New Antique Restrictions in Turkey

New Antique Restrictions in Turkey

In Turkey, from 20. 0 Friday 20. 1. 020 by the decree of the President of the country new anti-coronavirus restrictions are introduced. We will tell you how the new package of restrictive measures will affect Russian tourists, what they should definitely know and what documents to have with them.

According to the decision of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from Friday, November 20 from 20:00, new restrictions will come into force in all provinces of the country, without exception, designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. To some extent, they are similar to the Moscow spring measures, but still much softer.

The document signed by the Turkish president is very voluminous and includes, for example, the regulation of the work of tire changers and veterinarians. Based on the comments of Turkish host companies and tour operators, we will highlight only the main things that affect Russians who are in Turkey on a tourist trip.


The introduced restrictions do not apply to logistics and transport companies, they are included in the list of exclusions.

In the host companies of Turkey, based on additional explanations from TÜRSAB, Vestnik ATOR has once again confirmed that all tourism logistics (transfers, excursion transportation) will continue to work as usual.

City transport in Istanbul and Antalya will continue to operate as usual.


All hotels and other accommodation facilities, including private apartments, are not affected in any way - they continue to work as usual. Tourists staying in them continue to eat according to the schedule set by the hotel and in accordance with the chosen system.

That is, absolutely nothing will change for foreign guests of Antalya hotels. Tourists in Istanbul hotels do not need to fear for the service either - everything ordered by them (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will also be done on schedule.

At the end of spring, Turkey is already ready to open the tourist season and is waiting for an influx of travelers to its beach resorts. Most entertainment venues, excursion bureaus, cafes, restaurants and water parks start their work. It may not be as hot in some areas as in summer, but in such weather there are even more opportunities for visiting places of interest and hiking, without harm to health and the threat of heatstroke. Turkey in May always warms its guests with bright rays of the sun and gives an incredible opportunity to enjoy the local beauty.

Weather in Turkey in May

As a rule, summer in Turkey starts in May. Already in the first decade of the month, air temperature rises up to +26 ° C are observed. In addition, every day the sun is getting brighter and hotter, and the thermometer slowly creeps up and by the end of May reaches + 29 ° C. However, with the onset of darkness in Turkey, the spring chill is still felt, as the air masses are cooled to + 12 ° C. Therefore, when going to admire the evening sunset on the seashore or just for a walk before going to bed, tourists should definitely take a jacket or a light cape with long sleeves with them.

At the beginning of the month, for swimming and relaxing on the coast, travelers make a choice in favor of the southern Mediterranean resorts: Kemer, Alanya, Antalya, etc. The waters in these regions have already warmed up to + 22 ° C. A little later, the beaches of the Aegean Sea, for example, Marmaris or Fethiye, become popular. But the temperature of the Black Sea is still not quite conducive to a comfortable stay in its waters and is only + 15-16 ° C.

Rains become rare in late spring. Most often, precipitation is observed in mountainous areas such as Uludag, Sorgun or Konya, but the rest of the territories are subject to precipitation no more than three days a month.

Turkey in May: entertainment, excursions and activities

In May, many establishments begin their activity, which usually open during the period of tourist activity. In addition, not only proven places are starting work, but also new organizations, excursion bureaus and other entertainments.

Sightseeing excursions

Turkey is very rich in cultural, historical, architectural and contemporary art objects that will surely interest travelers. And thanks to such a calm, warm and favorable weather for long walks, you can visit many more excursions and educational tours. In each sales office of such trips, you can buy not only tickets for excursions in the host city, but also take part in a similar event in a neighboring area or village, to which a transfer is organized. Certainly, the most famous Turkish sights are in demand:

  • Bosphorus;
  • Cappadocia;
  • Dolmabahce Palace (Istanbul);
  • Mount Ararat;
  • Hagia Sophia (Istanbul);
  • Blue Mosque (Istanbul);
  • Galata Tower (Istanbul);
  • Maiden Tower (Bosphorus );
  • Ancient Ephesus;
  • Ancient city Phaselis;
  • Fortress (Alanya);
  • Mountains Nemrut-Dag;
  • Green Canyon;
  • Monastery of Panagia Sumela et al.

Many sights are located in the historical center of Turkey - in Istanbul. Therefore, tourists who want to know as much facts as possible about this country, first of all, go to this city. In Turkey, you can take part in walking, cycling, sea, horse, air or bus excursions of any category of physical difficulty. All tours differ from each other in time duration, the number of additional options, designed for a specific age category and financial capabilities.

Children's tourism

Turkey in May is better than ever for families, including the smallest members. You can spend days on the beach or relax in hotels by the pool, especially since many of them are equipped with special places and slides for children. A huge number of entertainment is organized for children in Turkey, most of which have already opened their doors in May and are ready to receive visitors.

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