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Educational film about the Mountainous Crimea: video and text History of educational cinema in the USSR

This is the thirteenth part of the natural history series about the Ukrainian SSR. We recommend it for Russian language learners. The text is very simple, figurative, the combination of a story and a video series makes it easier to understand. In the late 1930s, the Shkolfilm and Vuzfilm film laboratories were created in Moscow, which mastered the production of editing films. Since the mid-1930s, educational films have been produced in Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Kiev at different studios. A. Khanzhonkov, whose life, successes, failures and death are associated with Yalta, was the first to master and develop the topic of educational cinema.

Technical teaching methods have been a mandatory part of teacher training in many subjects, including geography, since the 1950s. Each high school had a projection apparatus, a movie booth, and a screen in one of the classrooms. Graduates of pedagogical institutes and universities studied the discipline Technical teaching methods and certification of a projectionist for working on projection devices "Ukraine" with a 16 mm film.

For more details about the history of educational cinema in the Russian Empire and the USSR, see Appendix 1. About the sound cinema installation "Ukraine-5" in Appendix 2.

"Mountain Crimea" - studio "Shkolfilm" 1986. Length of the film: 00:15:09, color film. Film director: M. Kurlat, Scriptwriter: V. Fost, Consultants: Doctor of Geographical Sciences V. Orlov, Candidate of Geographical Sciences V. Shumsky, DOP: R. Voronov, Editor: L. Fine-Hirsch, Film Director: A. Suvorov ...

The film tells about the peculiarities of the geological structure, relief, climate, flora and fauna of the Crimean mountains.

I will tell you about the mountainous region where I was born and raised, I know and love it well.

Mountain Crimea

The Mountain Crimea is small, and its peaks are not high, but how amazing and original these mountains are, stretching between the arid steppe and the Black Sea.

A happy land where the waters glitter

And the light luxury of nature

Traveling is not only moving from point A to point B, new places and experiences. Difficulties on the way, trials by the elements, bad weather, obstacles, and sometimes loneliness, temper the will and character, change the worldview, make you look back and rethink a lot.

Travel is about knowing yourself, it's whole stories that change lives. The most impressive and exciting - in our selection of inspiring films about incredible travel and destiny.

Haven't played the box yet

Carter and Edward have nothing in common. One is a simple mechanic, the other is a billionaire. But one day their paths crossed. Once in the hospital, they both find out that they are terminally ill and they will not have long to live. In desperation, Carter throws away the compiled list of things he wanted to do during his lifetime. But Edward finds him and refills with his items. They decide to unite and travel the whole world, while they still have a little time, and do everything they dreamed of, but did not manage to accomplish.

Now the heroes have the opportunity to correct old mistakes, a dream, and most importantly - a goal that gives strength and makes you live.

Into the Wild

From his youth, fascinated by the works of Jack London, William Henry Davis and Henry Thoreau, Christopher Johnson McCandless, who later took the name Alexander Supertramp, one day decides to challenge society, whose life values ​​are money and a career, and goes to travel across the country. Christopher wants to live in seclusion, taking with him a minimum of things - a small supply of food and the simplest equipment. After driving through the southern United States in his car, getting acquainted with the culture of nomadic hippies, he decides to go to Alaska - this harsh northern edge should be a real test. Chris left his car in Nevada due to a breakdown during a flood, and he has to hitchhike to Alaska. Eventually Christopher reaches Alaska and lives there in the wild, feeding on game and berries. After four months of such a life, he died of exhaustion.

Inspired by the story of Chris McCandless, American writer John Krakauer wrote Into the Wild in 1996 about his travels. And almost 10 years later, the book was filmed.

Train to Darjeeling

This is a story about how three brothers, having met for the first time after the death of their father, set off on a trip to India to meet with their mother, and at the same time try to mend a shaken relationship between themselves. During the year that the brothers did not communicate, changes occurred in the life of each of them, each tried to cope with the bitterness of loss in his own way. Having agreed to a trip, the true purpose of which was known only to the elder Francis, the brothers did not even suspect that it was not so easy to reunite a family, to understand another, and sometimes oneself.

Viewers will not see typically Indian cinema with songs, dances and tragic love stories. Instead, they will watch the brothers' adventures and antics in a bright and colorful setting: the orange train compartment, the blue sari of the conductor and the colorful landscapes around make this film truly colorful.

Seven years in Tibet

Rating of films about travel according to the version of the website Travelunlimitedru

Important: all films from this list have a pleasant "aftertaste", we can safely recommend each of them as a cure for the autumn blues (or cure for spring beriberi ?).

"Prisoner of the Caucasus" by the genius Leonid Gaidai (1966) - this film for me is beyond competition and any ratings: the most favorite, funniest and most positive ever film about travel.

Tourist/The Tourist (USA, France, Italy, UK),

Director: Florian Henkel von Donnersmark Starring: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany

In my personal rating - perhaps the most "Hollywood-style" beautiful travel film in the last decade. Inimitable Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp starring, equally convincing supporting actors, an exciting detective story, and all this - against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Venice.

Roman Holiday (USA),

Director: William Wyler Starring: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn

Hollywood classics at their best. The film won three Oscars. The inimitable Audrey Hepburn as Princess Anne and Gregory Peck as the reporter are great. It was for the role of Anna - Princess of an unnamed European state - that Audrey Hepburn received her first Oscar.

And, of course, the Roman sights against which the film takes place - the Forum, Spanish Steps, Trinita dei Monti Church, Palazzo Colonna, "Mouth of Truth", streets and squares of the Eternal City - after the release of the film gained even more admirers. It is noteworthy that "Roman Holiday" was the first Hollywood film shot entirely in Europe.

A Good Year (USA, UK),

Director: Ridley Scott Cast: Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Abbie Cornish

This film is based on the novel A Good Year (2004) by the British writer Peter Mayle, who lives in Provence. Director Ridley Scott was the author of the plot elements from which writer Peter Mayle wrote the book to serve as the basis for the film's script. However, when the book was published, it turned out that the author's intentions were very different from the original ideas of Ridley Scott, and as a result, the director chose to shoot the story in the film as he initially imagined it.

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