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The most popular attractions in Brazil

The jungle of the Amazon, the gold of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the delicate aroma of coffee, the roar of mighty waterfalls - all this, like a magnet, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to Brazil. In addition, the beaches in the country are completely world-famous (Copacabana alone is worth it), the sea is warm and transparent, and tourists invariably talk about Brazilian cuisine, as well as about Brazilian women, with a breath. One thing is sad: only travelers with bulky wallets can get into this fairy tale (at least from Russia) - the high cost of tours to Brazil, which depends primarily on the cost of a transatlantic flight, affects.

Carnival in Brazil is another popular tourist attraction. Travelers who go here for the sake of a carnival procession are more demanding on the quality of rest and usually book 5 * hotels. But with children, they practically do not go here.

Cities and regions

For a complete list of Brazilian cities, see the Brazil Cities & Resorts page.

Time difference with Moscow

Sunny Brazil is located in 4 time zones: UTC − 5, UTC − 4, UTC − 3 and UTC − 2. At the same time, some regions (Central-West, South and South-East), moreover, are switching to daylight saving time.

How to get to Brazil

There are several flight options: flights of the main European airlines Air France and Iberia on the Moscow - Rio de Janeiro route with connections in Paris, Madrid, London and Amsterdam, respectively. The same Air France (via Paris) and Iberia (via Madrid), as well as Lufthansa (via Frankfurt) and Swiss (via Zurich) fly from Moscow to Sao Paulo. The flight time is usually from 17 to 19 hours, taking into account connections. There are no direct flights from Russia to Brazil.

Those wishing to get directly to the northeast of the country can fly through Madrid to Salvador or get to one of the European cities, from where they can fly to the same Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and other cities of the country via Lisbon with Portuguese flights airlines TAP.

From Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to Brazil can also be reached by flights of one of the listed airlines.

Visa to Brazil

Russian citizens do not need a visa for tourism purposes, short-term business visits or visiting friends and relatives for a period not exceeding 90 days. You will not be asked for medical insurance when crossing the border, but without it, you should not fly to South America.

Brazil offers a wide variety of leisure options for tourists: ecological tourism, which is one of the most popular, resorts, adventure tourism, as well as historical and cultural tourism. The most popular destinations are the Amazon rainforest, beaches and dunes in the Northeast region, the Pantanal depression, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, cultural and historical tourism in Minas Gerais, and business tourism in São Paulo.


International Tourism

Despite continued growing tourism revenues, the number of Brazilian tourists traveling abroad has grown steadily since 2003. Overseas tourism spending rose from $ 5.7 billion in 2006 to $ 8.2 billion in 2007 (spending rose 42.45%). This trend is driven by Brazilians who have taken advantage of Real Madrid on their travels, which results in relatively cheap spending abroad [15]. In 2006, 3.9% of the country's population traveled abroad [16].

In 2005, tourism revenues accounted for 3.2% of the country's profits from exports of goods and services, and also represented 7% of jobs in the Brazilian economy [17]. In 2006, direct employment in this sector reached 1.8 million people [18]. Domestic tourism is one of the main market segments for industry, in 2005 51 million Brazilians traveled throughout the country [19], and their revenues reached $ 21.8 billion [20], which is 5.6 times more than from foreign tourists ...

In 2005, the most visited cities in Brazil were Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguacu, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis and El Salvador. The most popular business travel destinations were Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. [21]

The most visited cities in Brazil in 2005 [21] Leisure, resorts Business tourism Other destinations Location (2005) City, district% Location (2005) City, district% Location (2005) City, district% 1-еRio- de Janeiro 31.1 Sao Paulo 49.1 Sao Paulo 32.2 Iguazu 17.2 Rio de Janeiro 22. 2nd Rio de Janeiro 25 3rd Sao Paulo 13 3rd Porto Alegre 8 3rd Belu Horizonte 6 4th Florianopolis 12 4th Curitiba 5 4th Salvador 6 5th Salvador 11. 5th Belu Horizonte 4. 5th Iguazu 5. 6th Balneario Camboriu 6. 6th Campinas 4. 6th Curitiba 4. 7th Fortaleza 6. 7th Brasilia 3. 7th Florianopolis 4. 8th Natal 5. 8 -eIguazu 3.8thPorto-Alegre 3.9thBusius 5.9thSalvador 2.9thFortaleza 3.10thManaus 4.10thFlorianopolis 1.10thBrazilia 3.

Tourists from Argentina (20.%), USA (12.%) and Italy (5.%) visit Brazil most of all. List of countries whose tourists most often visit Brazil in 2006-2008:

Comparison with other Latin American countries

Below is a comparative summary of the key tourism indicators of Brazil versus Latin America. The indicators are shown in the table below.

Latin American countriesTourists (thousand) Tourism revenue (million) Argentina5,2884,930 Brazil5,1615,919 Chile2,7661,636 Costa Rica2,1002,111 Cuba2,507Unknown Dominican Republic4,1254, 240 Mexico22,39511,872 Panama1,3171,676 Peru2,2992,274 Uruguay2,3521,496

  • Green indicates the highest scores and yellow indicates Brazil.

Tourist visas

Brazil is a distant South American country full of contrasts, man-made sights and rare natural diversity, which makes it extremely attractive for active tourism. Occupying an impressive area of ​​8,515,767 km², Brazil rightfully bears the title of the first largest country in the South American continent. In fact, this country, located in the eastern and central part of the American continent, occupies most of it. Brazil shares borders with almost all South American countries, with the exception of Ecuador and Chile. On a demographic basis, Brazil also occupies a leading position in the American continent, being the largest state in South America in terms of population. According to the indicators for 2019, the population of the country is 210 147 125 people. Globally, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of area and population.

Being a Portuguese colony for several centuries, Brazil is today the only Portuguese-speaking country on the American continent.

The capital of the country is Brasilia with a population of 3,039,444.

Most of the Brazilian population is Catholic, but about 20 percent of the population is Protestant. Due to the motley ethnic composition of the population, one can find here such religious faiths as Buddhism, Islam, Voodoo and others.

The name of the country is believed to be derived from the Portuguese name for the pau-brazil tree with precious redwood. According to another version, the name of the country comes from Irish mythology and comes from the name of the mythical island of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean.

Brazil has become famous all over the world not only for its carnival and football, but also for its unique natural beauties: virgin beaches with dunes in the northeast, the wilds of the Amazon jungle, wetlands in the central part, as well as the richest and most diverse the animal world, which is explained by the large variation in the types of its ecosystems. At the same time, it is one of the most highly urbanized countries with such large metropolitan areas as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia.

The amazing and distant country of the Southern Hemisphere, which Ostap Bender himself dreamed of with lust, is gradually turning from an unattainable dream into a reality, every year more and more Russian tourists turn their eyes to it.

Brazilian customs regulations cannot be called too strict, but still, this country has its own nuances. The import of firearms, ammunition, drugs and radioactive items is generally prohibited. Duty-free import is allowed for one of the following items of equipment: a radio, a player, a video camera, an iPad, as well as strong alcoholic drinks - up to 2 liters, tobacco products, household items and things - for an amount not exceeding 500 US dollars.

The import and export of local currency is not limited, but amounts over 10 thousand Brazilian reais or the equivalent in foreign currency are subject to declaration.

Please note that Brazil has very strict rules on the export of animals. An attempt to export any wild animals from the country, without the permission of numerous sanitary and veterinary authorities and quarantine services, is considered a serious crime in Brazil and is strictly punishable by law. The same applies to the attempt to take the skins, shells, feathers, bones and claws of animals out of the country.

Brazil is a country of contrasts, where the European easily coexists with the national Latin American traditions, and the splendor of the rich regions coexists with the poorest regions - the favelas. The high crime rate in the country does not prevent tourists from coming to this corner of the planet to see the sights of Brazil, touch the luxury of the Brazilian carnival and understand that football is a kind of religion here.

Three Powers Square

The history of Brazil is full of tragic events and many upheavals. The name of the country's main square in the capital Brasilia reflects the history of the state.

Different architects took part in shaping the appearance of the square, which is why this place has become a synthesis of different views of the world and art. In the very center there is a 10-meter spire, at the top of which the national flag flies.

Surrounding the spire and the square itself are government buildings built in a variety of architectural styles.


The beautiful places of Brazil are opened by a majestic and wayward river. It is the deepest in the world, and there are places on its banks where no human has ever set foot.

In the tropical Amazonian forests, there are still tribes that have not been affected by modern civilization. A unique place for scientists, as the flora and fauna have been preserved in their original form.

Scientists rightfully call this region the genetic fund of the planet, as more than a million amazing plants and rare animals live here.

By the way, about the most beautiful rivers in the world on our site most-beauty. u have an interesting article.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

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