Cognitive tourism Penza

Cognitive tourism Penza

Travel company "Berkut" offers all Penza residents services for organizing bus tours from Penza. For those who like to travel, this is the most practical and budgetary way to see new places. Travel is available to people of all income levels, because they do not involve significant financial spending.

Popular destinations

We offer educational routes in the most popular destinations and a rich excursion program with a personal guide:

Tours to Moscow - the capital and modern metropolis; historical, scientific and cultural center of the country. This direction is always present in our schedule of bus trips. The walls of the ancient Kremlin, temples and old mansions, landscape parks, unique metro stations, monuments of Stalinist architecture ... Moscow will always find something to surprise even those who have been there many times.

Tours to St. Petersburg - with a perfectly balanced excursion program. Visits to museums and royal estates alternate with memorable walking walks along the streets, squares and bridges of the Northern capital. The trip is perfect for those who value their time and want to see the main attractions in a few days.

Tours to Kazan are a great opportunity to combine rest in your native country with exciting excursions around the ancient city and the sights of the Kazan Khanate. The hospitable capital of Tatarstan lives an interesting rich life; vibrant cultural and sports events regularly take place here.

Excursions in Diveyevo for fans of religious tourism, to the holy places where the relics of the Monk Seraphim of Sarov are kept in the churches of the female Holy Trinity Monastery.

Excursions in the Penza region - this is a lovely Russian nature, old estates and museums, an abundance of historical and cultural monuments. We have also prepared an interesting program for schoolchildren, which allows them to find out how the names of Radishchev, Kuprin, Belinsky, Denis Davydov and other great figures are connected with the history of the region.

On the official website of our travel agency you will find a lot of interesting bus excursions from Penza for every taste.

Benefits of Bus Tours

The comfortable cabin of the bus is cozy at any time of the day. The backrests of the ergonomic seats are lowered, allowing passengers to take a comfortable position. There are beautiful views from the large panoramic windows on the road. The very format of the trip allows you to see much more than when traveling by train or plane. Moving on high-quality road surfaces, excellent technical condition of buses is a guarantee of the absence of problems and inconveniences on the way.

New acquaintances are easily made on the road. You will expand your horizons, make new friends.

Perhaps the most advanced will remember the Seven Keys or Apalikha, with its absolutely beautiful old park. Meanwhile, in our region there are a huge number of wonderful places where you can have a great rest at least one, even with a company. The AiF-Penza team decided to prove it by personal example.

Holy Land

First, let's take a ride around the Penza region. Here it is definitely worth stopping by Kondol, where the museum of the Mozzhukhin brothers is located - Ivan, the world famous silent film actor, and Alexander, an outstanding opera singer.

From there we will turn for a short while to Voskresenovka, where the Klyuchevsky Museum is located, and then we will take the path to Solovtsovka. This place is wonderful for everyone - here, immersed in the green trees, there is the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, and in it there is a shrine with the relics of the holy elder John of Olenevsky. Above, along a quiet country road, there is a spring and two baths. This place is bright, warm - just one of those where the soul rests.

Writer's Haven

Let's take the path to the north-west - and sooner or later the road will lead us to the Narovchatsky district. The pearl of this place is the Trinity-Scanov Convent, founded in the second half of the 17th century, one of the main pilgrimage sites in the Penza region. Nearby, in Ploskaya Gora, there are the famous Narovchat caves - an ancient underground monastery. By the way, there is a similar place in the village of Sazanye in the Serdobsky region. But if the monastery in Narovchat is a place exclusively intended for contemplation, then in Sazan, in deep echoing caves, you can defend a real church service.

Those who are more inclined towards educational excursions should go to the house-museum of Alexander Kuprin - the only museum in the whole country. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere in which the author of "Duel" and "Pomegranate Bracelet" worked, and most importantly, hold his personal belongings in your hands.

Not far from the Kuprin Museum is the estate of the landowner Arapov, whose wife, Alexandra Petrovna, was the daughter of Natalia Goncharova, the wife of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. In ancient times, the estate was called "the guest palace"; Goncharova herself and the poet's children, Maria and Alexander Pushkin, often visited here.

Where eras merge

The next stop is the Gorodishchensky area. Several ethnic villages are located here at once - in Vysheye, Kanaevka and Srednaya Yeluzan. Each is an island of living history with all its colors, with folk songs, legends and costumes. Guests of such villages can not only observe how people lived many years ago, but also plunge into this measured, original life: learn how to cook national dishes, weave baskets from vines, weave carpets. And for a while feel like in another era.

Get closer to nature

To the east of Gorodishchensky is the Sosnovoborsky District. On its territory is located - very respected and revered by both local residents and guests, the source of Nicholas the Wonderworker, where in the 18th century the icon of the Saint appeared. True. The source is located in Russian Kachim.

In the region there is an amazing place near Nizhnaya Lipovka - Shoe-Gora, where, according to legend, the Cossack-rebel Emelyan Pugachev once hid. Whether it is true or not - history is silent, but the place is very impressive.

Moscow is often called the city on seven hills. But not only the capital of the Russian Federation can boast of this title. Rome, Edinburgh, Jerusalem, Kiev, Vilnius and many other cities are built on the same hills. This list, according to the assurances of local residents, also includes Penza, located on the river banks. A city young by historical standards (founded in the 17th century) on seven hills and two rivers, Sura and Penza, attracts tourists not only for its location, but also for its sights, of which there are unexpectedly many.

Worth knowing: Penza residents are called Penza (modern) or Penzyaks (old name). They are called "Penzyuks" only by those who want to know the strength of the Penza fist.

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, in English and Russian. Comfortable transport, accommodation, national cuisine

An excursion is creativity, and not only for guides, but also for guests: you can be not just spectators, but also “second directors”. Ask any questions, contact with various wishes - thanks to them the walk will only become more interesting!

Accreditation, extensive experience, excellent reviews, in Russian and English, groups of any size.

Provide comfortable transport

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, comfortable transport for any number of tourists in a group.

Diveevskaya Sloboda is the only 4-star hotel in Diveevo. Convenient location close to all major sights. Diveyevo. Cozy eco-rooms made of wood, international level of service, rent of a bath with a rejuvenating vat, phyto-barrels, bicycles. Organization of transfer to the hotel.

Welcome to the atmosphere of Russian hospitality!

How to get to Penza

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