North America

North America

North America is a beautiful large continent located in all climatic zones, with a mass of attractions of global importance and powerful economies.

North America - I don't want to choose

When in 1402 Columbus arrived on the shores of the then unknown continent, he could not imagine how rich and picturesque he was able to discover. Of course, the sailors did not immediately realize that this was not India, where they were looking for a shortcut, but the main thing had already been done. For almost a millennium and a half, mankind did not know about North America, but finally, its history began. The continent connects the glaciers of the Arctic Circle and the hot beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. separates the waters of the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific oceans. The territory of the mainland is so voluminous that it takes up space from the equator itself to the polar latitudes, and contains as many as eight time zones.

As for the relief of North America, plains prevail here, but about thirty percent of the territory is occupied by the Cordillera. The highest point on the mainland is Mount McKinley with a height of about 6194 meters. The deepest or lowest point on the continent is Death Valley, about 86 meters deep. The countries that are located in North America are all as if they were on the selection - big, with powerful economies:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • USA

In addition, Canada is considered the largest country on the mainland and the second largest in the world. These countries are recognized as the richest in terms of the number of cultural monuments and world heritage sites that are included in the UNESCO list. Over sixty of them are read. Each of these places attracts a huge number of tourists who come to admire the historical monuments of North America.

If you are going on a trip to the North of the American continent, then you have a wide range of places to visit, and many interesting activities and views sports. Colorful excursion programs, gorgeous sandy beaches and cruises on magnificent liners off the coast will not fail to attract your attention. For lovers of cultural enrichment, the region opens the doors of all kinds of museums that will acquaint you with the rich history and artistic culture of all tribes and nationalities that have ever lived on the mainland. While in North America, do not miss the opportunity to see the monuments that are included in the UNESCO list, as they are really worthy of attention. If you like an active holiday, then you can do one of the water sports, scuba diving and enjoy the colorful views of the underwater world, as well as get acquainted with such sports as snorkeling. There are a huge number of National Parks in North America, which impress with their picturesque and colorful landscapes, and should also not be overlooked.

Climate of the mainland

The weather in North America is so varied that it is surprising. This is due to the fact that the mainland is located in such a way that it falls into all kinds of climatic zones. That is why the surface of the continent warms up unevenly and the weather conditions in different parts of the continent are very different from each other. The northern part of the mainland is characterized by cold air, which can reach the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, in this part of North America, cold weather prevails all year round, even in summer there are negative temperatures, and the lowest reached 44 degrees in Greenland. Unfortunately, squall winds and even tornadoes are not uncommon in this part of the continent. Central North America is characterized by warmer weather with frequent droughts and dust storms. There are usually cold winters and warm summers with occasional rains. And the southern part is characterized by rather warm and even hot weather almost all year round, due to its proximity to the equatorial zone. Thus, the countries of North America at any time of the year will welcome foreign visitors with open arms. You just have to decide on the type of vacation that you like.

Interesting About North America

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