Ice fee

Ice fee

Vasily Ivanovich can talk about Baikal beauties, it seems, endlessly. "Our nature is so diverse. In fact, every key, every river is beautiful in its own way. You can find cedars in several girths, and what beautiful mountains. Like Vysotsky:" There can only be mountains better than mountains ... ", the director captivates with the story Baikalsky reserve.

Nature Reserve and Tourists Compatible

The holdings for which Vasily Ivanovich is responsible are considerable - there are three territories under management: the reserve itself and two federal reserves - Kabansky and Altacheysky. They are located far from each other, which makes it very difficult for employees to work.

But the main difficulty in their work is not distance, but inaccessibility. Most of the reserve is the Khamar-Daban ridge - mountains exceeding 2 thousand meters. There is a lot of snow on the northern slope of the ridge. Movement in the reserve is possible only on foot.

However, through the efforts of Vasily Ivanovich and the staff of the reserve, cognitive tourism is purposefully developing here. The Baikalsky Nature Reserve is a role model. It is no coincidence that in 2011 it was included in the number of model territories for the development of infrastructure for educational tourism in protected areas.

Various year-round routes and excursion programs are organized here for all visitors without exception: trails with wooden flooring for people with disabilities, and forest routes through the cedar forest, and active routes to mountain lakes and waterfalls.

The sites allocated on the territory for the development of educational tourism are constantly being developed. Huts and shelters have been built, hundreds of bridges across rivers, tens of kilometers of trails are maintained.

"I am often bombarded with questions: how is it - tourism in the reserve?" - Vasily Ivanovich shares.

About 2 million tourists visit Baikal every year. When a trip to nature is not sensibly organized, huge damage is inflicted on it.

"Therefore, it was decided to develop the infrastructure. A person who comes to our reserve must walk only in the right places and at the right time," the head of the reserve emphasizes.

In the Baikal Nature Reserve, as in others, no more than 5% of the territory can be used for tourism. The rest remains inviolable, protected, closed to the public.

"We made a significant part of the infrastructure on the adjacent territory so that people can get information and make a decision about traveling along the protected routes," he notes.

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Since the beginning of 2020, a new paid ice route has appeared on the Small Sea. Now tourists will be able to move around Lake Baikal only in strictly designated directions. Guides predict that the new measure will increase the cost of tours. Who we will pay and for what, in the IRK material. u.

At the end of January-beginning of February, the ice season starts in the Irkutsk region. This year, the Pribaikalsky National Park has prepared new mandatory rules for moving around Baikal for tourists. Now, to be in the Maloye Morye strait, you need to obtain permission.

The 180-kilometer route runs from the border of open Baikal to Cape Zunduk and captures the western coast of Olkhon Island, grottoes near the village of Kharantsy, Ogoy Island. According to Umar Ramazanov, director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Zapovednoe Pribaikalye, the zone is a specially protected natural area of ​​federal significance.

The route runs from the border of open Baikal to Cape Zunduk

- The proposed route is safe, we take measurements on it every three days. We will organize raids with the Ministry of Emergencies and the police. All vehicles outside the roads approved on the ice will be fined for illegal presence in the territory of the national park for 3-4 thousand rubles, - said Ramazanov.

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