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Cognitive tourism in Austria

At any time of the year, holidays in Austria can bring real pleasure, because Austria is a truly multifaceted country. Here you will find luxurious ski resorts, pristine lakes, picturesque landscapes and ancient cities. In addition, in 2021, people come here for excellent European service, classical music, numerous architectural monuments and sights. The object of pride of Austria is thermal spas that can restore health and harmony of the soul.

Activities in Austria

Austria, which is especially beautiful in winter, provides tourists with a wide range of leisure options. More than half of the country's territory is occupied by the eastern Alps, which in some places have very comfortable and varied slopes in terms of difficulty, making it possible to engage in active sports. Thanks to the glaciers, the ski season here lasts a very long time. The ski resorts of Austria, the country are distinguished by beautiful landscapes, environmental friendliness and special charm.

After winter holidays, cognitive tours are in second place in popularity, which necessarily include a visit to beautiful Vienna. The excursion in Austria is diverse and extremely interesting.

The real pride of the country is crystal clear lakes that appeared after the Great Ice Age. It is the beauty of these reservoirs that helps attract a large number of tourists.

Another popular type of vacation in Austria in 2021 is medical tourism. Numerous thermal springs help to get rid of various ailments and gain new vitality.

Country Tours

Austria has a rich cultural and historical heritage, so it is simply unacceptable to visit this country and not see its architectural masterpieces and sights. The most visited cities are charming Vienna and the birthplace of the genius Mozart - Salzburg. Literally every street, every building in Austrian cities has an entertaining history.

Magnificent Vienna

Legendary Vienna is famous for its romance and architectural masterpieces. It is a city of fine arts, waltzes, galleries, museums, theaters, opera halls and beautiful parks. Among the sights of the capital are St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, the Town Hall, the imperial residences and palaces of the Hofburg, Schönbrunn, and the Belvedere. The Austrian dessert strudel, the delicious schnitzel chop, the great musical virtuoso Mozart, and the waltz king Strauss are rightfully considered synonyms for Vienna.

ⓘ Tourism in Austria

Austria is a country of traditional active, cultural and "green" tourism. Tourism is an important part of the Austrian economy, accounting for almost 9% of the Austrian gross domestic product.

A visit to Austria usually includes a trip to Vienna, visiting pubs and enjoying the Vienna Waltz music. Mozart's birthplace, Salzburg, is popular, as is Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol surrounded by the Alps. In the western part of the country, the Voralberg region borders the picturesque Lake Constance.

Austrian skiing and hiking attracts the most tourists. For those interested in art, Austria has many museums and theaters.

Impact of tourism on the economy

Tourism is a significant source of income for Austria today, covering the traditionally negative trade balance. The dynamics of tourism development, spending on it and profits from it has common features with similar indicators in Switzerland. From 1964 to 1990, tourism expenditures grew at a high rate and increased 28 times, income from tourism increased 11 times, and the tourism surplus - 6 times.

The tourism surplus during the post-war decades has been the most important source of covering the trade deficit for Austria. But in the 1970s and 1980s, financial receipts from tourism declined:

Tourism development in Austria is driven by the following factors:

  • lack of significant own raw materials and fuel resources;
  • availability of rich recreational resources;
  • trade deficit;
  • favorable geographic location.
  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • economic and political stability;

Every fifth able-bodied citizen works in tourism and hospitality, about 330,000 people. In 2013, the volume of direct value added in this sector of the economy amounted to about 5.% of the GDP of 18 billion euros. The largest tourist market in Austria is the sixth in Europe and the eleventh in the world. Austria is in first place in terms of income per tourist - 1,750 euros.

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