Heritage & Cultural Tours in India

Heritage & Cultural Tours in India

The resorts of India have always been, are and remain a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. Struck by the beauty of a country with a long history, having visited it once, they return again and again in order to once again plunge into its indescribable atmosphere. All this and much more will make your vacation in India truly exciting and unforgettable.

Indian Cities: Delhi

Having arrived in India for the first time, in no case miss the opportunity to visit the three most beautiful cities of this country - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These cities make up the mandatory minimum of places that you need to see with your own eyes.

Delhi is a metropolis with a population of at least 13 million. It was here in 1911 that the capital of the country, formerly located in Calcutta, was moved. Delhi is a unique city of contrasts. Colonial chic is combined with slums, and majestic ancient monuments with ultra-modern buildings. The old part of this city attracts the attention of tourists thanks to the Red Fort of Delhi located on its territory. This "city within a city" was built during the heyday of the Mongols and includes no less than six royal palaces.

While in Delhi, do not miss the opportunity to visit the largest Indian mosque Jami Masij, the courtyard of which can accommodate at least 25 thousand people. The height of the minarets is at least 40 meters.

Other sights of India are located 15 kilometers from the capital, for example, Kutab Minar. It was founded in the 12th century by the Great Mughals. Today, Qutab Minar looks like a tower in the form of an 85-meter cone, which is covered with quotes from the Koran. The nearby iron column is at least two and a half thousand years old. However, the seven-meter column, covered with inscriptions in Sanskrit, absolutely does not rust over time.

When making a list of what you are planning to visit in India in the near future, be sure to include in it the most popular temple in India, Lakshmi Narayan, built in honor of Krishna and his beloved - the patrons of family and love.

Agra and Jaipur

Agra, in the past the capital of the Great Mughals, immediately amazes tourists with an incredible number of attractions. One of the most striking symbols of this city is the Taj Mahal - a mausoleum of snow-white marble, which was built by Shah Ceyhan in memory of his deceased wife. At the foot of the building, there is a garden of amazing beauty, in which four canals have been dug, each of which symbolized the road to heaven. Upon entering the building, visitors are obliged to take off their shoes because being in them is equated by the Hindus to being in a temple. Not far from the Taj Mahal is the Agra Fort. It was built in the 16th century as a defensive structure, but later it became the seat of the Great Mughals.

Jaipur is a pink city founded by Maharaja Savoy Jai Singh II, who dreamed of building an ideal city, the layout of which would exactly correspond to the Universe. The streets that divide the city into nine sectors intersect with each other at right angles. The fortress wall that adorns the city is richly decorated with pink marble. The seventh part of the city is also occupied by the Jaipur Palace, which has absorbed all the beauty of Rajaput and Mughal architecture.

Over its 5000-year history, India has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, the dynasties of Great Kings and Emperors. Its cultural heritage (cultural heritage) is very extensive and varied. Many religious movements and religions have been established here, and the ancient culture (ancient culture) of such diverse historical treasures deserves respect.

Duration: 11 days/10 nights

Destinations: Delhi - Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Pushkar - Delhi

Heritage & Cultural Tours to India

Duration: 12 days/11 nights

Directions: Bangalore - Puttaparthi - Tiruvannamalai - Pondicherry - Chidambaram - Mahabalipuram - Kanchipuram - Chen

Duration: 9 days/8 nights

Destinations: Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Delhi/Departure

Duration: 8 days/7 nights

Destinations: Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Tanjore - Madurai - Chennai/Departure

Heritage & Cultural Tours to India

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Destinations: Delhi - Mandawa - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Delhi - Departure

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