Modern Omsk tourism: Extremely expensive and unpromising off-road vacation

Educational tourism in Omsk

The million-plus city Omsk is the administrative center of the Omsk region and one of the largest cities in Russia. The city ranks second in terms of population in Siberia and tenth in the country. In addition, it is an important transport hub of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Geographically, Omsk is located on the Irtysh River in the place where the Om River flows, from which the city's name originated.

Artist Mikhail Vrubel, actor Yevgeny Dvorzhetsky, People's Artist Lyubov Polishchuk, artist Kondraty Belov, actor Mikhail Ulyanov, rock musician Igor Letov and other famous artists of the country were born in Omsk and the Omsk Region. The name of FM Dostoevsky, who was exiled here in 1850-1854, is also closely connected with Omsk. The writer dedicated his "Notes from the House of the Dead" to this period of his life. In the famous Omsk State Literary Museum named after Dostoevsky, you will see exhibits dedicated to the work of the great writer.

How to get to Omsk

Omsk-Tsentralny Airport is located 7 kilometers from the center. Planes fly to Moscow every day.

The city bus station is located on the left bank of the Irtysh, and the river station is in the city center.

Passenger trains and electric trains stop at the railway stations - "Omsk-Passenger" and "Omsk-Prigorodny", respectively. The stations are located opposite each other in the station square.

Car rental in Omsk

As in other large cities, the car rental market in Omsk is well developed. If necessary, you can draw up a lease in just a few minutes. For this purpose, you only need a passport and a driver's license, and to pay rent and a security deposit - a bank card in your own name with a sufficient amount of the deposit. You can rent a car for almost any period of time from one day at a price of 950 RUB. The tariff includes CTP and Casco insurance policies. The only thing that you will have to pay extra is fuel and other costs associated with the operation of the car. Prices on the page are for September 2018.

Souvenirs from Omsk

Omsk is famous for its mineral water, which is produced in a local factory. In the village of Lyubino, which is 40 kilometers from Omsk, the most delicious condensed milk in Russia is prepared. You can find this amazing product in any store in the city.

And on the main city street you can buy the modern "symbol" of Omsk - a figurine of the Locksmith Stepanych. This is a figurine of a worker climbing out of a sewer hatch. It is believed that if you knock on his helmet, luck will come to you.

Popular hotels in Omsk

As a rule, Omsk people try to spend their vacations not in their native region. Those who are richer are attracted by Prague or Provence, the most tired are Turkey and Egypt. More thrifty ones visit the resort areas of Altai and make massive forays into the Kazakh village of Borovoe, the Mecca of Omsk tourism in the past few decades.

Eh, roads ...

And most of the residents of our region know: we have the Achair monastery, five lakes and a museum. F.M.Dostoevsky. But almost no one thinks about the fact that the named places should be held together by a single chain, consisting of operators, excursions and roads. Meanwhile, there is something to see in our region.

However, rest in the native area is not particularly accessible, the level of service. And not everything is smooth with transport: while you reach picturesque places along our roads, you will turn gray more than once.

This month, on the road in the long-suffering Muromtsevsky district, a demonstrative incident took place, which almost ended in a real tragedy. On August 14, an accident occurred with tourists from Kurgan: a bus with 34 vacationers overturned on a dirt road washed out after the rain. Six people were taken to the Muromtsev Central Regional Hospital, the rest set up a tent camp and waited for the arrival of another bus. Impressions from the rest on Lake Danilov were ruined.

Yes, and our correspondent managed to experience the extreme nature of the Muromtsev directions. In some sections of the route, the asphalt turned outward and endless pits resemble the relief of distant planets.

It is no coincidence that there are so many tire shops in the Muromtsevo regional center: this is a very profitable business here.

Gems of the Region

Meanwhile, it is in the Muromtsevsky district that the most attractive pearls of Omsk tourism are located. Lakes Danilovo, Urmannoye, Shaitan-lake and especially Linevo attract tourists not only from Omsk and the region, but also from other regions and even countries.

For example, the already traditional ethnic festival "Solstice", taking place in Okunevo, has attracted a significant number of nonresident tourists. On the territory of the festival, one could notice transport from Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. The atmosphere of the holiday was conducive to communication. Our correspondent managed to find out from the neighbors that they like to travel around the Omsk region, but the state of the roads is really shocking. The guests were especially impressed by the same "lunar" section of the route from the ferry crossing to Bolsherechye and to Muromtsevo itself: terrible pits, sometimes twisted, and somewhere completely absent asphalt will be remembered for a long time by the guests of the Irtysh area. But even such off-road conditions did not cool the desire of travelers to see other sights of the Omsk region. “We’ll get there somehow,” the Novosibirsk people reasoned optimistically. "If only there was no rain."

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