Activities in Bulgaria

Self-guided tourism or excursions in Bulgaria

There is nothing more exciting than climbing the mountains of Bulgaria. Climbers will not be able to forget the thrill of numerous ascents. Experienced guides and guides not only give advice on how best to climb, but, if necessary, provide the necessary assistance in an emergency.

In addition to standard mountain routes, it is possible to organize trips at the request of the customer to such areas as Vratsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Troyan, Malyovitsa, Rusenski Lom. Those who want to get strong sensations and test themselves for endurance should definitely climb the Vitosha, Pirin and Stara Planina glaciers.

For those who prefer less active rest, there is an opportunity to explore the local geological and botanical features. This can be done both on foot and on horseback. There are such untouched places where sometimes you can even find semi-precious stones - amethyst, jasper, agate, chalcedony.


In most national parks, it is suggested to make 1-2 week trips on foot, always accompanied by a guide.

There are many enthusiasts who want to explore the mountainous regions of Pirin, Rhodope, the Balkans with the Botev peak and Vitosha with the breathtaking Cherni Vrah peak. For tourists there is a whole network of mountain hotels, guest houses and camps.

There are over 5000 marked routes and paths. Taking a tour of this route, you can be sure that at the end of an interesting passage, a warm welcome awaits you.

Cave Tours

There are over 2000 caves in Bulgaria.

Underground rock formations and ancient cave paintings are waiting to be explored.

In the Balkans, Pirin and Rhodope, organized cave tours are offered.

Bulgaria is a unique Balkan country with an incredibly rich cultural and historical heritage. Its natural attractions and impressive ancient architecture, combined with its mild climate, make for a pleasant stay at any time of the year.

What to see in the Republic of Bulgaria - the best sights

In Bulgaria, there are a lot of the oldest cities and nature reserves that are of interest from an excursion point of view. Most of them are concentrated in cities such as Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Varna, Sozopol and Nessebar.

Natural attractions

Picturesque years, pristine lakes and fabulous panoramas - all these are natural monuments of Bulgaria, of which there are incredibly many. In particular, this country attracts with its reserves. On its territory there are three national parks located in the Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina mountains, 11 natural complexes and more than 80 reserves.

The unique national park "Rila", which is famous all over the world for its "Seven Rila Lakes", is especially suitable for traveling in Bulgaria, a fabulously beautiful place that attracts tourists here. On the vast territory of the park (81,046 hectares) there are 4 reserves created to preserve the natural heritage of the Rila Mountains. There is also the Rila Monastery - the main spiritual center of Bulgaria, founded in the X century.

Incredibly picturesque in the Rila reserve in summer, when you can walk, cycle or take a lift to the north-western part of the mountain range, from where an unforgettable view of glacial lakes with crystal clear water opens up. Legends say that the reservoirs in the mountains were formed from the tears of a giant woman who mourned her lover.

Each lake has its own name, depending on the shape of the reservoir and its features:

  • Tear is the highest lake (2535 m above sea level);
  • Oko is a round lake with beautiful blue water;
  • Kidney - a reservoir of characteristic shape;
  • Gemini - a lake resembling an hourglass.

Next are the lakes - Trefoil, Fish Lake, Nizhnee. All reservoirs are connected by narrow streams or low waterfalls.

Here, in the highest part of the Rila ridge, is the famous Pirin National Park - a charming natural complex of karst depressions, caves, valleys, waterfalls and glacial lakes. The reserve occupies a significant part of the mountains, and it includes 7 settlements, among which the most significant is the resort of Bansko.

When we were in Montenegro, we traveled only with excursions. Prices at that time were quite acceptable, and the comfort (and fear of a foreign country) outweighed the small savings. We didn’t go anywhere on our own.

In 2015, the dollar rate has increased greatly, and therefore all excursions have risen in price by 3-4 times. In Bulgaria, we decided to try traveling on our own.

Is it worth traveling in Bulgaria on your own?

Most tourists come to Bulgaria to relax a little at the sea, sunbathe on local beaches, visit the never-ending discos of Sunny Beach and dine at local restaurants.

Some people also want to see the country, but without exhausting and long journeys. In this case, independent tourism is ideal. You just need to go to the bus stop at any time convenient for you, wait for the bus (we promise to prepare a bus schedule in Bulgaria in the near future), name the city you are interested in and pay for the ticket. Within a few hours (and sometimes even 20 minutes) you will enjoy the new city and its sights.

Where is it profitable to go on your own in Bulgaria?

Unfortunately, a lot of interesting places in Bulgaria are located in the interior of the country. You will have to go to Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo or the Valley of Roses all day, and the bus schedule is not convenient for tourists - you will also have to book a hotel on the spot and go with an overnight stay.

The ideal option is to see small coastal resorts, many of which can boast not only antiquity, but also a rich set of attractions.

We lived in Nessebar (Sunny Beach is literally close by), it is practically in the middle of the coast, and therefore we were able to visit both the northern and southern parts of Bulgaria. Let's see where to go to see the country:

We do not recommend visiting Obzor, Ravda, Aheloy, Saint Vlas, Elenite and most other seaside towns for sightseeing purposes. In most cases, apart from hotels, you will not see anything there. Sozopol deserves special mention. Despite the fact that it is actively recommended by travel agencies and websites on the Internet, in fact the resort turned out to be very similar to Nessebar, only with a much smaller number of attractions - “Bulgarian Jerusalem” did not impress us.

How much can you save on independent travel?

An independent trip will cost you about 2-3 times cheaper than a similar excursion. At the same time, you will not be bound by rigid frames, you will be able to go wherever and whenever you want.

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