Great Caucasian Way | Tourism in the Caucasus

Great Caucasian Way | Tourism in the Caucasus

The Great Caucasian Way is ready to show you how great and safe it is to rest in the Caucasus today and what majestic and amazing views are hidden here. render completely. Megapolises, meanwhile, are filled with dense smog of stereotypes that do not allow a sober assessment of the greatness and beauty of the Caucasus. Relaxation with the philosophy of life, relaxation filled with the power of emotions. We carefully select routes and even your companions!

We are ready to show you the paths that you will never hear anywhere else. Follow the path of the most ancient ethnic groups, learn about great legends and local legends. The Great Caucasian Way will allow you to make a cut in history and plunge into different eras of time, under the intoxicating purest oxygen that the Caucasus gives us!

This is not tourism, this is a journey in a completely new and unique format, led by our experienced guides and organizers. They will take you deep into this land, and show you places that amaze your imagination. No dull and hackneyed tour routes!

Join us on the Great Caucasian Way!

Contact for communication: +7 (962) 963-03-07

We live in the 21st century, but we still throw our trash into landfills. We're going to go to Mars, but we don't know how to get rid of the huge amount of packaging in stores. We hear from all sides about the separate collection of waste, but we still rarely see it in our yards.

"Share with Us" Online School - 6 webinars over 6 weeks. Show in full. Without leaving your home, you can listen to lectures by experts, ask questions and receive comprehensive answers online. Participants who have completed all 6 webinars will receive an electronic certificate of participation from the ERA Foundation.

School speakers are leading experts in the field of environmental education and waste management, practitioners of the “zero waste” philosophy with many years of experience, leaders of successful environmental projects.

How to organize separate collection in your apartment, in the yard, in the city? How are other countries tackling the waste problem? Zero Waste - Utopia or Reality? What is the essence of the "garbage" reform taking place in Russia and how can each of us influence it? Is reasonable consumption possible on a national scale? Webinar program:

March 22. Waste management: the best choice on March 29th. Garbage Reform: Contradictions and Development 5 April. Development of RNO: how can we influence the development of separate waste collection? Public control and interaction with government and business structures. April 12th. How environmental education helps separate waste collection 19 April. Zero Waste: Myth or Reality? 26 April. Food waste as a useful resource

The Separate Waste Collection School “Share with Us” starts in Russia! Participants will be told why separate gathering is so important, how to organize it yourself and involve others in it. Seminars will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Saransk, Sochi. We invite residents of other cities to online webinars. Don't miss it!

With a warm, small company, we embark on a transformational journey! Two amazing and very different in their energetic places are waiting for you on the way. One is filled with feminine, soft, accepting energy - Ulu-Tau (Mother Mountain). The second male is the northern slope of the great Elbrus, Dzhily-Su. render completely. Places of Power of the Caucasus have a powerful energy that cleans from all unnecessary and fills with the true Power of nature. Through these places and practices that will help us dive deeper and feel ourselves, we will experience a miraculous renewal that will energize us to achieve our true goals.

What you will take with you after our journey, regardless of your impressions, is an obligatory diet of knowledge and practices: • Several types of practices and rituals of purification at different levels • Theory and practice of raising awareness. The stalking and principles of the Warrior of the Spirit • Theory and practice of meditation. Eastern and Western views on meditation, the foundations and traditions of different currents (Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Sephirothic magic, Shamanism). Collective meditations daily! • Theory and practice of energizing the body. Gymnastics and static exercises from Ancient Greece (Hermes gymnastics), China (qigong), India (yoga), Russia (Cossack SPAS) • Setting goals and moving towards them. Signs of destiny • Women's practices • Shamanic practices • Theory and practice of working with Places of Power.

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