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Academy-workshop of image and style KRASIVO invites you to courses for tourism managers in Tyumen, which are intended for absolutely everyone who wants to try themselves as a specialist in the field of tourism business, get additional income, open their own business, change profession.

If you love travel and dream of becoming a tourism manager, want to help people get to know the world, get to know different countries, their cuisine and customs, we invite you to fulfill your fantasies - to take courses for tourism managers in Tyumen. This course is a great start to mastering this exciting but challenging profession.

Experienced teachers of the Academy-Workshop of Image and Style KRASIVO will tell you about the peculiarities of the work of a tourism manager, introduce you to the course, teach you how to navigate in huge amounts of information, compose and combine different options for recreation, solve negative situations without getting out from the usual work rhythm.

Learning the basics allows

Being a tourism manager is an interesting and exciting field of activity. Despite the immense responsibility entrusted, this work is really enjoyable, because in addition to helping people fulfill their dreams, you yourself can visit different countries during travel on promotional tours.

A career as a tourism manager with no experience usually begins with the position of an assistant manager, but after a while, once you get comfortable in the profession, you can choose a priority direction for yourself and become a specialist, as well as organize your own business. The profession of a tourism manager is always good money and a little excitement, because you always want to do everything for the client in the best way.



We are a workshop academy specializing in training in the field of the Beauty Industry within the Vocational Education Department and the Self-Education Department.

We organize professional courses and graduate highly qualified specialists, as well as conduct additional seminars as part of professional development


Tyumen is the “oil and gas capital of the Russian Federation”. The city is located on the Tura River. There are large enterprises that are engaged in the extraction of minerals, oil refining. The State University trains specialists for work in the fuel and energy sector. Business tourism is actively developing in Tyumen, important conferences are often organized, international exhibitions and other important events are held. The city has all the conditions for a full-fledged sanatorium and cultural and educational rest.

How to get there

You can visit the city as part of an excursion group:

History of Tyumen

Tyumen's birthday falls on July 29, 1586. It was on this day that Vasily Sukin and Ivan Myasin began to build a fortress near the Tyumenka River. Since that time, the city has been developing rapidly, becoming an important transport point on the way from Siberia to China. Folk crafts flourish: making road bells, blacksmithing, leather dressing, and making soap. In 1782 Tyumen acquired the status of a district town. In 1840 - the opening of a river shipping company, and in 1885 - the completion of the construction of the Yekaterinburg-Tyumen railway.

In the 19th century, weaving production was successfully functioning in Tyumen, the forestry and fishing industries were flourishing, and river shipbuilding was developing. Later, the city became the center of the Ob-Irtysh region, and then the Tyumen region. The economy of Tyumen reached a new level when gas and oil fields began to be developed here. Plants and factories are important strategic objects contributing to the economic growth of the city, among which "Neftemash" and "Stroymash" take pride of place. There is an excellent transport interchange, there is an airport, train stations, a river port.

Climatic features

Tyumen is a cold city, but very beautiful at any time of the year. This is a great place for those who are not delighted with the heat and summer heat. In summer, the air temperature does not exceed +20 degrees. The heat lasts only 3-4 months here. The longest are autumn and spring. A sharply continental climate with frosty winters prevails. The weather is unpredictable, but the locals are already used to it. But tourists from other regions are surprised by the fact that it is sunny and warm here in the morning, and frost and snow in the evening.

Sights of Tyumen

In hotter regions, there are quite interesting stereotypes about Tyumen associated with the geographical remoteness of the city. No, bears here do not walk freely in the streets. Severe Siberian frosts are predominantly in winter, with moderate temperatures prevailing in the rest of the months.

Tyumen State Circus

The circus is located in the very center of the city on the street. May Day. This is a rather interesting, remarkable building that attracts attention due to its architectural features. Illumination, which has a practical and decorative function, adds elegance to the object. The facade was renovated in 2004. The building has acquired the shape of a polygon. There is a huge ball on the roof, which is illuminated at night. The architectural ensemble is complemented by life-size figures of Soviet artists Karandash, O. Popov, and Y. Nikulin, installed in front of the circus. The auditorium can accommodate 1596 people.

Tyumen is the gateway to Siberia, a city founded in the sixteenth century as a prison and has grown to the scale of one of the largest cities not only in Siberia, but also in the Asian part of Russia in general. The region is rich in tourist attractions, and you can come here for a weekend or for 1-2 weeks. In this article, we figure out what to see in Tyumen and the Tyumen region, which must-see sights you cannot miss (at the end of the page there is a map with attractions), how to get there and what time of year it is optimal to go on vacation.

When To Go

The Tyumen region welcomes tourists all year round: here summer is comfortable in terms of temperature, spring and autumn delight with a riot of colors, even winter here does not frighten with radical numbers (the average temperature is minus 15 degrees).

Thermal springs welcome holiday-makers all year round, and in winter all winter joys-entertainments are available:

  • skis
  • snowmobiles ,
  • dog sledding,
  • ice fishing.

How to get to Tyumen

Getting to Tyumen and the Tyumen region is easier than it seems at first glance. This can be done by plane, train, bus.

By plane

In 2021, the region will boast two airports:

  • an international airport in the regional center - Tyumen,
  • a new airport (to open at the end of the year) in the former capital of Siberia - Tobolsk.

Flights from Moscow (2 hours on the fly) and St. Petersburg (3 hours on the fly) will be operated to both airports. This is very convenient for planning, because the opportunity to start a trip in different cities always gives a lot of ideas and opportunities.

The Tyumen Region is the "gateway to Siberia", opening the way to the vast part of our country. The first city to appear in Siberia is Tyumen, founded as a prison in 1586 on the site of the Chingi-Tur khanate. Over a long history, many cultural and architectural monuments have appeared here. In the last century, oil and gas fields were discovered in the region, which contributed to the improvement of the living standards in the city. According to the results of all-Russian polls, Tyumen has repeatedly entered the top-list of Russian cities with the highest "happiness index".

The outskirts of Tyumen are famous for their thermal springs. Therefore, many come here to relax in the hot springs, but it is also worth setting aside time for a walk around the city with ancient history.


Tyumen in 1 day will appear before you as a city with a variety of attractions. Here, monuments of stone and wooden architecture, ancient monasteries have been preserved from the past centuries, it is also worth taking a walk along the modern embankment.

Tsvetnoy Boulevard

You can start your walk on Tsvetnoy Boulevard - a popular pedestrian zone with various entertainments. It was equipped in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Tyumen region in 2004. Previously, there was a Trade Square, then a park of culture and recreation. Now there are city park attractions, including a Ferris wheel, and an ice town with a skating rink is set up in winter. In the center of the boulevard there is the largest and most beautiful fountain in the city "Four Seasons" with a decor of multi-colored glass. On the territory you can have a snack in a cafe, see several monuments and sculptures.

Along Pervomayskaya Street you can walk to the Siberian Cats Square, opened in 2008. This is a small pedestrian alley with cat sculptures covered in gold paint. As you know, during the Great Patriotic War, many rats were bred in besieged Leningrad, and to solve the problem, cats were sent here by carriages from other cities, many arrived from Siberia.

Nearby is the central square of the city. There is a monument to Lenin on it, and in front of the main post office there is a monument to the postman. The buildings on the square are administrative buildings.

Cathedral of the Sign

Walk down the street. Lenin to the Church of the Savior, built in the 18th-19th centuries. on the site of a wooden church of the 16th century. Further along one of the main streets of the city, st. Republic, move towards the Cathedral of the Sign on the street. Semakova, 13. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Tyumen. It was built on the site of a small church in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "The Sign" in the 17th century. The icon of the same name is a valuable shrine of the cathedral and is revered as miraculous. The construction of the stone church began in the second half of the 18th century, subsequently, over the course of almost 150 years, rebuilding and reconstruction were carried out. Despite this, the appearance of the church is solid, representing the style of Russian baroque, which is rare for Siberia.

Kolokolnikovs Estate

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