-1945, there was no stone unturned from the city after the devastating war.

After the end of the war, Novorossiysk was rebuilt literally from scratch. Most of the city's attractions are associated precisely with the Great Patriotic War.


Attractions and entertainment marked on the city map:

Historic Sites and Museums

Ship-Museum "Mikhail Kutuzov"

One of the most important ships of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia - "Mikhail Kutuzov", has become permanently moored near the Serebryakov embankment. It was built in 1952 and served the country for almost 50 years - until 2000. The number of the crew during military service was 1200 people, but now the cruiser has only 20 people.

The ship has performed various voyages in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions. The cruiser became the first ship in the entire fleet to carry out combat missions during the Cold War. During the operation, 15 long-distance trips were made.

Now the cruiser is officially listed as a part of the Black Sea Fleet Museum, there are daily excursions for everyone.

Visitors are shown the upper deck and some of the adjoining rooms. The excursion tells about the main dates in the history of the ship's "life", its technical characteristics and current state.

Novorossiysk State Historical Museum-Reserve

The Museum consists of several permanent exhibitions in different halls of Novorossiysk and memorials dedicated to the theme of the Great Patriotic War. In total, the museum has more than 150 thousand exhibits.

The port city will surprise you with clear water, beautiful beaches and unusual monuments.

Table of Contents

Where to stay in Novorossiysk

It's better to look for housing as close to the city center as possible: all the main infrastructure and entertainment are concentrated there. The most unsightly area is considered to be Methodievka. It is located in the industrial part of Novorossiysk in the east, you should not settle there: it is extremely inconvenient to get there.

There are still few good rental offers in Novorossiysk. The best hotel in the city at the moment will cost at least 9 350 rubles per day (but at your service there are two swimming pools and delicious breakfasts). A bright room in a new hotel near the city beach costs from 5 330 rubles per night for two adults.

As for the private sector, everything is also quite sad here: there are simply no proposals with interesting design solutions in Novorossiysk. Although if you try, you can find a minimalistic option for only 1,600 rubles per day (the hostess even made sure that guests had coffee and oatmeal for breakfast), but within a 20-minute walk from the center.

What sights of Novorossiysk to see

Sujuk Spit

The most famous city beach, which is loved not only by tourists, but also by locals. The spit is well equipped: there are sun loungers, toilets and everything you need to relax. The beach is coarse (although some areas are sprinkled with sand for the convenience of tourists). The entrance to the sea is rocky, so it is better to swim in special shoes. On the right bank of the spit there is a salty estuary, where you can see and feed a variety of birds.

Central City Beach and Promenade

Photo: mr_johnnyurban/Shutterstock

A popular place for recreation and walking is changing more and more: changing rooms, toilets, and rescue towers appear. Recently, fresh pebbles were brought to the beach, and the coast began to look much tidier than before.

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