Excursions in North Ossetia

Taimuraz Kalitsov on the development of tourism in North Ossetia

From the point of view of modern tourism, North Ossetia does not have a powerful infrastructure, but here they managed to preserve the richest nature in its primeval beauty. Therefore, first of all, tourists flock here to get to know the local beauties: turbulent mountain rivers and waterfalls, caves and canyons, diverse flora and fauna.

However, excursions in North Ossetia in 2021 are not only picturesque landscapes. There are many ancient structures of the highlanders on the territory: monasteries, mosques, rock fortresses, protective walls, catacombs, crypts and burial grounds.

So, let's go on an exciting journey and choose the most interesting excursions in North Ossetia in 2021.

The best routes of the republic

Ancient Digoria

Mountain Digoria is rightfully called the pearl of North Ossetia. The local landscapes are breathtaking. Just looking at the gorge with overhanging rocks and seething waters makes you dizzy.

Traditionally, the excursion starts from the "main gate" of Digoria - Akhsinta canyon (Urukh canyon). Here you can see a magical view of the Iraf (Urukh) River, which has broken through a narrow canyon at a depth of over 100 meters, and karst springs, which plunge into the depths in the warm season, and turn into blue waterfalls and icicles in winter.

The Devil's Bridge is thrown over the abyss across Urukh, which is used today as an observation deck. Some are afraid to even approach the cliff, but fans of extreme recreation jump from the bridge on a rope.

The excursion includes a visit to ancient villages. A medieval frigate castle is located at an altitude of about one and a half thousand meters above sea level. And in the village of Donifars there is a watchtower of Yesse Kanukov, built in the 16-18 centuries and named so in honor of the valiant warrior.

To the north of the village of Zadalesk is the Digori-Izad sanctuary, and in Matsuta there is a crypt that belonged to the legendary hero of the Nart epic Ossetians Nart Soslan.

A tour of Digoria can take several days and the guides offer different routes depending on the budget and fitness of the tourists.

According to him, the potential of Ossetian tourism is being actively developed.

Head Vyacheslav Bitarov has repeatedly spoken about developing tourism in the republic. And in North Ossetia they are actively working in this direction. The press secretary of the head, Taimuraz Kalitsov, spoke about which projects are of the highest priority.

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The director of the technical school Valery Abiev told the journalists about this. This is the hotel business and tourism.

Reconstruction of the tunnel on the road to Mamison has begun, preparations are underway for commissioning the Vodozabor facility.

Head of the relevant department Zaurbek Kodzaev told about this. We are talking about the possibility of returning 20% ​​of the amount of the hotel booking.

Filming can take place during the festival of Ossetian pies. This was discussed at a meeting of the project office.

For almost 5 hours, the head of state answered questions from media representatives, including delegates from our republic. The Ossetia-Iriston TV company was represented by Fyodor Suharnikov. The questions traditionally concerned the social sphere, health care, education, and international relations.

Svetlana Salkazanova, Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Committee, spoke about this.

Day of the Russian Transport Police

International Mother Language Day

On February 22, 1944 Ivan Tskhovrebov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union


Tour to North Ossetia - all the sights of the republic in "The Best of" format! We have collected all the best that we want to show you - only the very juice, taste, color and aroma! Join us! Vladikavkaz - Kurtatin gorge - Fiagdon - Midagrabin waterfalls - Dargavs - Karmadon gorge - Digorskoe gorge - Kamunta village - Tsey - Skaz glacier - Tseysky glacier - Rekom sanctuary - Vladikavkaz

All the colors of North Ossetia in one tour!




You will visit the most beautiful gorges of North Ossetia - Kurtatinskoe, Digorskoe and Karmadonskoe

See the highest waterfall in Europe - Big Zeigelan Falls with a water drop of over 750 meters

You will visit the highest village in which the "Immortal Regiment" took place and from where stunning views of the Digor Gorge and snow-capped peaks open up

Visit the mystical and very beautiful "town of the dead" - Dargavs

Walk to two glaciers - Skazsky and Tseysky

Men will be able to visit the ancient male sanctuary of Rekom

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