Climbing Topographers' Peak in the Eastern Sayan Mountains

Climbing Topographers' Peak in the Eastern Sayan Mountains

In the southern part of Siberia, between Lake Baikal and the Altai Mountains, there are two mountain systems: the Western Sayan and the Eastern Sayan. They are sparsely populated, and this is simply explained: many peaks are covered with glaciers, some valleys are under permafrost. But this does not in the least frighten tourists, especially those who appreciate real untouched nature, because here is the purest air, vast taiga, powerful waterfalls, beautiful lakes, rapids rivers, mighty rocks.

To see the Sayan Mountains, you must arrive in any of these regions of Russia: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irkutsk Region, Khakassia, Tuva or Buryatia.

It is interesting that the Eastern Sayan Mountains are close to Lake Baikal, and along their southern part is the border between Russia and Mongolia. In the southern part of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, the area is more impassable, therefore it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly on the planet. The smallest people of Russia live in these places - Tofalars or Tofs, there are just over 700 of them. The site is included in the list of the most inaccessible territories in our country, communication is maintained here using helicopters and walkie-talkies.

Highest point: Mount Munku-Sardyk, 3491 m

Total length: 1650 km

Age: 400 million years

Sayan Mountains on the map of Russia

Mountain height

The Sayan Mountains are of medium-altitude, their peaks generally reach from 2000 to 3000 m. The relief of the western part is more indented, with steep slopes and sharp ridges, which are covered with kurums - stone placers. The peaks of the Eastern Sayan Mountains are mostly covered with snowfields and glaciers throughout the year. Because of this, they received the name "squirrels" and form the "white" system. Here there are places where no man's foot has stepped.

Eastern Sayan stretches for 1000 km, Western Sayan - for 650 km. On the vast territory there are a lot of tourist bases and hotels, as well as a well-developed network of hiking, water and climbing routes.

Highest mountain in the Sayan Mountains

The highest point of the system - Mount Munku-Sardyk (3491 m) - is located in the Eastern Sayan Mountains on the border of Russia and Mongolia, in the Republic of Buryatia. On the Mongolian side, at the foot of the mountain, there is a giant lake Khubsugul, which is considered the brother of Lake Baikal.

It is possible to conquer the Topographers' peak with a height of 3089 m, and the trip will give not only extreme sensations, but also allow you to enjoy the views of Southern Siberia and Buryatia.

Southern Siberia can rightfully be considered the pride of Russian tourism. It was here that mountain peaks, forests, glaciers, taiga and meadows were uniquely combined. One of the most significant sights of the region are the Eastern Sayan Mountains and Topografov Peak, the highest glacier of the mountain system.

Topografov Peak is a 3089 m high glacier that is part of the Charm-Taiga massif and is located among the Eastern Sayan mountains in southern Siberia. The length of the mountain peaks is more than a kilometer in length, from the Yenisei to Lake Baikal. Their structure includes volcanic plateaus, white mountains, flat peaks, high mountain ranges. Ridges with varied relief and minerals have broken up over a huge territory that occupies areas:

  • Buryatia ;
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory;
  • Irkutsk Region;
  • Mongolia;
  • Tuva.

Among the natural features of the mountains around Topographers Peak, one can find canyons, hollows, glaciers, lava flows, waterfalls, lakes of glacial origin. The vegetation is dominated by forests - cedar, spruce, fir, deciduous - as well as tundra and meadow shrubs.

INTERESTING! On the territory of Sayan there are Stolby reserve and Tunkinsky national park, where you can visit mineral springs.

Coordinates: 52 ° 29'32 ″ N 98 ° 49'6 ″ E

Climbing to the top of the Topographers is challenging but exciting. Not everyone can overcome almost 3.1 km in height on the snow surface. The peak itself is two peaks on one plateau - left and right, or north and south. All the possible benefits of civilization are located in the southern part - there are tours, signs, water, places of rest.

Topographers Peak is perfectly visible from many places, they are also the main points of the glacier:

  • passes of Sherpov, Khelgin, Cherbi, Nevidimki, Pyatiozerny, Hanging, Shutkhulai;
  • upper reaches of the Tissa, Kok-Khem, Uzun-Uzyu, Burun-Saly rivers , Arzhan-Khema;
  • the mouth of the Zhomboloka river;
  • the north-eastern side of the Khi-Gol valley;
  • the plateau between Sentsa and Tissa;
  • Dargyl river, past the source of Khoyto-Gol.

Topographers Peak can be seen even from Choigan Peak, Big Sayan Ridge, as well as from the Valley of Volcanoes.

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