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All about holidays in Larnaca

Cyprus is one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean, where you can relax all year round. Traditionally, in the summer, beach lovers and connoisseurs of hotel alcohol by the pool come to the island ?

In general, in Cyprus at any time of the year it is possible and sober, to get a lot of vivid impressions from educational tourism. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about the most interesting places on the island, according to ordinary tourists, and not the booklets of travel companies, which most of the time excursions will terrify people in various souvenir shops.

excursions Stone of Aphrodite

Let's start the story about the most interesting excursions in Cyprus with a piece of advice: when you come on vacation, try to visit those sights that are located nearby. "Expensive excursion" does not mean that it is interesting! Many are well aware of the beautiful goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite, who appeared from the foam of the sea and all that.

the most popular excursions in Cyprus

The reality is a little sad, people who pay for a transfer 250-300 euros (for a car up to 4 seats) to come from Protaras or Ayia Napa, "A little upset", as a rule, the first words of disappointment "Stone like a stone, the sea is cold and crowded. " In general, marketing is power! You just need a couple of beautiful stories to kill a day off and spend a lot of money.

Now let's talk about the most interesting excursion programs:

day of Grand Tour - Kykkos Monastery, Church of Cyprian and Ustinha, Lefkara and Omodos villages

excursions to the Kykkos Monastery

Kykkos Monastery

The Kykkos Monastery is the main Orthodox shrine in Cyprus, which is an active male monastery. It is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level in the western part of the Troodos Mountains. The monastery was founded by the Byzantine emperor Alexei I Komnenos around the end of the 11th century. There are many stories and legends about the origin of this monastery, so a visit will be very interesting. The main shrine of the Kykkos monastery of Kykkos is one of the 3 oldest miraculous icons of the Mother of God, which, according to legend, was painted during the earthly life of the Mother of God and at her request by the Apostle Luke. This icon has been kept in the monastery for over 900 years. Throughout the history of its existence, the Kykkos monastery was attacked by marauders and was damaged by fire 4 times, but the icon was always miraculously saved.

The entire Kykkos monastery is incredibly beautiful: magnificent architecture, mosaic paintings on the walls of the monastery itself, numerous passages, a refectory, rich frescoes depicting not only the life of the monastery, but also the history of Christianity.

excursions to the church of Cyprianou and Justina

Good afternoon, friends! I continue the theme of vacation in Cyprus.

Not all tourists prefer to spend time on the beach, many like outdoor activities.

Active vacation in Cyprus is a different concept for everyone, for someone it is visiting attractions, someone prefers to go in for sports, some people like to travel around the country by car and look for beautiful places, and someone it is enough to visit entertainment venues several times.

In this article I will tell you literally all the possibilities that are on the island. After reading, I hope you will not have any questions about what to do in Cyprus.

Cyprus Attractions

It is not difficult to see the sights of Cyprus. The resorts offer various excursions. However, this pleasure is expensive. Tourists who come to the island in a large group find it cheaper to rent a car. I wrote a little about the roads of Cyprus and the peculiarities of renting a car here.

Listed below are the most popular attractions in Cyprus that are really worth seeing.

  • Paphos Archaeological Park is an open-air museum, the main exhibit of which is the ruins of the ancient city of Nea Paphos. There are beautifully preserved mosaics, the remains of a medieval fortress and an ancient temple dating from the 2nd century AD.
  • The Tombs of the Kings - the oldest necropolis, preserved near the city of Paphos. Most of the underground tombs in the necropolis were built in the 3rd century BC. Many centuries ago, representatives of the aristocracy and people who had a high position in society were buried here.
  • Buyuk Khan is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Cyprus - it is a caravanserai. The building was built in the middle of the 16th century and was used as the first local prison, and later it housed a shelter for beggars. Today Büyük Khan is a thriving art gallery.
  • The sunken ferry Zinobia is a favorite Cypriot attraction among divers. The ferry is called the "Titanic of the Mediterranean", because it also had impressive dimensions and sank on its maiden voyage, this was in 1980.
  • The Kykkos Monastery is called the richest monastery in Cyprus. The male monastery belongs to the Orthodox Church of the island, it was founded in the 11th century on a top of 1140 meters, and today there is a functioning temple and museum for tourists.
  • The medieval castle of Kolossi is located on the southern coast of the island, it was founded in the 13th century. Initially, the castle belonged to the knights of the Jerusalem Order of St. John, later it was owned by the Templars.
  • One of the main temples on the island is the medieval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the city of Famagusta. The Gothic-style temple was built by the Cypriot kings of Lusignan. Throughout its history, the cathedral has undergone many enemy attacks and natural disasters.
  • The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque is one of the main Islamic shrines. Here, on a large territory, there is an old mosque, and next to it are a minaret, a female and male monasteries, and a mausoleum. The old complex was built during the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The medieval Hagia Sophia is located in Nicosia, this Roman Catholic church is decorated in a mature Gothic style. Cypriot kings were crowned here, and later the cathedral was transformed into a mosque - today it is the main mosque in Northern Cyprus.
  • Petra tou Romiou is a rock on the coast of Paphos. The beauty of the area and many legends formed in her honor are considered a feature of the sights.

What to do in Cyprus?

The island offers a wide range of leisure activities, a tourist can easily find something to do in Cyprus. The main thing is to correctly determine the direction, in each resort of Cyprus, its possibilities for active recreation.

[dropcap] About [/ dropcap] Cyprus and its resorts are always popular with tourists, even outside the beach season. Many come to the island several times and have the opportunity to compare different resorts. Those who are going to Cyprus for the first time have a question: which resort to choose? They all have their own merit. And without exaggeration, we can say that they practically have no shortcomings. Although some features still force tourists to abandon visiting one resort and go to another.

Cyprus Resorts: Description


This area of ​​Cyprus is considered a place for a relaxing holiday, for example, for families with children. There are enough comfortable beaches here, the most popular among vacationers is Fig Tree Beach. Most of the beaches have a convenient entry into the water, so that little tourists can swim comfortably.

But the fame of Protaras as a family resort does not mean that there is no adult entertainment there. It is a modern resort with restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In the evening, you can enjoy a few glasses of local wine while listening to music in the restaurant. Or you can dance all night in the club. From Protaras, excursions are organized throughout Cyprus, and whoever wants, can rent a car and independently go to the desired place.

Ayia Napa

Located on the coast of Cyprus next to Protaras, Ayia Napa, on the contrary, is credited with the glory of a youth resort. It is even called "Cypriot Ibiza". There are many bars, discos and nightclubs here, and in the summer incendiary parties are held on the beaches. Moreover, it is not necessary to come to Ayia Napa with a youth company. Here you can relax alone, the atmosphere of a general holiday leaves no one aside.

For all the glory of the bustling resort, many families with children come to Ayia Napa. After all, there is entertainment for little travelers:

  • Water World water park is the largest not only on the island of Cyprus, but also in Europe in general,
  • an amusement park with many attractions, <
  • thematic excursion on the "pirate" ship "Black Pearl".
The only thing I want to warn parents about: you need to carefully choose a hotel so as not to settle near the disco. Such a neighborhood will not bring comfort to children.


The great advantage of this resort is the presence of an international airport. You won't have to get to your hotel for a long time, because the airport is located very close to the city. For some, this will become a serious advantage.

General information about Larnaca

Brief Historical Background

There is still controversy about the origin of the name of the city, some believe that it means "stairs", while others that the name should be translated as "burial urn". For the second version, there is one tacit confirmation - there are many ancient tombs and burials in the city.

The history of Larnaca, like many other cities in Cyprus, stretches back many centuries. A few centuries before our era, the ancient city-state of Kition with stone buildings was located on this place, and according to legend, it was founded by the grandson of Noah. Larnaca was part of the possession of Alexander the Great, Egyptian dynasties, Romans and Byzantines.

In the Middle Ages, the city was owned by the Venetians, and in the 16th century the city was captured by the Turkish conquerors. It was during this period that Larnaca developed even stronger and became the commercial and political center of Cyprus, the largest seaport. However, after the arrival of the British, the city lost ground somewhat, and until the last third of the 20th century it was not so noticeable in world history.

However, when part of Cyprus was again taken over by the Turks, Larnaca began to develop again, now becoming the largest transport hub in the Republic of Cyprus through the development of an international airport. Tourism has developed greatly in Cyprus, and Larnaca is now one of the main centers of this industry.

Brief Geographical Information and Climate

Larnaca is located on the southeast coast of the island of Cyprus. It is the third largest city on the island. Located between Ayia Napa and Limassol - other popular resorts in Cyprus.

Larnaca has a mild and very healthy Mediterranean climate. The water temperature in May-November averages 23-27 degrees here, and the air temperature is approximately 31 degrees in July and August, but it happens that the thermometer reaches as much as 40 degrees. At the same time, the weather in the city is mild, since the city itself is located on the edge of the coast, and the sea softens the climate. In winter, it is no longer so hot here: only 15-20 degrees Celsius.

When is the season in Larnaca? Basically, the peak of the influx of tourists is in August, however, those who like less hot weather can go here from mid-May to mid-September.

Larnaca on the map

  • in order to avoid problems with digestion from habit, it is better to drink only bottled or boiled water;
  • in crowded places it is worth watching out for personal belongings and financial funds, and you should not carry all the money with you;
  • since representatives of different nationalities live in Cyprus, you should not enter into any political disputes or disputes on ethnic issues.

Visa to Larnaca for Russians

Health Tourism in North Cyprus

The magical Mediterranean island of Cyprus is considered one of the world's best holiday destinations. The reasons for this are not only the island's climate. With all the capabilities to meet the needs of modern tourists, Northern Cyprus is also considered one of the many countries where health tourism is developing promisingly. The number of people traveling to North Cyprus for health improvement is increasing every year.

This trend is based on several factors: prices are lower compared to prices in European countries, healing procedures are immediate, modern medical equipment is used, and a choice of alternative methods of treatment is also possible. Finally, the combination of relaxation and treatment makes North Cyprus health tourism more attractive than home treatment. Cyprus offers all this and more!

Why North Cyprus?

During the course of treatment and the rehabilitation period in North Cyprus, a high level of patient care is provided, full implementation of all their requests is guaranteed. With a modern and well-developed infrastructure, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is deservedly proud of its healthcare system, which uses the most modern equipment and advanced technologies to ensure complete patient safety and high treatment efficiency. The warm hospitality that Turkish Cypriots are renowned for ensures that all visitors feel free and comfortable. Patient care is always a top priority and the medical sector is under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of Northern Cyprus.

You don't have to wait long in queues here. You are guaranteed immediate specialist appointments, fast test results and timely individualized treatment. An individual approach and a trusting relationship between the patient and the doctor contribute to the effectiveness of treatment and the preservation of confidentiality and anonymity.

Anyone who is faced with the need for treatment is already "looking forward to" a long wait for consultations and receiving test results. In North Cyprus, such delays simply do not exist. Magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray and vision examination, organization of consultations and obtaining test results are at the highest professional level. Excellent accommodation, excellent food and organized leisure activities, along with a wonderful climate, abundance of sun, friendly atmosphere and hospitality of local residents have made Northern Cyprus an ideal place not only for treatment, but also for subsequent rehabilitation. Therefore, the next time you need medical attention, consider combining it with a North Cyprus vacation.

In Cyprus, you can be provided with any medical services at the highest level: annual examination, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, kidney treatment with dialysis, cardiological treatment, dentistry, surgery, infertility treatment. In clinical laboratories, both routine and specialized analyzes are quickly performed without delaying results. After your treatment, you can enjoy a seaside holiday or visit the island's many attractions.

Medicine in North Cyprus

Medical services in North Cyprus can be obtained from a public hospital or private clinics for details.

Traditional healing methods

North Cyprus is proud of its healthcare system, which offers the widest range of traditional and alternative therapies. After all, it was in Cyprus that the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was born, so it is not surprising that Cyprus is called the paradise of health. Plunging into an oasis of tranquility in one of the comfortable hotels in Northern Cyprus, surrounded by blooming gardens and mesmerizing landscapes, you will immerse yourself in a world of truly royal luxury. To ensure your comfort, the island has indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, Turkish baths, swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, aerobics studios, treatment rooms and beauty salons.

Friendly and attentive staff will fulfill any of your requests, giving you beauty and health. You will feel like a truly special guest - because we offer advice on assessing your fitness and individually tailored training programs. You just have to feel refreshed with such a wide range of services offered. Complete treatment packages specially designed for stress relief, relaxation and wellness include algae wraps and mud treatments to remove waste from the body, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, hot stones, massages, shiatsu, reflexology, natural therapies and beauty treatments. This is why Cyprus is the ideal destination for health tourism.

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