Mysterious, amazing and informative locations: Bunker-42, Darwin Museum and Museum of Cosmonautics

Mysterious, amazing and informative locations: Bunker-42, Darwin Museum and Museum of Cosmonautics

Looking for post-apocalyptic landscapes, futuristic buildings or age-old finds and antiquities? All this, without exaggeration, can be found in Moscow. One has only to step outside the aisles of the modern Moscow City or look behind the heavy oak doors of the museum and you seem to move in time! Try it, it is worth practicing such activities from time to time and expanding your own horizons even in confined spaces. I am sure that you will discover a lot of interesting things around you. I really want to tell you about several such places in this short article.


Bunker-42 will give you a tour in the style of Doctor Strange, in a bunker under Moscow streets that once belonged to Stalin himself. Here is an amazing system of tunnels leading to a secret Cold War fortress, once known as Bunker 42.

Organized and conducted by the Soviet Union, a series of nuclear tests showed that the optimal depth of the bunker shaft should be no higher than 50 meters underground to withstand nuclear explosions and keep the bunker safe and sound. The builders faced a huge task: to build a gigantic structure under the streets of the city without damaging the existing infrastructure of streets and communication lines of Moscow. In addition, the construction could not be made public in front of the public and countless unknown spies.

Strategically located on a hill in the Tagansky district due to its proximity to the Kremlin, allowing quick access to the bunker for Stalin and senior government officials of the USSR, Bunker-42 was not completed until 1956 and was never finally completed and put into operation in full force.

Today this space exists as a historical monument, which is a museum and a memory of what life was like on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War era, and a guided tour of the formerly top-secret bunker. The museum attracts visitors underground, transporting them to a time when the world was constantly living on the brink of nuclear annihilation.

A variety of travel packages are available at any time of the day for people of all ages, some of which focus more on the historical aspects of space exploration, while others present an almost comic perspective on the perceived threat of nuclear annihilation to all of humanity in those years of life. The bunker is only accessible through the scheduled tour.

State Darwin Museum

The world's first museum dedicated to the work of the naturalist Charles Darwin, who changed the "rules of the game." It is only natural that the largest natural history museum will be dedicated to one of the world's most eminent and renowned naturalists.

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist. He advanced the theory that all forms of life descended over time from common ancestors. Later, Darwin put forward a scientific theory according to which this branching model of evolution arose as a result of a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence, in his opinion, has the same effect as artificial selection.

The State Darwin Museum (GDM) was built in Moscow in 1907 under the pressure and persuasion of the young Russian scientist A. Kotz, who loved Darwin very much. It is said to have been the world's first natural history museum.

More than 5000 exhibits are located on the three floors of the museum. One of the most impressive sections contains a variety of dinosaur models. The museum presents a complete scientific picture of the living world and a large display showing the diversity of wildlife on Earth, with animals from all climatic zones from the North Pole to the South.

One of the largest collections of the museum is the collection of birds, which consists of many exotic species, including hummingbirds and birds of paradise.

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