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Holidays in North Korea

South Korea is a unique country where the modern high-tech era intertwines with ancient buildings carefully guarded by the state. The sights of South Korea are ancient palaces, amazing nature, and modern megacities. What to see in South Korea if you are in this country for the first time? Especially for you, we have selected the most interesting places in this colorful Asian country.

What to see in South Korea first

Those who like well-organized and informative excursions definitely need guides in South Korea who can express their wishes and go to explore the sights at the agreed time. If you prefer to travel on your own, then from the list presented, you can easily choose suitable places to visit.

Gyeongbokgung (Seoul)

Gyeongbokgung is the country's main palace, which many rightly call the Korean Kremlin. Travelers can easily find it in the heart of Seoul. It is impossible to visit a tourist town and forget to look at this place. The palace itself was built in the XIV century. For a number of reasons, he constantly changed his appearance. Most of the buildings that make up Gyeongbokgung are made of wood.

On the way to this South Korean landmark, there are several monuments dedicated to a medieval admiral named Lee Sung Sin. It was he who at one time invented the battleships. Also, near the entrance to the palace, you can see a monument that was erected in honor of the ruler Sachnozh, who created the Korean writing system. Behind this figure, there is a gate that opens the way to the sight. The gates are three entrances at once. The main entrance is always closed, as it is intended for the rightful ruler.

Tourists are surprised at the costumed guards of the palace, who have a beard glued on to give them solidity and stateliness. There is a changing of the guard every morning. This procedure is accompanied by a vivid performance, which is always interesting to watch.

Changdeokgung Palace (Seoul)

Many excursions in Seoul include a visit to Changdeokgung Palace. He was one of the few who managed to keep his original appearance. The palace constantly had to be rebuilt and restored, but during the work the craftsmen tried to preserve the real look of the building. Thanks to this, this sight of South Korea even today manages to convey the architectural style that the Joseon dynasty adhered to. Emperor Sunjon, who is remembered in history as the last monarch of the country, lived within the walls of the palace until his death. In 1955, the architectural monument was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The territory of the palace turned out to be quite picturesque. This result was achieved due to the fact that during construction it was necessary to reckon with the non-standard terrain.

Thousands of tourists come to the foot of Eagle Peak to admire the beauty of Changdeokgung. Locals continue to believe that this region has a unique energy that once filled the bodies of departed emperors with amazing strength and knowledge. Thanks to this, they could wisely rule the whole country for many years.

After the Korean War, the Republic of Korea gained a cruising speed in economic development, which cannot be said about its northern neighbors. Excellent tourist infrastructure, thanks to which millions of travelers come to the country every year and have a great time. Resorts in South Korea attract tourists with curative mineral springs, beach and ski resorts, Jeju Island and the modern capital.

General understanding of the country and its resorts

South Korea is located in northeast Asia, bordering the DPRK. The republic goes to the Yellow and Eastern Seas, and Korea is separated from Japan by the gulf of the same name. In the first half of the last century, the territory was considered a colony of the aforementioned country, until after the end of World War II it was divided by the United States and the USSR. In 1948, the peninsula was severely split into two states, followed by the Korean War. The modern country is considered one of the most developed in terms of the economy.

The weather is formed by a temperate monsoon climate with warm and short springs and autumn, humid and hot summers, dry and cool winters. The ski season lasts from November to April. For other purposes, it is more comfortable to relax in the resorts of Korea in the remaining time. The high season runs in September, when the republic is warm and dry.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

There are daily direct flights to Seoul from Kiev, Moscow and Minsk. The flight from the capital of Russia to the republic will take about 10 hours. In order to save money, people from post-Soviet countries travel to South Korea with transfers in Istanbul, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, China or Japan.

Citizens of the Russian Federation for up to 60 days will be able to stay on the territory of the resort state without a special visa, but it is better to issue a medical insurance policy before the trip.

South Korea's seaside and health resorts

The republic is surrounded by seas on three sides, therefore beach tourism is developed at a high level. The most popular Korean resort in the country is the picturesque island of Jeju. Jeju is famous for its white, gently sloping beaches, a dolphinarium and an amusement park. Also on the island, tourists love to ride a boat with a transparent bottom.

Daecheon Resort is considered the largest coastline on the west coast. The Long Beach is unique in the presence of a healing ooze containing germanium, and many Koreans and foreign travelers come to improve their skin condition. The southern city of Busan is a popular seaside resort with excellent beaches. The coastal area is interesting for several islands, where tourists take a break from the bustle of the city.

Most of all Koreans like to spend time in hot springs and go down on water slides, the country is full of interesting water parks with thermal water. Sorak Aquaworld Resort consists of an amusement park, balneological center and recreation area. The calling card is the 70-meter slide.

North Korea is considered a truly unique communist country. Travel to the country is filled with exoticism.

The legal side of the state is not at all like ours. All spheres of activity, from industry to cars, do not belong to the people, but to the state.

Rest in the republic is not as popular as, for example, in neighboring South Korea. But tourists are expected there, there are no special restrictions on entry.

Holidays in North Korea

The people in the country are hardworking, all achievements are the fruit of their centuries-old labor.

Ancient history is revered by Koreans, among the attractions are the Anakan tomb, the tomb of King Tangan, the Anhakkun royal palace.

Today, tourism in the DPRK is developing rapidly. Tours are full of various programs.

Each visitor is provided with an individual guide who will tell and show all the peculiarities of the country, the best architectural monuments, old buildings at the government level.

Tourists have their own program.

Where are we going?

Most tourists go to the center of the country to the eastern sea, also to Pyongyang.

The North Zone is not available to tourists.

To get to Mount Pektusan, you need to book a flight by plane, it is impossible to get there by land.

In April 2019, my husband and I went to South Korea for 17 days.

During this time, we visited three regions: Seoul, Jeju and Sokcho. We looked at cherry blossoms, visited national parks and conquered two volcanoes. In South Korea, there are tropical islands, like in the TV series "Lost", and megalopolises, and chic spas with programs for only 500 rubles.

Expenses for days per one - P


We made the route without hesitation. First to the metropolis - Seoul. From there to Seoraksan National Park near Sokcho town. This park is popular among lovers of hiking - short hikes in mountainous areas along specially equipped trails. After that, we went to Jeju Island to look at the volcanoes.

We also wanted to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. In South Korea, major sakura festivals take place in Seoul and Jeju Island. Cherry blossom time depends on the location: in Jeju, trees bloom at the end of March, in Seoul - from the second week of April. We had time to look at sakura only in Seoul.

A cherry blossom calendar is published every year in South Korea. Here is the calendar for 2019


We bought tickets to Seoul in December 2018 at the Aeroflot sale. A direct round-trip flight cost 23 243 R per person. The same flight for September 2019 costs about 40 thousand. The air ticket price included a place for hand luggage, luggage up to 23 kg, dinner and breakfast on the plane - a 9-hour flight.

We flew to Jeju Island from Seoul on a local airline T-Way. Two round-trip tickets with luggage up to 15 kg cost 108 800 KRW (2950 R). It's an hour to fly, only water was handed out for free on board.

we paid for tickets to and from Seoul

We flew from two Seoul airports - Incheon and Gimpo. Incheon International Airport resembles a city in size, so I advise you to arrive there at least 2.5 hours before departure. And Gimpo is a small airport with mostly domestic flights.

In Korea, the procedure for checking checked baggage is unusual: first you check it in at the check-in counter, and then wait 10-15 minutes for it to be scanned. If something suspicious is found during the contactless check, then you will have to be present at the inspection of the suitcases. Without your presence, the suitcase cannot be opened or passed on. Only when they say that everything is in order, you can go to passport control.

Foreigners wishing to visit the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport.

Spring in Korea is warm and lasts from late March to May. At this time of the year, many different colors adorn the country's mountain slopes and plains.

South Korea's latest tourist attractions and special travel itinerary column, don't miss it!

An unforgettable trip to Daegu!

The city of Daegu, which can be reached from Seoul by express train KTX in 1 hour and 40 minutes, attracts with its atmosphere filled with culture and traditions.

The Joseon Dynasty was the heyday of royal culture in Korean history, and it was then that royal cuisine became the quintessential culture of traditional Korean cuisine.

Explore Korea's popular food streets

Korean universities offer Korean language programs for international students,

Women's hanbok suit consists of a wrap-around skirt and jacket. Such a suit is called “chima-chogori”: “chima” in Korean means “skirt”, and “chogori” means “jacket”.

useful tips before going to the K-Style Hub!

The K-Style Hub Center is a tourist complex where foreign guests can get the necessary useful information about tourism in Korea, as well as take part in cultural workshops and enjoy viewing exhibitions. The K-Style Hub consists of 4 floors: on the 2nd there is a Tourist Information Center, on the 3rd and 4th floors there is a museum of Korean gastronomic culture and a demonstration and exhibition center for holding master classes on cooking Korean cuisine hansik, respectively, and on On the 5th floor there is a hall where tourism in various regions of Korea is presented. You will find different zones on each floor of the K-STYLE HUB center, and we will give you 7 useful tips to make your visit to the Center as interesting and informative as possible. Having visited this place, you will not remain indifferent.

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