Non-touristy Rome: what guidebooks are silent about

Travel to Rome: travel tips

Rome is called the "Eternal City" for a reason: it invariably attracts travelers from all over the world with its majestic uniqueness. You can truly breathe in the scent of this multifaceted city by visiting unusual excursions in Rome.

Travel agencies offer over 270 different excursions about Rome and the surrounding area. Based on the reviews of tourists, we have selected the 10 most popular.

If this is your first time in the city, we invite you to sightseeing tours of the main attractions of Rome: majestic ruins, medieval churches, baroque fountains and squares. Undoubtedly, everyone who travels to Rome dreams of visiting the Vatican, admiring the decoration of St. Peter's Cathedral, and then relaxing in the authentic Trastevere quarter, admiring the medieval streets and hanging linen.

Those who have already been to Rome and continue to discover it for themselves should visit the unusual quarters of the city, penetrate the secrets of Italian cuisine, or visit the countryside, enjoying nature, clean air and amazing home cooking in small cozy townships.

Excursions for those who are in Rome for the first time

City tour of Rome in:

One of the most popular, inexpensive sightseeing tours for those new to Rome. Held daily at 15:15.

Are you in Rome for a few days without a tour group? To navigate well in the city, vouchers are no longer needed. We recommend taking a sightseeing walking tour on your first day in Rome. After it, you can freely walk around the city on your own. The tour is led by a local who will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Eternal City.

It only takes 2 hours to see the main historical locations of Rome. The tour is conducted by a local resident. You will see 4 main squares: Plaza de España, Navona, Venice and Minerva. Throw a coin and take photos at the Trevi Fountain. At the end of the tour, go for a portion of gelato.

Evening Tour of Non-Tourist Rome

Non-touristy Rome - these are the sights of Rome that practically do not come across on the pages of guidebooks, and therefore they are not visited so often. And yet, in this you can find not only its advantages, but also some kind of attractiveness.

Agree, it is much more interesting to discover something that goes beyond the ordinary. Although, of course, the main attractions of Rome should not be abandoned either. The same applies to the well-known paths - get off them, and you will be able to discover Rome as not everyone sees it. So, in our article we will acquaint you with such routes that will open for you just such a non-tourist, special Rome.

Square Colosseum

The history of architecture in almost every textbook invites you to familiarize yourself with this masterpiece of Rome, which here, like most tourists, fits more into the category of non-tourist Rome in terms of popularity in visiting:

  • This is a minimalist piece.
  • Despite the fact that the construction of this landmark of Rome was connected almost directly with the ideology of fascism (which is understandable, because it was ordered by Mussolini himself), this in no way diminishes its architectural merits.
  • The official name of this landmark in Rome is the "Palace of the Italian Civilization".
  • Even today it looks more than futuristic. Therefore, one can only guess what the impression of the public was in the distant 1943, the year of its construction.
  • Due to its unusual appearance, this structure among the sights of Rome often becomes a kind of object of desire for filmmakers who seek to associate it with the script of their films. Not surprisingly, this landmark of Rome can be seen in the frames of several of them. And this applies not only to European, but also to Hollywood films.

How to get there: take the metro (blue line) to the Marconi station. Then we change to bus # 170, drive for 5 minutes, get off at the Giro il Grande stop.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

St. Peter's Basilica - Skip the Line

Unique excursions in Rome

Porta Portese, flea market

There are two reasons why you should definitely walk through this market and include it on our list of recommended visits as non-touristy Rome. The first is that good-quality goods are offered here at ridiculous prices. In particular, it can be branded clothing or footwear, household goods, and more. The second, rather a tourist purpose of visiting is the opportunity to buy original things in memory of visiting Rome, and this will be a much better option than standard postcards or fridge magnets with the banal inscription “Rome”, etc.

But back to the goods. By itself, this market is huge, and literally everything is sold here, and even what one might think will never be sold - for example, broken toys or obsolete household items. Port of Portese in Rome will be a real boon for those who love original interior decorations, funny knick-knacks, retro items and various antiques.

How to get there: near the Circo Massimo metro station we take tram number 3, or, the second option - bus number 44, departing from piazza Venezia, we reach Porta Portse - the stop of the same name and a peculiar sight of Rome.

Traveling to Rome is considered by many to be a pipe dream. But it's not for nothing that they say that all roads lead to Rome. Your trip to Rome will definitely take place! Every day Rome receives a huge number of guests going on a trip. Sometimes Rome, with its atmosphere and incredible architecture, makes them stay in the Eternal City for a long time. A trip to Rome will be an unforgettable experience for you if you use some of the tips of the seasoned.

If you want to experience special emotions during your trip, take a look at the cruise offers. A similar offer can be viewed using the link on the official ticket platform

Pay attention to safety when traveling

Not only decent people come to Rome, fraudsters from all over the world aspire here. Where, if not in Rome, to profit from the wallet of a tourist who has looked at another beauty.

Advice to all travelers - put documents, money, credit cards in different places: pockets, wallets, maybe leave some money in a suitcase or even in a hotel safe.

Of course, Italy is not the most criminal country, but it is dangerous to travel here too, a tourist can be seen from afar all sorts of pickpockets. They can seriously darken your journey, depriving you of funds.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

St. Peter's Basilica - Skip the Line

Unique excursions in Rome

Make your trip to Rome as comfortable as possible

To make your walks in Rome only joyful, choose comfortable shoes. It is better to travel around Rome by walking, looking into every corner of this wonderful city. Streets with antique paving stones will be a test for your feet. It is also difficult to travel on foot in Rome because you have to walk up hills and hills. It is no coincidence that Rome is called the "City on 7 Hills".

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