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Travel to Ireland

Traveling in Ireland with developing red hair and wearing a tan coat, I felt like the hero of a bad romantic comedy about an American girl from the Emerald Isle. Old people waved after me as I drove through green hills, past prehistoric forts and villages so amazing they seemed unreal.

I have explored Ireland in the only way I know of. And I realized that in front of me is a country with an indisputably unique flavor and there is something to admire in it.

Before going there, for those who are "greener" than the green pastures of Ireland, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with my own experience traveling through this country. So!

1. People in Ireland should not be confused with people in Northern Ireland. Mostly British and Scots live in Northern Ireland, while Ireland is an independent state.

2. Ireland is a member of the European Union, and therefore you can pay in euros. You can exchange money at banks or exchange offices.

3. The best time to visit Ireland is July and August. During these months, you can enjoy both sightseeing and beach holidays.

4. The official language in Ireland is complex Irish, based on the Celtic language. However, all residents of the country are fluent in English, which is the second official language. However, it is worth being prepared for the peculiarities of the Irish pronunciation of English words.

5. Public transport in Ireland runs quite irregularly, it is better to opt for a taxi or rent a car.

6. Most of their free time, especially in the evenings after work, the Irish spend in pubs - local bars. It is not customary to tip bartenders in them.

7. To try in local pubs is not only the local dark beer "Guinness", but also Irish whiskey. It has been infused for about 7 years and has a bright, unique aroma.

8. Ireland has a very low crime rate, which makes travel comfortable and safe.

Ireland is a wonderful little country, in the natural splendor of which ancient castles and ancient cathedrals organically fit. Ireland's sights attract more than 6 million tourists annually. The indicator is much higher than the population of the country.

Where is Ireland located on the world map

The state is located in Western Europe. Ireland occupies most of the island of the same name in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. In the north, the state borders on Northern Ireland (part of Great Britain). From the east, the island is washed by the Irish Sea, the Strait of St. George and the North, from the south - the Celtic Sea, from the west and north - the waters of the Atlantic Ocean (data from Wikipedia).

Ireland's main attractions

The Republic of Ireland is interesting for fans of sightseeing and educational recreation. Fortresses and castles scattered in different parts of the Emerald Isle are real masterpieces of architecture. They testify to the heroic history of the country and its rich culture. Travelers are also attracted by the rugged beauty of its natural landscapes.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was founded in the 13th century as a city fortification. The inner courtyard was surrounded by powerful walls with corner towers. The approaches to the castle were protected by a natural barrier in the form of a river, which filled a moat passing around the fortress wall. For centuries, the castle was the official seat of the British crown and a symbol of Ireland's dependence. Only in the 20th century did it become an official landmark of Ireland.

During its history, Dublin Castle has been rebuilt many times. Wooden buildings were replaced by stone structures after frequent fires. Of the ancient buildings, only the tallest tower has survived. The battlements were added on it in the 19th century. Of the later buildings, the Bedford Tower with a high spire and a built-in clock attracts attention. Its clean lines and robust brickwork are indicative of the Georgian style of the 18th century.

Royal Chapel

Another striking landmark of Ireland's Dublin Castle is the Royal Chapel. It was built in the early 19th century in the neo-Gothic style. Its high vaults are decorated with stucco molding, and rainbow reflections seep through colorful stained-glass windows, reflecting on carved oak panels. The chapel often hosts chamber music concerts. The castle also houses a complex of government buildings.

Dublin Castle is a popular attraction in Ireland. Several interesting museums function on its territory, and an annual music festival is held during the May holidays.

European tourists have been visiting such a beautiful country as Ireland for a long time. It is considered an excellent place for a good holiday thanks to a wide range of excursions, fascinating history, beautiful nature and, of course, the famous delicious beer, which is famous all over the world. However, residents of Russia very rarely visit this country, despite such a colorful description. Basically, interest in this country appears among students who want to learn English.

The Beauty of Ireland

People lose confidence in advertising photographs in different countries and cities. Everyone has long understood that the reality of a photo is different due to several layers of effects in the editor. However, when it comes to Ireland, travel agencies simply don't have to do extra work, as the country itself is truly great. You can verify this only by visiting it once.

Climate of Ireland

This country has a temperate oceanic climate. Thanks to the warm current that washes the coast of Ireland from the northwest, the climate is quite warm, but also humid at the same time. During the day, the weather can change several times from rainy to sunny and vice versa.

In the summer season the average temperature is around +19 degrees. The winter months are accompanied by a rather warm temperature in the region of +5 degrees, but the dampness spoils the whole situation a little.

If you wish to visit this country, you should buy tickets for July and August. These two months have the most favorable weather. But if you do not want to observe the many tourists who come at this particular time, then June and September are also suitable.

Where to go

Before traveling to the cities of Ireland, it is advisable to learn about the sights and make a plan to visit them.

Kylemore Abbey is located in County Galway in the west of Ireland.

The country has a very large selection of places to visit, here is just a small list of Dublin attractions:

Dublin Castle, was built after the Norman attack. At the moment, the castle is the main government building. If you wish, when there are no meetings there, you can watch it inside.

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