Holidays in Poland: 12 bright ideas

Holidays in Poland: 12 bright ideas

Experienced tourists who have visited this beautiful country appreciate it for its warm hospitality. Holidays in Poland are many different routes of the country.

In the northern part of the country there are beach and health resorts, in the south there are ski resorts. Of course, Polish ski resorts do not have huge heights or difficult slopes, but they can boast of a very developed infrastructure and interesting entertainment for children and adults, as well as quality service and delicious cuisine. Ski resorts: Zakopane, Szczyrk, Szklarska Poręba and others are always open for tourists.

The Polish Baltic coast is nestled among tall, fluffy pines, sand dunes and close proximity to attractions. Local beaches: Debki, Nechozhe, Sopot, Kolobrzeg, Krynica Morska, Hel, Ustka, Leba and others, offer interesting and comfortable rest, hotels with comfortable rooms, swimming pools, bike trails and all sorts of entertainment. The health resorts boast modern medical equipment, salt baths, healing mud and mineral waters. The course of treatment and nutrition are selected individually by the best specialists. The most popular resorts: Augustow, Dlugopole-Zdroj, Busko-Zdroj, Inowroclaw, Kostancin, Krynica, Muszyna and others invite you to relax and heal.

The most expensive accommodation in Krakow and Warsaw, but even here they can make a discount and in a 2 * hotel you can have excellent service and free breakfast. Apartments are open even in some medieval castles, but this is for the most discerning guests. For those who only need to spend the night another night, hostels with a bed are open.

What to see and visit in Poland? If you are with children, the Wroclaw and Krakow water parks, the Wroclaw Zoo, the water center, Marienburg Castle, the Tatra Mountains, Wilanow Palace, Wroclaw Cathedral, Zakopane, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Lazienki Park and many other attractions invite guests to visit.

Poles respect their customs and holidays very much, the most important holidays of the Poles: Christmas, New Year, Andrzejki, God's body, St. Nicholas Day, Easter, green holidays, the holiday of the Three Kings, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, happy holidays they celebrate cheerfully and hospitably; they visit churches.

The national Polish cuisine is quite tasty, satisfying and high in calories, its peculiarity is meat dishes that are prepared in a special way: sausages, bigos, holombki, meat pie, carrot, duck with apples, chernin - goose blood soup. Other dishes: baked salmon, trout in cognac, carp in jelly with raisins, dumplings, buckwheat. Desserts: makovets, donuts, charlotte, cheesecake. Poles love strong drinks, the most famous vodka "Zubrovka", with a stem of grass Zubrovka in a bottle also respect beer and fruit and berry liqueurs. Poles are hospitable and welcoming people. Welcome to Poland!

Going to Poland, every tourist will want to know in advance which sights in this place are best to visit, and what can be put out of the spotlight. Of course, the set of such memos in each specific case will depend on the personal interests of the person, and on the list of those places where he has already been. However, there are a number of points without which understanding the cultural heritage of Poland would indeed be impossible.

And even despite the abundance of offers for excursions to this country, not every one of the available takes into account all these lovely places. We will try to outline the key positions for the traveler, so that when you go to this country, you can think of the most interesting tourist route for yourself in advance.

Main sights of Poland

The centuries-old history of Poland has presented this state with hundreds of interesting places, the attention of tourists to which does not fade away. The most distinctive sights: museums, castles, churches are located here in Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Czestochowa. A tourist who comes here should place special emphasis on such objects:

  • Century Hall in Wroclaw.
  • Stare Miasto is the most picturesque old district of Warsaw.
  • Market squares in Warsaw and Krakow, which have retained their flavor to this day.
  • Palace Square in Warsaw.
  • House of Maglosi Wroclaw.
  • Wroclaw Church of St. El Эльbiet.
  • The old Jewish town of Krakow.
  • Astus Yard, located in Gdansk, which is rumored to have been modeled after Arthur's legendary castle in Camelot.
  • The Bishops' Palace, closely associated with the memory of John Paul II.

In addition to the standard set of old buildings, as well as cathedrals and palaces, Poland also has unusual historical monuments, which are quite difficult to associate with an idle tourist pastime.

This is, for example, Auschwitz. Now this place is open to tourists. It serves as a reminder of the terrible human tragedy of the Second World War.

After him, you should definitely visit Auschwitz. This cozy old town will help you recover from what you have seen and return to contemplating other beauties of Poland. Also, history buffs should definitely visit Grunwald. Here you can visit a museum dedicated to the famous battle, as well as see the reconstruction of the battle with your own eyes. Carnival tournaments, by the way, are held here quite often.

Also in Poland it is very interesting to visit more modern facilities. Wroclaw Zoo is a wonderful place for tourists.

Castles are a special page of the country. This part of the cultural heritage here is so diverse and colorful that it is quite appropriate to single it out as a separate category.

The most famous castles in Poland

Poland is rich in luxurious castles located here in the most picturesque corners. A tourist should definitely visit here:

If you are tired of the standard beach holidays, as well as excursions, albeit in the most beautiful cities, you should try water tourism for yourself. This is a kind of extreme, and today it is developing in almost all countries. There are up to a dozen types of water tourism, providing for the use of various equipment during rafting.

Let's take a closer look at it so that you can find the best analogue for your next vacation.

Water tourism in Poland - general information

Poland does not have a personal outlet to the sea, therefore water tourism is developing here on numerous rivers.

In most cases, this is organized by special schools that provide visitors with the necessary equipment, conduct training for people, and also select groups to go on the route. In part, they are also responsible for the lives of vacationers.

Tours to such locations are organized in Poland directly during the warm season, that is, from mid-April to November.

Almost everyone, including foreign tourists, has the opportunity to take part in such programs. They also have the option of bringing in inventory for one person inexpensively.

Water tourism in such a country is organized in many places. In particular, you can do it both on remote rivers and lakes, and near the crowded Zakopane and even Krakow, where a special canal for rafting is organized.

The entry of travelers who are interested in water tourism in the territory of the Republic of Poland is carried out on a standard tourist visa. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the registration of insurance. It must take into account the risks involved in extreme sports.

If you cannot provide one, you may even be denied entry.

River Rafting

This water tourism involves overcoming routes using a rowing or sailing vessel. As a rule, for this they choose rivers with the most difficult landscape, often with rapids.

Of this category, experts often highlight rafting or kayaking, which involve the use of special vessels.

Visit three different Warsaw in one day

Warsaw is woven of contrasts: palaces of the 16th century here side by side with high-tech museums and Soviet canteens. If you want to get to know the soul of the Polish capital, dive into the streets of the Old Town. Here you need to see the Royal Castle, the Market Square, the Warsaw Barbican and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

You will be shown a completely different Warsaw on excursions to the places of the Polish People's Republic. You can get nostalgic about soda machines in the Museum of Communist Life, and get a portion of mashed potatoes and compote in the Milk Bar Prasowy dining room.

Soviet fashion continues to inspire designers. You can easily verify this in the Pan tu nie stał (“You weren't standing here”) stores in Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz, where the fashion trends of the 70s are reshaped in a new way.

To get a sense of what the modern capital of Poland breathes, visit an interactive physics textbook at the Copernicus Science Center, take a gondola ride in azienki Park and immerse yourself in the clubbing life of Warsaw. Take a final look at the city, with the best view from the rooftop garden of the university library.

Wander the old quarters of Krakow

If Warsaw is Polish Moscow, then Krakow is local St. Petersburg. People come here for delicious coffee, cultural entertainment and the unique atmosphere of the Old Town. Start your walk from Wawel Hill: Say hello to the dragon, admire the view of the Vistula, and see Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine at the National Museum in Krakow.

The city's past and present converge in the Kazimierz Jewish quarter, where Schindler's List was filmed. Synagogues here side by side with designer shops, and in cafes where songs in Hebrew interrupt indie rock, they are treated to excellent forshmak and hummus. You can delve into the tragic history of these places in the Schindler Factory Museum, which contains real photographs and letters from the times of the occupation of Krakow. And to get a feel for what Kazimierz is breathing now, take a look at Michalik's Pit, a bohemian cafe with a century-old history.

Where to go from Krakow

Half an hour by car from Krakow - and you find yourself in another world. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a whole underground city. Here lakes shine, salt sculptures flaunt, the temple receives parishioners and a tavern treats tourists. Take on the role of a miner, breathe in a salt tower, take a pilgrimage route, or explore mysterious labyrinths with a lantern in hand on an extreme stroll. An excellent souvenir from here will be a postcard with a company stamp, which can be sent from the mine's website.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, an hour's drive from Krakow, is one of those experiences that change the way we look at the world. If you are ready to leaf through the poignant, but important pages of the history of mankind on vacation, plan a free visit to Auschwitz or take a guided tour in Russian.

Hunt Dwarfs in Wroclaw

Better than mountains can only be mountains that you admire in person. To become a mountain conqueror without wasting your entire vacation on a hard mountain hike, head to Zakopane. From the city 10 minutes drive to the Tatra National Park. Its pearl is the mountain lake Morskoe Oko. It is 9 km away on foot or by horse-drawn carriage from the village of Palenitsa Bialchanskaya. But Mount Rysy, the highest point in Poland, can only be reached on foot. But climbing skills are not needed for climbing. The main thing is to get out early: a leisurely climb will take 6-7 hours.

In recent years, the types of recreation that, in addition to new impressions and restoration of human strength, can bring tangible social benefits, have become increasingly in demand. This is precisely the direction at present that is budget tourism on a volunteer basis. Already, over 2 billion dollars have been invested in it, new tours and destinations are constantly being developed, and it is likely that in the coming years it will be he who will be able to displace many alternative recreation options for educated people eager to make their vacation as productive as possible.

Let's take a closer look at this phenomenon and consider how you can organize your own tour within this direction.

Most affordable and budget tourism options

It is not at all necessary for a modern traveler to spend huge sums in order to see the world and get an unforgettable experience from his own trips. All this can be done very inexpensively.

Budget tourism can help you with this. It can be implemented in several ways:

  • Last minute deals. Usually they are sold with significant discounts for the client, which can reach 50% or more. Currently, these are the most popular options for organizing travel to Europe and other countries.
  • Participation in volunteer programs. Provides tourism participation in special work for each traveler. Usually this view is designed directly for a young audience.
  • Promotional tours. Usually, these are also cheaper than standard ones, but they are designed only for a certain part of the audience, for example, for students or retirees.
  • Amateur tourism. This type can be called budget for the reason that it allows the traveler to independently choose the location of residence, as well as the types of entertainment, thanks to which it is possible to save a significant amount during his stay in the country. Although in this type of travel, it is also mandatory to have the minimum amount for each day of residence, established by the Schengen rules. Although, of course, you do not have to use all of it during the trip.

The peculiarities of such types of tourism include often low living conditions, as well as travel arrangements. And this is perhaps the only disadvantage that tourism has. That is why, as a rule, they are recommended for a young audience, which is more unpretentious in these matters.

Volunteer tourism

Volunteering is a type of tourism that involves trips to developing regions in order to help local residents. Such assistance can take various forms, in particular, building schools, teaching children a foreign language, employment in a farm, or organizing medical centers.

It is currently one of the fastest growing spheres of tourism, employing over a million volunteers.

It is in this type of tourism that attracts travelers primarily by the low cost of tours. They can be considered as the most budgetary ones, since the overwhelming majority of the costs associated with their organization fall on the shoulders of the organizers. Usually these are international charitable foundations.

This tour, despite the fact that it is the most affordable type of travel, should not be considered a free trip. It provides for full-fledged work on the chosen project, and travelers need to carry out this work with the same dedication as in a regular workplace.

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